2697 Epoch God Palace in Action!

Liu Wencheng looked at the time and said sternly, "All of you can go in now! Later, the Radiance Hundred Sequence members will be sent to the various Dead Spirits Wells to train. The ten of you will be the leaders. It will be good for you to gain a prior understanding of the dead spirits."

The members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence were all experienced. However, facing the perils of the Dead Spirits Wells on Star Web would be a shock to their systems.

Albeit, Lin Yuan would not be one of those people.

Not only had he witnessed the situation around the Dead Spirits Wells, but he had personally led the demon insects to the Dead Spirits Wells to take control of them as well.

Frankly, Liu Wencheng had thought about swapping Lin Yuan out for another member of the Radiance Hundred Sequence. He knew that Lin Yuan was swamped with things to do.

He had discussed this with the Moon Empress.

She responded that it would be Lin Yuan's decision, so Liu Wencheng asked Lin Yuan. He only sent Lin Yuan in as part of the ten people when he confirmed with Lin Yuan that he wanted this.

While Long Tao, Li Fan, and the rest had austere expressions, Lin Yuan looked excited. He looked forward to being pleasantly surprised by the Radiance Federation's youths.

Long Tao, Wang Fan, and the rest were all veterans of the Radiance Hundred Sequence and knew Liu Wencheng well. They knew what kind of person he was. He would never repeat his warnings repeatedly unless the dangers were truly serious.

It seemed that this Radiance Hundred Sequence selection would test both the Radiance Federation's youths and the top ten ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

Tian Ningning was extremely busy checking the dueling record drafts and did not have the bandwidth for anything else.

Tian Ningning picked two capable spokespeople and gave them the information sent by the Radiance Sacred Hall's staff so they could give a detailed introduction of the setting.

This was a good chance to demonstrate her capabilities to the Radiance citizens. Everyone assumed that she would make sure to grab the opportunity. No one expected her to give such a rare opportunity away.

In the past, it was not just Liu Hao who had doubted Tian Ningning. There were many members of the special teams who had done the same.

Tian Ningning first led the team in accomplishing the tasks and proved her abilities. Now, she was proving her character to all of Star Web's departments.

It was rare for a supervisor to be willing to give away benefits that were supposed to belong to them.

The two spokespeople Tian Ningning chose were extremely grateful to her.

With her current reputation, no one would stop her from being one of the Star Web reporter spokespeople. Moreover, she had been a spokesperson for Black in the past.

Although she was only a Star Web reporter, she still caught the Moon Empress' eye by being linked to Lin Yuan.

Tian Ningning had no idea that the Moon Empress had been observing her. She was very satisfied with Tian Ningning's action.

Lin Yuan and the rest were delivered to the test ground.

Once they entered, Lin Yuan frowned slightly. This was because he could sense that the concentration of death aura in the environment was higher than what regular people could handle.

If a regular person got a whiff of this concentration of death aura, they would be dead in around 18 hours due to their bodies being infected and decaying. In around a week or two, they would become a dead spirit.

Although spirit qi professionals had stronger physiques than regular people, they could not last more than three days unless they had reached A-rank and their spiritual energy had concentrated to a certain degree.

Even A-rank spirit qi professionals who could concentrate their spiritual energy to defend themselves against death aura would not be able to last in this environment for more than a week.

Lin Yuan could tell from this environment that Liu Wencheng was taking the test extremely seriously.

The environment was a perfect copy of the concentration of death aura around actual Dead Spirits Wells.

Moreover, to ensure that the Radiance citizens could quickly understand the danger, dead dimensional lifeforms would also appear during the simulated dead spirits crisis.

With Lin Yuan included, there were six A-rank spirit qi professionals among the top ten members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence. The other four and their feys would not be able to fend off the death aura. Despite being leaders, they would not be able to last more than three days.

When Lin Yuan entered, he noticed that Liu Wencheng gave him a profound look.

The Thoughts Letter Paper could also be used on Star Web.

The top ten members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence all received a Thoughts Letter Paper so they could communicate with each other conveniently.

Lin Yuan noticed that the four members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence who had yet to reach A-rank were nearer to him. It seemed that Liu Wencheng was hoping that he could look after the B-rank spirit qi professionals.

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This selection that was being broadcast on Star Web was also meant to be somewhat performative.

Hence, Lin Yuan could not allow these four members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence to fall.

Now that he had become aware of this, Lin Yuan knew what to do later.

The selection had yet to officially begin. Lin Yuan and the rest could not set up defenses in advance, but they could begin scanning the surrounding terrain so that it would be easier for them to lead the newcomers in navigating the dead spirits crisis later.

They also began placing the Dead Decay Earthworms they had received at the most suitable positions for defense.

It was not just the Star Web officials who had sent spokespeople to commentate on the selection. The officials also permitted reporters and other spokespeople who had been to the Dead Spirits Wells and observed the situation there to release and share information.

All of the Radiance citizens finally gained a real understanding of the dead spirits crisis. This understanding would deepen once the selection began.

In Lin Yuan's opinion, using the dead spirits crisis as an objective test setting was not fair for many participants because those who were able to defend themselves against death aura would have a significant advantage. But this did not mean that their feys were powerful or that they were truly strong.

Nonetheless, it was said that heroes were bred from success. When Liu Wencheng realized that the dead spirits crisis might not come to an end for a few thousand years, he needed to make the best decision that suited the current circumstances.

Liu Wencheng had asked the other 12 members of royalty about this decision through the Thoughts Letter Paper. After the Moon Empress and the rest thought it over, they gave him their affirmation.

However, Liu Wencheng never expected Lin Yuan to figure out his idea immediately after entering the test ground.

