Chapter 16 - Valiant Old Woman

Himari and Elena quickly helped Ryu recover as all eyes focused on Titus. If it was a normal injury or even a normal gathering, they wouldn't care to end all festivities right now for Ryu's sake. However, neither of these things were the reality.

For one, a wielder of the heavenly pupils bleeding from their eyes only represented one thing: over-exertion! Who here didn't know that Ryu was born with the first ranked heavenly pupils? A wielder of the Mysteries of Heaven and Earth being injured in such a way meant that there was a massive upheaval on the horizon, one that none of them could ignore. How could they allow such information to leak at this time?

Secondly, this event was put together by the Tatusya Clan to probe the current Shrine Plane's situation and solidify bonds. They all understood the importance of this. Whether it was for familial love or practicality, Ryu had to hold it together!

"I'm sure that many of you are wondering why the Tatsuya Clan issued this summons. Truthfully, it isn't because this old man believes his son's birth date is so important. The matters of the younger generation are trivial and are unworthy for such esteemed and honored guests to be involved in. Rather, I called you all here to witness a moment in history and to benefit from this rare opportunity!"

Titus' words alleviated many of the doubts and pent up frustration many there had. Honestly, they had forgotten this anger after seeing friends of old, however, Titus' words reminded them that these theatrics were actually all for a boy with his mother's milk still leaking from his lips.

This said, the fact Titus was admitting all of this himself made them feel inwardly comfortable. Before, they had no choice but to come for fear of offending this powerful Clan, but now it could be said that they were happy they came. It was clear that Titus had the charisma of a leader.

After collecting himself, other than slightly reddened eyes that ached with he looked at the light, Ryu was fine. He couldn't help but look toward his father with a hint of pride in his eyes. Ryu was well aware that he didn't have the disposition of a leader… he was too cold, too calculating and completely unsociable. So, he had always admired his father's leadership talent.

"You may have all guessed reason since that silly brat of mine let the cat out of the bag, but today the Tatsuya Clan will allow you all to be witness to the bestowment of a treasure we've kept for generations, the Origin Flame!

"As legends would have it, the Origin Flame is a source of enlightenment. Many tales claim that in the moment it chooses a master, it will release a wave of Heavenly Law, making comprehension of higher realms far easier." Titus smiled lightly, allowing the weight of his words to build up. He didn't have to fabricate these tales, these were truths everyone who had heard of this flame knew.

The Origin Flame was a miracle of the heavens. It had the ability to bestow enlightenment to those in its presence, making resonating with the Natural Order far easier. The Master of these flames would be the greatest beneficiary of this, allowing them to see through the essence of all things.

This flame was by no means the greatest offensively, such a title was reserved for Core Flames. This flame was also not the best for alchemy or blacksmithing, such an honor was harbored by Earth Flames. It didn't have any special healing abilities either, such a thing was exclusive to Holy Flames.

Not only could this flame not harm a fly, it was completely docile! However, what it did have was absolute control and sovereignty!

Raging energies became as calm as a peaceful rivers. Impossible to comprehend concepts slowed before your eyes, awakening within your mind. Nature would grow fond of you, causing rampaging beasts to bow and heavenly treasures to present themselves.lightsnovel

Origin Flames were the last sparks that remained from the beginning of all things… Whether these rumored abilities were true extent of their capabilities, even these immortals were unaware. But, wasn't coming out of their secluded practice worth it for just the possibility?

"Our Tatsuya Clan could have taken advantage of this moment alone, but the Golden Era of our Shrine Plane wasn't ushered in by selfishness. The foundation of this Era is comradery and brotherhood, it's because we come together that the state of affairs today is so harmonious and peaceful.

"I share this opportunity with you all to continue facilitating this culture. The Tatsuya Clan will never treat you poorly, so I hope that you take care of us as well."

Those here were moved by Titus' words. They almost simultaneously hung their heads in shame for how poorly they reciprocated this kindness. Those who gone out of their way to humiliate Ryu earlier in the night felt even worse… None doubted Titus' word. Even if he was lying, they were certain that there weren't any malicious intentions behind his true purpose. Thinking to this point, those of the older generation who had been stuck at bottlenecks for an ungodly number of years couldn't help but sit up straighter.

Servants with cultivation so profound that many raised eyebrows glided into the room, holding a box so black that it reflected no light whatsoever.

This box was quite larger, requiring six such servants to hold. Yet, despite the number of them, the strain on their features was clear.

"Neutron Star Core!" Those of the Weapon's Forging Guilds all but fainted in shock. The material this box was made out of was none other than the densest and hardest mineral in existence. A single cubic centimeter weighed millions of jin! Who could even imagine how heavy this large box was?

However, to hold the Origin Flame, such measures weren't just warranted, they were necessitated.

"Haha! I hope I'm not late!"

Just as the black box was placed before Titus, the domineering voice of a valiant middle-aged woman shook the hall. Everyone could only look over to find Old Mistress Holy Wing standing in gold, silver and pink diamond armor, a short sword to her hip.

She strode forward as though she was walking into her own home, a domineering sneer hanging from her well maintained cherry lips.