10 Killing Lord Potts! Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Sphere!

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

These two professionals were good!

Lu Chong was the first Spearman profession in his territory!

Bao Xiu'er was not only a Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade tailor, her potential reached Yellow Gold-Tier Elementary Grade!

Even though this level of potential was incomparable to a top White Platinum-Tier genius of the human race, this was fine too!

She was the person with the highest aptitude In his territory, if he were to exclude himself!

The only pity was that he did not summon an architect, but it was fine. The makeshift tents were still usable.

At this moment, he suddenly noticed that the woman was staring at his clothes.

Bao Xiu'er: Stare~


Zhou Zhou subconsciously glanced at his clothes.

It wasn't dirty, just a little tattered…

Some small tears here and there were normal after fighting so many monsters.

"My Lord. Can I help you mend your clothes?" Bao Xiu'er could not help but ask.

Zhou Zhou: "No need, it's just a little torn."

Bao Xiu'er: Stare~

Zhou Zhou: "… Here, here."

Zhou Zhou took off his shirt and handed it to her. Bao Xiu'er happily took the clothes and stared at Zhou Zhou's abs boldly.

Then, she walked to a rock that she could sit on and took out a sewing kit from her waist. She began to sew seriously.

Zhou Zhou ignored her.

He first asked Lu Chong to find Bai Yi and be under her command, then he changed the remaining four men to Sword Shield Soldiers.

As for the remaining two female subjects, Zhou Zhou asked them to help Qin Guang and his wife. With more than 200 subjects in his territory, it was already a little difficult for Qin Guang and his wife to provide food for all the subjects. The two of them could use some help from the two new female subjects.

After that, he returned to the Lord's wooden house to rest. He felt a little tired after working hard for a day and night even though he was already at the Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade.

Zhou Zhou woke up naturally in the Lord's wooden house three hours later.

"It seems that my physical fitness and mental state are indeed different from when I was an ordinary person. I've only slept for a little more than three hours, but I feel like I've slept for eight hours."

He felt extremely energetic and his mind crystal-clear. He did not feel like he hadn't had enough sleep.

Zhou Zhou stopped thinking about it, stood up and walked out of the Lord's wooden house.

He saw a large number of soldiers gathered outside.

They were all rested and were chatting in groups of three to five. They stood up and looked at Zhou Zhou respectfully when he emerged.

Bai Yi was wiping her bow and arrow alone. She immediately walked over when she saw Zhou Zhou.

"My Lord!" She said respectfully.

"How was your rest? Did anything happen?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"My Lord, we are well rested and are ready to fight at any time!"

"As for happenings… It's not a big deal."

"The new tailor. For some reason, she's been staring at the soldiers' standard equipment." Bai Yi hesitated for a moment before saying.


Zhou Zhou looked at the soldiers who fought the Desert Fog Lizard and fell into deep thought.

"Don't worry about her. She doesn't mean any harm."

"Also, since we're all rested… Let's organize the teams immediately! Prepare to leave the territory and fight the Foreign Race Lord!" Zhou Zhou said in a deep voice.

"My Lord, are you going too? Actually, there aren't many of them. Just leave them to us." Bai Yi hesitated.

"I have to go." Zhou Zhou shook his head.

Of course, he knew that staying in the territory was the safest but he had a reason to go.

Moreover, with more than 200 soldiers protecting him and having understood the other party's racial ability, the chances of him being in danger during this expedition were not high.

"Roger!" Bai Yi stopped persuading him, believing that the Lord had his own considerations.

After that, Bao Xiu'er sent over the repaired clothes and handed the two pieces of equipment to Zhou Zhou.

"My Lord! These two pieces of equipment are for you. They're my previous works and a token of my appreciation. May my Lord return victorious!" Bao Xiu'er gave her blessings.

"Thank you." Zhou Zhou received the equipment in surprise.

It was a blue leather jacket and a blue tiger-striped hat.

He looked at them and then raised his eyebrows.

[Equipment Name: Protective Leather]

[Equipment Grade: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade]

[Equipment Effect: Hardiness - Reduces physical damage by 30% from Black Iron-Tier weapons. Black Iron-Tier weapons cannot pierce the wearer's body.]

[Introduction: Wear this leather jacket and your skin will become very thick.]

[Equipment Name: Tiger-Striped Hat]

[Equipment Grade: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade]

[Equipment Effect: Tiger Protection - Reduces 30% Black Iron-Tier spiritual damage and soul damage. When encountering Black Iron-Tier mind control and other abilities, there is a 30% chance of being immune to the corresponding control effect.]

[Introduction: A defensive equipment made from the skin of the Phantom Fog Tiger. It is extremely effective against spiritual and soul-type abilities.]

"The effects of these two pieces of equipment are quite practical."lightsnovel

Zhou Zhou was a little surprised.

