27 Emperor of Sand's Spatial Ring! The Idea Of A Scout Team!

Bai Yi left and Zhou Zhou opened Mu Gu's personal information again to see what materials were needed to build a monster ranch.

[Occupation Skill Name: Special Building - Monster Ranch]

[Skill Grade: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade/Special]

[Skill Description: Special Construction Skill. It originates from the White Silver-Tier Lord Talent - Monster Ranch. It can build a monster ranch specially used to nurture monsters.]

[Construction materials: 3,000 units of wood, 3,000 units of fine sand, 3,000 units of metal, 3,000 units of stone, 1,000 Black Iron-Tier Mist Cores, one Origin Crystal]

Zhou Zhou frowned slightly.

The other materials were easy to obtain but he had never seen materials like Origin Crystals on sale even though he had long heard of this material.

Origin Crystals had long been listed as a resource in the Lord's personal information, which meant that it was also an extremely important resource to the Lords.

"Mu Gu, do you know where we can get the Origin Crystal?" Zhou Zhou asked Mu Gu directly.

"I do, they are extremely rare. Usually, only Regional Scarlet Lords and some ordinary Scarlet Lords will drop it. Some special monsters will occasionally drop Origin Crystals too." Mu Gu said.

"Regional Scarlet Lord? What's that?" Zhou Zhou was stunned.

"A Regional Scarlet Lord refers to the Scarlet Lord that occupies the entire regional territory. There will be a regional Scarlet Lord who will rule this area in any ownerless regional territory."

"For example, this scorching desert we are in now should be ruled by a regional Scarlet Lord." Mu Gu said.

This triggered Zhou Zhou's memory.

Previously, when he saw the introduction of the Desert Fog Lizard leader, he had indeed discovered that it was written as one of the three Scarlet Lords of the Blazing Sun Desert.

Which meant… One of the other two Scarlet Lords was the regional Scarlet Lord that Mu Gu mentioned?

Zhou Zhou's thoughts started taking root but he came back to his senses in no time.

"How many monster ranches can you manage at the same time with your current ability?" He asked again.

"I can currently manage three Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade monster ranches." Mu Gu said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded. He chatted with Mu Gu for a while before returning to the Lord's wooden house.

In the living room.

"If I want to develop in the hot desert… These two Scarlet Lords are a hurdle I have to get past. Also, I wonder if there are other foreign race Lords in the Blazing Sun Desert."

"I need a complete understanding of the blazing desert as a Cerulean Planet Lord who wants to develop in the coming days." Zhou Zhou pondered but did not think too much about it. He took the Supreme Treasure chest that was rewarded by the entire channel and opened it.

A yellowish-brown crown-like ring lay quietly inside. Zhou Zhou picked it up.

A text message appeared.

[Equipment Name: Emperor of Sand's Spatial Ring]

[Equipment Grade: Special]

[Equipment Effect 1: Summon Sand Soldiers — Control the energy of the sand and materialize a Sand Soldier equivalent to your own strength. The Sand Soldier has unparalleled loyalty, powerful combat power, and simple intelligence. It can carry out the simple orders of the ring owner.]

[Transmogrification Arms Type: Spearman, Bowman, Sword Shield Soldier, Crossbowman, Cavalry, Sabre Soldier]

[Equipment Effect 2: 500 cubic meters of storage space.]

[Introduction: It was once the storage ring of the Emperor of Sand. He tried to replace the sun and finally died under the sun.]

[Remarks: Currently bound to the Lord of The Blazing Sun.]

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

This equipment is good!

Not only could he summon the Sand Soldiers, what Zhou Zhou valued the most was the storage space of 500 cubic meters!


As a transmigrator, he finally had his first Spatial Ring!

In the future, he would not have to travel with so much baggage when he heads out to battle!

Zhou Zhou put on the Spatial Ring happily and he immediately sensed a vast spherical space in the ring that was 500 cubic meters in size!

