958 Transaction Of The True God-Tier Divine Artifacts

Patriarch Lu was also very happy that Geralt was about to become a True God-Tier God Spirit.

"He" looked at Geralt, and his gaze finally landed on the Crown Of Original Sin that was emitting a blood-red glow above Geralt's head.

"That looks like a True God-Tier Divine Artifacts!"

"Furthermore, they are top-notch True God-Tier Divine Artifacts that are extremely compatible with Geralt's own path!"

Patriarch Lu was shocked.

Yellow Emperor and White River quickly discovered the Crown Of Original Sin after Patriarch Lu's reminder.

"No wonder." The Yellow Emperor was suddenly enlightened and pleasantly surprised. "These True God-Tier Divine Artifacts are extremely compatible with Geralt's own God Spirit Path. They can indeed guide him to become a True God-Tier."

"Furthermore, the grade of this True God-Tier seems to be that of an Advance Grade True God…" Amidst his shock, the Yellow Emperor's tone could not help but carry a hint of envy. "The Law of Original Sin on 'Him' will probably allow Geralt to advance all the way to the Advance Grade True God-Tier without encountering any obstacles."

"Where did 'He' get this top-notch True God-Tier Divine Artifacts?"

The Yellow Emperor asked curiously.

Then, the three deities fell silent for a second before their gazes landed on Zhou Zhou.

That gaze… It was as if he was looking at a wholesaler of divine artifacts, or Doraemon.

Zhou Zhou: "…"

"Sixth Brother, did you receive Geralt's divine artifact?"

Bai He probed, but he already had an affirmative answer in his heart.

This person had previously lent out 10,000 Low-Level God-Tier divine artifacts and four True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. This had almost doubled the combat power of the God Spirits of the human race.

If "He" were to lend Geralt another True God-Tier Divine Artifacts, even though it would be somewhat unbelievable, it was not something unacceptable.

"I gave it to 'Him'."

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment and corrected himself.

"You gave it to Geralt?!" Bai He cried out.

"The True God-Tier Divine Artifacts were indeed given to 'Him'," Zhou Zhou said. "Geralt has helped me greatly, so I gave this True God-Tier Divine Artifacts to him as a return gift."

Yellow Emperor, Patriarch Lu, and Bai He: …

Even though there was nothing wrong with it, it still felt unbelievable…

That was a True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. He gave it away just because he helped?

"Actually… we can also help," the Yellow Emperor said with a light cough.

"How can I help you?"

Patriarch Lu and Bai He had already rolled up their sleeves and were ready to do it.

Zhou Zhou did not know whether to laugh or cry.

However, after thinking about it, "He" realized that even though "He" didn't lack True God-Tier combat power now, "He" might not necessarily have the future.

"He" suddenly thought of something.

"Your Excellency Yellow Emperor, I heard that even though the human race has led all the humans in the High Continent to retreat to the Primordial World, you, Your Excellency Lu, and Your Excellency White River plan to bring some of the high-level combat power of the human race to infiltrate the back of the enemy race and carry out hunting activities, right?"

"That's right." The Yellow Emperor nodded as killing intent flashed across his face. "These humans took advantage of the time when our human race was in danger to brazenly attack. Although we, the higher-ups of the human race, don't entangle ourselves with them in order to take into account the overall situation of the human race, it doesn't mean that we ignore the damage they have caused to our human race."

"After most of the humans in the High Continent retreat to the Primordial World, I will bring our Human Race's Legendary-Tier and God Spirit-level combat strength out to infiltrate the territory of the people of foreign races to fight and kill."

"Coincidentally, you lent us a large number of divine artifacts some time ago. We even borrowed four True God-Tier Divine Artifacts from you."

"With these divine artifacts, our strength can be said to have more than doubled."

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"I can make use of these people of foreign races to properly control our new strength after our growth."

Patriarch Lu and Bai He also nodded.

"Are the three Your Excellency interested in attacking the True God-Tier of the people of foreign races?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"Attacking a True God-Tier…" The Yellow Emperor and company were stunned.

