13 Lava Dragon Egg! Upgrade Building!

Zhou Zhou placed his hand on the treasure chest and gently raised it to open it.

A huge red egg stood quietly in the treasure chest.

Its surface was smooth and emitted a faint scarlet glow. Waves of violent and scorching energy fluctuated on the surface of the egg, making it look extremely extraordinary.

Zhou Zhou picked it up and a text notification appeared.

[Pet Egg Name: Lava Dragon Egg]

[Grade: Special Grade]

[Pet Egg Description: OverLord Race of The World - the Dragon Race Pet Egg! After hatching it with a drop of your blood, you can obtain a young pure-blooded Dragon Race— Lava Dragon!]

[Remarks: Binded to the Lord of The Blazing Sun, unable to drop!]

[Current nurturing energy is very sufficient. It can hatch at any time with your blood!]

"It's actually a dragon egg!" Zhou Zhou was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, he knew about this legendary creature that often appeared in movies but he did not expect the Supreme Treasure Chest to contain this.

He gently bit his right index finger and dripped three to four drops of blood on the dragon egg.

Four to five seconds later.

Crack, crack, crack…

The sound of eggshells shattering could be heard.


A black dragon head with two horns poked out of the eggshell.

It looked around with its pure red eyes before its gaze landed on Zhou Zhou's face.


It let out an intimate cry and spat out a mouthful of flames. A few drops of magma flowed out of the corner of its mouth.

Then, it lowered its head and ignored Zhou Zhou as it continued to eat its eggshell.

Zhou Zhou studied it curiously.

The little Lava Dragon sat obediently on the spot after it had consumed all of the eggshells and looked straight at Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou reached out and tried to touch its head.

The little Lava Dragon did not resist. Instead, it took the initiative to approach Zhou Zhou's hand and rub it against it.

Zhou Zhou grinned when he saw this and looked at it closely.

This young Lava Dragon had two black horns with a hint of red on them. Its body was covered in a layer of black and red rough scales.

An invisible majesty filled the surroundings.

It already had an aura of might and dominance even though it was still young!

[Pet: Does not have a name yet]

[Race: Lava Dragon]

[Growth Stage: Infancy]

[Strength Level: Green Bronze Tier Advance Grade]

[Skills: Magma Dragon Breath, Dragon Might, Draconic Magic Proficiency, Magma Armor (Unawakened), All Things Burn (Unawakened), Magma Explosion (Unawakened), Epic-Tier Elemental Immunity (Awakening Level 1%), Epic-Tier Physical Immunity (Awakening Level 1%)…]

[Potential: Legendary-Tier]

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

[Loyalty: Dead Loyal]

[Personality: Aggressive, calm, intelligent, likes to sleep and play.]

[Pet Description: A pure-blooded dragon with noble bloodline. It has one of the best strengths and potential among the myriad races in the myriad world. Due to its innate lava attribute, its innate destructive power is incomparably powerful!]

Zhou Zhou's eyes widened.

It was born with the strength of Green Bronze-Tier Advance Grade and it also had Legendary-Tier potential!

This meant… As long as this Lava Dragon grew up, it would be able to reach Legendary-Tier without any bottlenecks!

As expected of a reward personally given by the Supreme Will!

So generous! Zhou Zhou sang its praises.

"I'll name you Nezario since you don't have one!" Zhou Zhou said.

"ROAR!" Nezario growled as if pleased with the name.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

Then, he tried to give the Little Lava Dragon 20 units of Black Iron-Tier Mist Core to see if it would eat them. The Little Blackie immediately started gobbling them up as if it was its favorite food.

Zhou Zhou smiled at that sight.

He walked out of the Lord's wooden house and looked at the simple building in front of him with Nezario happily eating the Mist Cores.

A line of text appeared with a thought.

[Do you want to upgrade the Lord's wooden house?]

"Yes!" He said.

A text notification appeared the next moment.

2,000 units of basic materials, 500 Black Iron-Tier Mist Coreas, and the Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Territory Token that he had just obtained instantly disappeared.

The familiar golden light covered the entire Lord's wooden house again.

The light dissipated a moment later.

The Lord's wooden house was much larger and more exquisite than before.lightsnovel

A series of text notifications appeared.

[Congratulations, your Lord's wooden house has been upgraded to a Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade building. There is an additional kitchen!]