Last year's Radiance Hundred Sequence selection had the most number of registered participants in a decade.

Liu Wencheng believed that it was unlikely that the record would be beaten in the future.

Many schools and cities sent the same number of participants each year.

There were many members of the younger generation who earned their right to participate by battling on Star Web.

This also applied to Lin Yuan. However, no one else stood out as much as he did.

Yet, to his surprise, there were more participants this year than last year!lightsnovel

The members of the younger generation who did not earn the chance to participate last year could not participate this year either!

Liu Wencheng was very happy that many of the Radiance Federation's youths were willing to step up and offer their power to become its pillars.

Due to the Radiance Hundred Sequence reranking broadcast that had just ended, the Radiance citizens were also paying more attention to this year's selection than last year's.

The Radiance Hundred Sequence selection's participants were about to enter.

It was time for Liu Wencheng to head to the Radiance Sacred Hall to host the selection.

The fighting spirit of the Radiance Federation was burning fervently. However, Tower Canon still had not made any new moves.

Still, the death aura emanating from the towers on the islands was even more concentrated than before.

At that moment, the previously tightly sealed stone doors were pushed open.

Three masked and bronze armor-wearing teams walked out of the stone doors and broke the silence that had been maintained outside the stone doors for thousands of years.

There was a towering mountain behind the stone doors that pierced through the clouds.

At the mountain's base, spring was in full bloom. Just above, there was a blend of spring and summer. Higher up, the mountain marked the transition from summer to autumn, and at its peak, endless winter prevailed.

This mountain showcased all four seasons, making it extraordinarily beautiful and enigmatic. Behind the mountain, four grand palaces stood.

Initially, these palaces were quiet. Their doors opened only once a year during the changing of the seasons, promptly closing afterward. However, this time, the four doors remained ajar.

Before these doors, dozens of people were engaged in ancient and mysterious rituals, offering prayers.

Inside each palace, a figure knelt facing the wall behind the throne, praying solemnly, their expressions filled with delight.

The wall's images had been changing abruptly for the past two years. The transformations had accelerated recently, occurring every few days and growing more intricate, signaling the full awakening of Lord Saint.

Lord Totem God alone was not enough to cause so much change.

Lord Totem God's awakening also confirmed that Lord Saint had landed in this world.

Epoch God Palace had been waiting for this epoch for an extremely long time, and it was finally taking place!

After completing this round of sacrificial rites, Epoch God Palace would no longer have to remain hidden. Instead, they could leave to search for Lord Saint and Lord Totem God.

Epoch God Palace's only goal was to be followers.

Otherwise, the cold-faced woman who had been conducting sacrificial rites in the third palace would not have shown mercy!

Tower Canon had long been aware of the demon insects' existence.

The demon insects' existence completely exceeded First Page Crimson and the rest's expectations.

A rare species like the demon insects that could only come from the Sky Beyond the Clouds had appeared in a world that had only recently been promoted to Class 2.

The demon insects' existence was a pesky problem for First Page Crimson and the rest.

However, before the demon insects fully matured, Tower Canon could interfere with them. If they could follow the trail to the female insects, they would be able to eliminate the threat that the demon insects posed. They could even attempt to turn the demon insects into dead lifeforms and use them for their own purposes.

Logically, this was the time for Tower Canon to step in.

But there was still no movement on their end because they had noticed that Epoch God Palace was showing signs of taking action.

Ever since Tower Canon landed in the Class 1 world, Epoch God Palace had not made a move aside from the time Tower Canon sought them out to cause trouble.

This caused First Page Crimson and the rest to venture a guess. Could it be that Epoch God Palace did not want this main world to be combined with the dead world?

Perhaps this guess was the only explanation for how the demon insects appeared in this world.

Epoch God Palace's sudden awakening caused Tower Canon to feel threatened.

At times like this, inaction was better than action.

Even taking the risk of allowing the demon insects to grow and spread was better than having to face Epoch God Palace.

At first, Tower Canon had a choice. They were not stuck in this Class 1 world.

Firstly, they could not bear to leave all that they had established in this Class 1 world. The Eight Pages of Tower Canon had put a lot of effort into infecting the main world's ley lines with death aura.

Secondly, the true Eight Pages of Tower Canon had awakened but had yet to recover their power.

If they forcefully moved to another Class 2 world, there was a possibility that they would experience backlash from that Class 2 world.

With all these considerations, Tower Canon decided not to leave the Class 1 world and to fuse the dead world's roots with this Class 1 world.

After making this decision, there was no way out for Tower Canon.

Otherwise, when the demon insects first appeared, the Eight Pages of Tower Canon would have personally gone to the Radiance Federation to cross swords with Lin Yuan!

When First Page Crimson saw that no one had anything to say, he announced his decision, "Even if we do eventually battle it out with Epoch God Palace, now is not the time. Since Epoch God Palace is making their move, they must be planning something. What we need to be doing is finding out their goal. We will only be able to make our decision after finding out what they are after."

First Page Crimson felt extremely wronged while he spoke.

But as he thought about the power that Epoch God Palace had displayed 6,000 years ago, he believed that this was the only way.

If they clashed against Epoch God Palace again, they would not be able to slumber for another 6,000 years while the dead world's roots were fusing with this world. In the next 6,000 years, the dead world's roots would likely end up absorbed by this Class 2 world's roots instead!

Even Second Page Warbler Candle, who loved arguing unnecessarily with First Page Crimson, did not oppose him this time.

The only one who frowned was Fifth Page Falling Rainbow. This was because she had yet to locate where her Tower of Falling Rainbow and Secret of the Dead were!