Then, without saying anything else, he led everyone and the two Desert Fog Lizards he controlled out of the Blazing Sun City.

More than an hour later, everyone finally found the territory of Lord Potts. The Lord's wooden house and the Gate of Summoning were clearly visible in the squarish Novice Lord Protection Barrier.

There was also a special building that looked like a workshop beside the Lord's wooden house.

Someone of Carora Race was sitting in front of the building, sunbathing on a chair with two Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Desert Fog Lizards beside it.

"There seems to be only one <anno data-annotation-id="58fc4eeb-ab27-4ae0-a3ad-70133ce9c6ab">Caroran</anno>."

"The other clansmen are most likely out hunting. So this should be the Lord Potts that the Lord mentioned."

"This territory would be no different from being destroyed if we can lure it out of the Novice Lord's Protective Barrier and kill it. But the question is, how do I lure it out and kill it?"

Bai Yi lay beside Zhou Zhou behind a sand dune and analyzed.

She frowned slightly, unable to think of a solution.

"I have an idea." Zhou Zhou said before whispering something into Bai Yi's ears.

"I think the Lord's method has a high chance of success!" Bai Yi's face was a little red, but her eyes still lit up.

No wonder the Lord insisted on coming, only he could carry this plan out.

"Let's give it a try then." Zhou Zhou nodded.

Within Potts City.

Lord Potts was enjoying the sunlight.

As a Caroran, it did not need to eat. They only needed enough sunlight to satisfy the energy needs of their daily movements and physical growth.

"When I summon more clansmen and control more Desert Fog Lizards, I'll find that foreign race's territory immediately!"

"The Great Legend of Lord Potts shall begin by flattening the first foreign race Lord!" Potts thought about the foreign races he had encountered yesterday, and his heart burned with ambition.





Potts stood up and looked at the source of the sound.

An injured Desert Fog Lizard that seemed to have experienced hundreds of battles was constantly hitting the protective barrier of his territory.

"Hasn't the Desert Fog Lizards nearby been cleaned up? Is this one new?" Potts froze.

Then, he could not help but smile when he saw how injured it was.

"What a stupid fog monster. How dare you come to my territory with such injuries? My analysis was right. This fog monster doesn't have much intelligence." He ordered the two Desert Fog Lizards he had enslaved to go to the front of the protective barrier.

"It's a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Desert Fog Lizard. Tsk tsk. A Mist Core that delivered itself to my door." It sighed.

Then, it got the two Desert Fog Lizards to leave the protective barrier and kill this injured compatriot.

The three Desert Fog Lizards quickly started fighting. Then, Potts saw the injured Desert Fog Lizard suddenly turn around and escape into the distance.

"Give chase!"

Potts had seen this many times yesterday, so it ordered without hesitation.

The two Desert Fog Lizards gave chase.

Potts had to walk out of the protective barrier too as it had to maintain a certain proximity to control the Desert Fog Lizards. It was not worried that it would be in danger since the surrounding fog monsters had long been cleared by its subjects.

At this moment, a rustling sound, like gravel colliding, rang behind it.

An incomparably strong sense of danger suddenly appeared in Pott's mind.

As soon as it turned around, it saw four subjects of foreign races holding swords and shields rushing over from behind.

It screamed.

A text notification appeared the next moment.

Countless blades slashed down and Lord Potts died on the spot. It stared at the sky with wide eyes, as if it did not expect its life to end so quickly.

Zhang Cang boldly walked forward and stabbed it twice more. Then, he said respectfully.

"My Lord! The Foreign Race Lord has been killed!"

Three to four seconds later, the gravel automatically caved in and split apart beside Lord Potts' body.

A figure surrounded by gravel slowly floated up from the ground.

It was none other than Zhou Zhou!

He looked at the other party's corpse, and information about the other party's corpse appeared in his eyes.

[Item Name: Corpse of Lord Potts]

[Item Level: Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade]

[Item Effect: Contains unextracted loot.]

[Item Description: A Carora Race Lord who was quite accomplished in spiritual cultivation. It was plotted against and killed by the Cerulean Planet Human Lord.]

[Loot: Four units of Black Iron-Tier Mist Cores (Drop Rate: 100%), one bottle of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Health Potion (Drop Rate: 100%), one bottle of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Energy Potion (Drop Rate: 100%), one Racial Growth Skill Book - Mental Manipulation (Drop Rate: 0.01%), one Racial Growth Skill Book - Mental Perception (Drop Rate: 0.001%), one Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Sphere (Drop Rate: 0%)]

<annotations style="display: none;"><ol class="tinymce-annotation-container"><li data-annotation-id="58fc4eeb-ab27-4ae0-a3ad-70133ce9c6ab">A person from the Carora Race</li></ol></annotations>",