At the same time, he sensed that there was a skill mark engraved on the ring. Zhou Zhou thought.

The energy in his body quickly surged into the skill mark.

At the same time.lightsnovel

The Emperor of Sand's spatial ring began to emit a faint yellow light.

The yellow sand light quickly condensed in front of him. In less than a second or two, it formed a sand cavalry wearing gorgeous yellow sand armor, holding a spear, and riding a sand horse.

After it appeared, it immediately half-knelt on the ground, silently exercising the highest level of reverence towards Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou looked at it curiously.

[Name: Cavalry of Sand]

[Soldier Type: Cavalry]

[Strength Level: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade]

[Ability Overview: A Sand Soldier summoned from the Emperor of Sand's Spatial Ring. Has 10 years of Cavalry combat experience and an undying sand transformation ability. He is the perfect choice for a personal guard!]

[Skills: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Horsemanship, Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Lancemanship, Sand Body, Sand Revival, Sand Stealth]

[Loyalty: Dead Loyal]

[Potential: None]

Zhou Zhou looked at the Sand Cavalry in front of him and clicked his tongue in wonder.

Then, he sensed the consumption in his body.

"Summoning a Cavalry consumes about 30% of my energy. It should be similar for the other types of soldiers. That means I can summon up to three Sand Soldiers at once."

Zhou Zhou was very satisfied.

The three Sand Soldiers, together with their ability to turn into sand, were comparable to 10 human soldiers above Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade.

They were enough to guarantee his personal safety.

The rewards of this supreme treasure chest never disappoints. Zhou Zhou thought.

This Sand Cavalry instantly disintegrated into bountiful sand energy and quickly dissipated into the air.

After that, he opened the marketplace and used another 2,000 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat to set up a transaction to buy materials for the Blood Eye. Then, he walked out of the Lord's wooden house and went to the gnome alchemy workshop.

He saw Ashburn assembling a mechanostrider with his four disciples as soon as he entered.

"Greetings, my Lord!" The five of them chimed.

"How was your rest?" Zhou Zhou nodded and looked at Ashburn.

"I'm fully rested. Also, congratulations, my Lord, on your first victory against the Scarlet Lord!" Ashburn laughed.

His eyes were bright and his movements were strong. He looked like he was indeed resting well.

"Your potions were very useful. We would have lost a lot of people if it weren't for your Life Potions." Zhou Zhou shook his head.

"That's my duty." Ashburn bowed elegantly.

Zhou Zhou smiled. "I have something to tell you."

Ashburn immediately looked like he understood. Then, he got his four disciples to leave the studio and closed the door.

"Please give me my instructions, my Lord." Ashburn said seriously.

"It's not a big deal. It's just that I obtained another alchemy potion formula. When the ingredients arrive, you can make some." Zhou Zhou handed the alchemy formula for the Blood Eye to Ashburn.

Ashbourne took it with a click of his tongue.

Even though he already knew about his Lord's golden hand, he hadn't expected that the Lord would be able to make use of his building effects to obtain two alchemy potion formulas in just two days.

"It's also a very practical alchemy potion." Ashburn was surprised.

Zhou Zhou nodded. "And I have something else to tell you. I plan to form a scout team that is in charge of exploring the surrounding environment of the territory. That would include the area where the fog monsters are, the resource area, the terrain of various places, and so on."

"We'll need a bunch of mechanostriders as a means of transportation. From now on, just focus on the mechanostriders and make a small amount of other potions. Can you make, say, 20 mechanostrider a day? I need 100 for now." Zhou Zhou asked.

"Absolutely! I have four disciples now. Even though their skills are still a little rough, we can make more than 30 mechanostriders a day."

"I can definitely make 100 mechanostriders in three days!" Ashburn promised.

"Let me know if you need anything." Zhou Zhou trusted Ashburn very much. After saying that, he turned around and left.

Half an hour later, Bai Yi was back with some bad news.