They had never thought of this.

A True God-Tier could be considered a pillar of strength in the myriad worlds.lightsnovel

In an ordinary race, True God-Tier represented the hope of survival.

As long as a race with a True God-Tier guarding it did not take the initiative to provoke a Master God-Tier existence, this race could even last until the end of time.

If a True God-Tier guarding a race was killed by an outsider, then this race would be no different from encountering the end of the world.

Before long, it would be invaded by other True God-Tier factions and annexed mercilessly.

From this, it could be seen how important a True God-Tier was to a race. Did Zhou Zhou want them to kill a True God-Tier of the people of foreign races?

They subconsciously wanted to refuse. Doing such a thing was equivalent to fighting to the death with the other race after all.

If the True God-Tier who killed the other party's race successfully took over the other party's faction foundation, it would naturally allow their race's strength to increase greatly.

However, if he was not killed, it meant that the other party would definitely fight him to the death.

At that time, not to mention the consequences of losing, even if both sides suffered heavy losses, countless other 'wolf' factions would rush over around the smell of blood and mercilessly bite and kill the injured factions.

They could not afford such consequences.

However, when they thought of the divine artifact in their hands and the fact that these people of foreign races were stopping them, they felt a little angry.

Patriarch Lu and Bai He looked at the Yellow Emperor.

The Yellow Emperor pondered for a moment before his expression gradually turned serious.

"We can fight."

"We have four True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. If all of them are used by Bai He and Patriarch Lu, it will be enough for them to have the strength of an Intermediate or even an Advance True God."

"With the combat power of two Advance Grade True Gods, even if we're unlucky and can't kill the True Gods of the people of foreign races, it's not a problem for us to escape. We just have to be careful not to fall into a True God-Tier array formation."

Patriarch Lu and Bai He thought for a moment and nodded.

Four True God-Tier Divine Artifacts could indeed allow them to do this.

"Most importantly, since these people of foreign races dare to find trouble with us, we have to give them a retaliation that will make their hearts ache."

"Otherwise, everyone will think that they can step on us humans."

"If that's the case, I'm afraid our Human Race will be trapped in the Primordial World for the rest of our lives and will never rise again." The Yellow Emperor continued.

"In that case, as long as Patriarch Lu and Your Excellency White River bring back a True God-Tier corpse, I can give you a True God-Tier Divine Artifacts. How about that?"

"If you can give me four True God-Tier corpses, the four True God-Tier Divine Artifacts can all belong to Your Excellency."

"If you can bring me more corpses of True God-Tier God Spirits, as long as I can extract Loots, I can give them to you with a True God-Tier Divine Artifact."

Zhou Zhou immediately said.

As long as it was a normal True God-Tier, even if "He" didn't have any True God-Tier Divine Artifacts, "He" would still have a High-Tier Deity-level divine artifact in "His" hands.

As long as he had a High-Tier Deity-level divine artifact, Zhou Zhou would be able to obtain three low-level True God-Tier Divine Artifacts with the help of the King of Loots.

Therefore, this deal was naturally not a loss to "Him".


Patriarch Lu and Bai He's eyes lit up.

"Of course it's true, but Your Excellency, you don't have to be anxious. This matter can be taken slowly, especially when it comes to choosing a target. In fact, the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts are already in your hands now. You can use them if you want. Anyway, I've already lent them to you. All you want now is the ownership of them, right?"

Zhou Zhou said.

"That's right."

Hearing Zhou Zhou's words, Patriarch Lu and Bai He quickly calmed down.

At this moment, Aliya walked over.

"Your Majesty, there's a young monk called Tathagata outside the king's city. He said that he wants to meet you personally. I see that 'He' has an extraordinary temperament. Even some God Spirits seem to be far inferior to 'He', so I specially came to report to you." Aliya said respectfully.


Zhou Zhou glanced at Geralt, who was still leveling up, and frowned slightly. "I really came at the wrong time… Forget it, bring 'He' over."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Aliya excused herself and left.