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Number Of Novels : 3
  • Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System

    In fact, Ling Yun was the son of a wealthy businessman. But one day, his mother finds out that her husband is having an affair with his secretary. And after that she decided to divorce her husband, but at that time she did not realize that she was pregnant with Ling Yun. After learning about her pregnancy, she decided to move to another city. And since then, their lives have been up and down. Because of the economic crush, and also his mother's health was getting worse. He decided to take the 'Dark' path, which led him to near death. But just as Ling Yun was nearing his end, he heard a little girl's voice asking him. "Do you want to live?"

    Eastern Fantasy
  • Cultivator With Modern AI

    Long Tian was a genius cultivator who was known by many names , such as Ruthless Emperor , God Physician , and many other nicknames . He has lived in various eras, he even mastered various things such as medicine, the art of killing, martial arts, modern technology, and other abilities. However, misfortune finally befell him, because he was too obsessed with resurrecting his wife Liu Lifen. He tried to defy fate and use forbidden arts but he failed miserably, and his obsession led to his death. But just as his soul began to dissipate, Long Tian's soul was sucked in by a black hole. And by the time he regained his consciousness, he was already in a world he had never seen before. And from the memory he knew that his current name was Xia Tian, ​​a sixteen year old debauchee. His father was killed by a mysterious person , and he himself was also a cripple. But who is Long Tian? He was a genius cultivator with various abilities, and was well known by many nicknames. He is determined to return to his peak, and fight against his own destiny to become the strongest in this new world.

    Eastern Fantasy
  • Otherworldly-Cultivator

    Once upon a time, Earth had Qi, and many cultivators lived within it, but one day all of them disappeared, and it became the cultivator's forbidden land. However, as time went on, humans underwent evolution, and many of them gained superpowers. Besides Earth, there are two other realms connected to Earth. The two realms are the Heaven Realm and the Hell Realm. When Chen Li was very young, he only knew that his father was killed by people from several powerful and prominent families, and his family's property was also robbed by them. Since then, he had also been bullied by the younger generations of those families, but he couldn't do anything against them. Because they were possessors of superpowers, whereas he was just an ordinary young man with a frail body, and he didn't have any superpowers whatsoever. One day, some of them beat him almost to death, then they dumped him in the northern forest and left him to die. However, fate was still kind to Chen Li. Just as he was about to die, the soul remnant of a strong cultivator named Song Tianyi found him. Song Tianyi decided to save Chen Li from death; he took him as his sole successor, and he passed everything down to him. After that, Chen Li trained diligently to become a strong cultivator with one goal: revenge. How will Chen Li go about facing the superpower possessors and getting revenge on those people? And how would he face the races of the other two realms? Let's find out.

    Eastern Fantasy