1078 War of Attraction

Liu Yan trusted Murong Xue on this.

He looked at Murong Xue and said, "When you step onto the stage, focus on defense and do your best to deplete his stamina and energy. If you can deplete enough, the person coming after you can defeat him. Whether the person coming after you can defeat Edi Carmen will all depend on your effort."

Murong Xue quickly nodded in acknowledgment.

Facing such a formidable opponent, Murong Xue displayed no signs of fear. She felt excited. Her spirited nature made her enjoy battles like these, especially when facing formidable adversaries.

"Don't worry." Murong Xue asserted confidently, "I'll give it my all. Even if he wins, I'll make him fight for quite a while!"

As they had discussed the next round's candidate, the battle in the arena approached its conclusion.

Just as they had anticipated, Edi Carmen's strength exceeded that of Lu Dajiang. Now, in his prime, Edi Carmen effortlessly defeated the fatigued Lu Dajiang. Edi Carmen wielded a short sword with grace, easily evading Lu Dajiang's somewhat lumbering attacks while continually striking him.

Before long, Lu Dajiang bore numerous injuries, and Edi Carmen inflicted a minor wound on Lu Dajiang's neck. Stepping back, Edi Carmen declared, "I was a bit severe just now. If I had hit your neck harder, you would be dead now. You can surrender."

Lu Dajiang touched the wound on his neck and naturally believed Edi Carmen's words. Edi Carmen was the only one who had spared him. Otherwise, he might have lost his life.

Lu Dajiang harbored some reluctance, he had hoped to drain some of the next player's stamina and energy to prepare for those who followed. Regrettably, the second player on the other side was Edi Carmen.

Confronting the mighty Edi Carmen, not only was Lu Dajiang outmatched, but he also couldn't gain the slightest advantage. He couldn't deplete Edi Carmen's stamina and energy at all.

Despite his unwillingness, Lu Dajiang realized that the other party had already shown mercy.

In an instant, Lu Dajiang was teleported out of the arena by the Will of Tower.

Meanwhile, the Will of Tower made another announcement.

[Team Elf wins the first match!]

[The opposing territory, please select the next player within one minute to continue the battle.]

[Team Elf has won the first small battle. The reward is being randomly selected...]

[Randomization successful. Congratulations on obtaining: Group reward, the agility of all members of the elf team +1200!]

[The third small battle is about to begin. Please be prepared!]

Team Origin had already made their decisions. When the time came, Murong Xue entered the arena, holding the Rock Shield.

Liu Yan and the others below the stage were closely watching this battle. Although they knew it was a battle they were likely to lose, with Murong Xue's 15-star combat strength, she was no match for Edi Carmen's 16-star combat strength.

Nevertheless, the members of Team Origin understood the significance of this battle. The amount of stamina and energy that Murong Xue could deplete would determine how many members of Team Origin would need to engage to defeat Edi Carmen. If Murong Xue managed to exhaust him, Wei Feng or Huang Yuan could potentially win the next match against Edi Carmen. However, if her efforts fell short, it could complicate matters.

At that time, Team Origins might need to spend a few more players to take down Edi Carmen. At that time, Team Origins would be extremely passive in the subsequent battles.lightsnovel

After Lu Dajiang left the stage, he sighed and expressed his helplessness. "If I had known earlier, I would have conserved more stamina and energy in the first battle. In the second battle, the opponent immediately sent Edi Carmen in. I had no strength left to face him."

"It's okay," Wei Feng reassured Lu Dajiang by patting his shoulder. "You did your best. There was nothing else you could do."

Huang Yuan also chimed in with optimism, "No matter what, we still have our captain. As long as the captain doesn't step onto the stage, we still have a chance to win this territory battle."

Lu Dajiang breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing their encouraging words. After a moment of contemplation, he realized it was true. Regardless of the circumstances, they had the captain. With Liu Yan leading the team, they still had a fighting chance.

At that moment, the battle on the stage was already underway.

As soon as the battle began, Murong Xue stomped on the ground, directly activating the third level of Tyrant Body, significantly boosting her strength.

At the same time, Murong Xue also employed several defensive skills. The Rock Shield gleamed with an earthen-yellow light, representing the elemental power of the rock attribute elemental power, which greatly enhanced Murong Xue's defensive capabilities.

Edi Carmen, upon seeing Murong Xue's face, immediately recognized that she was a stranger. Her presence had no prior connection to the Lighthouse Territory. Despite this, her features marked her as a human from the Blue Planet.

Edi Carmen was puzzled. Weren't all the humans from the Blue Planet already within the Lighthouse Territory? According to the logical order of things, there should be no one else on the sixth level of the tower apart from the newly arrived Blue Planet humans.

Edi Carmen's expression changed suddenly. He considered a possibility, but then he deemed it highly unlikely.

How could a newcomer possess such formidable combat strength? They were already capable of participating in single battle alongside seasoned warriors and even had the opportunity to step into the arena.

However, at that moment, Edi Carmen didn't delve too deeply into these thoughts and swiftly initiated the battle.


As the second most powerful expert in the Elf Clan's territory, he had come onto the stage earlier with a clear mission. His objective was not only to vanquish Lu Dajiang but also to promptly defeat any additional players that Team Origin would field.

Consequently, when faced with Murong Xue, Edi Carmen wasn't only aiming to secure victory. He was also keen on achieving a swift triumph with minimal expenditure of stamina and energy.

This approach would enable him to maintain a better condition for subsequent battles, as he aimed to conquer more players and perhaps even compel the emergence of the adversary's mightiest expert.

During the first match, they had already discussed it for this scenario.

Lu Dajiang was typically the most formidable expert among the humans from the Blue Planet on the opposing side. However, given his early appearance, it was evident that Lu Dajiang was not the ultimate powerhouse among them. It was reasonable to assume that the other side still harbored at least one player more potent than Lu Dajiang.

The identity of this most potent player remained a mystery to the elves. Therefore, it seemed wisest to use Edi Carmen's participation to draw out this formidable adversary. In doing so, they could better strategize for their confrontations ahead.

Promptly, Edi Carmen initiated an offensive, charging directly toward Murong Xue.

After a round of battle, Murong Xue was forced to retreat. It was obvious that she could not take it anymore.

Liu Yan and the others below the stage were a little surprised when they saw this.