[Your Territory has been upgraded to Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade!]

[Territory Token Durability increased to: 10,000/10,000!]

[Your area has expanded to 2000m×2000m×2000m!]

[All fog monsters within the expanded area have been expelled!]

[Scarlet Fog will not appear in any of your territories!]

[You have received upgrade rewards: Warehouse Blueprint (Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade), Blacksmith Shop Blueprint (Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade)!

Two balls of golden light appeared in front of Zhou Zhou. It turned into two blueprints after the light dissipated.

These were the blueprints for the Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Warehouse and the Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Blacksmith Shop Blueprint!

Warehouses could be used to store items and had a certain preservation function.

The blacksmith blueprints could provide the blacksmith with an environment to make armor, weapons, and other metal equipment.

However, both needed architects to learn to build them. Moreover, the latter required a blacksmith before it could be used officially.

"My territory is severely lacking in Life Professions!" Zhou Zhou realized the shortcomings of his territory but he had no choice.

He could only hope that he could summon them as his subjects in the future.

He looked at the resource requirements to upgrade to the Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade.

[Construction Upgrade: 2,000 units of wood, 2,000 units of fine sand, 2,000 units of Metal, 2,000 units of stones, 2,000 units of Black Iron-Tier Mist Core, three Black Iron-Tier Territory Tokens!]

Zhou Zhou memorized these upgrade requirements and came to the Gate of Summoning.

[Do you want to upgrade the Gate of Summoning?]

"Yes!" He said.

The Gate of Summoning lit up slightly before calming down.

A text notification appeared.

[Congratulations, your Gate of Summoning has been upgraded to a Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Building!]

[You can summon an additional four subjects every day!]

[You will definitely summon two Professionals every day amongst these subjects!]

"I can summon 12 subjects at once tomorrow and there will definitely be two Professionals! There has to be an architect this time!" Zhou Zhou prayed in his heart.

The feeling of having construction blueprints but not being able to use them was too uncomfortable.

He looked at the requirements to upgrade the Gate of Summoning to the lower Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade.

[Construction Upgrade: 800 units of wood, 800 units of sand, 800 units of gold, 800 units of stone, 800 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade, Territory Level upgraded to Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade!]

"The basic materials and the Mist Core are fine. More importantly, there is a need for three Black Iron-Tier Territory Tokens."

"This means that I still have to capture the territories of the other three Lords to level up. It's a little difficult. I have to continue becoming stronger." Zhou Zhou pondered on it for a while before returning to the Lord's wooden house.

The current Lord's wooden house had three rooms — The master bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen!

It would be a fully functional small home with the addition of a bathroom.

He placed Nezario in the living room and went to the master bedroom. He sat on the bed and flipped his right hand. The Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Sphere appeared in his palm.

He looked at the Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent Sphere and took a deep breath, his eyes filled with anticipation.

Then, he willed. A golden text notification appeared.

Do you want to absorb this Lord Talent Sphere (Green Bronze-Tier)?


A text notification appeared the next moment.

This ball of light that emitted a bronze halo instantly turned into countless bronze light spots and quickly surged into his glabella.

Zhou Zhou closed his eyes and re-opened them again after some time. The Lord Talent Sphere in his hand had completely disappeared.

He opened his personal information and saw that the Lord Talent column had already been updated!

[Lord Talent: 100% drop rate (Legendary-Tier), Gnome Alchemy Workshop (Green Bronze-Tier)]

"It worked! I have a second Lord Talent!" Zhou Zhou was delighted.

At this moment he suddenly heard a commotion outside, mixed with bewildered voices. Zhou Zhou's heart tightened.

Did something happen?

He immediately walked out of the Lord's wooden house and saw the soldiers gathered not far away for some reason. Zhou Zhou frowned.

"His Lordship is here!"

"Make way, make way for the Lord!"

"Could this be a new subject brought back by His Lordship?"

Zhou Zhou followed the path made by the crowd until his eyes laid upon a gnome about a meter tall with light green skin and pointed ears. He had two antennae on his bald head and was wearing a yellowish-brown cloak.

It was the same as the special building Zhou Zhou had seen in Potts City! A workshop building!

"Greetings, my Lord." He smiled and bowed elegantly when he saw Zhou Zhou arrive.

"I'm your most loyal subject, the owner of the Gnome alchemy workshop. Greetings from Ashburn Hall!"