Chapter 19 - Arch Energy Filled Food



The girl on the reception squealed and jumped back when she saw him suddenly appear before her.

"You scared the hell out of me"

The scene where he killed a powerful adventurer Keeten like a fly traumatized her and now, she was more afraid of him than attracted to him.

"Here are the bandit badges, now run along and get me my coins"

"You heard him, bring us our coin you little rat"

Gaya shouted at the girl as he chuckled.

"Right...wait here please, young master"

None of the adventurers dare to look at him directly or look down on him but rather had a slight fear in their eyes considering the one he killed was one of the powerful adventurers in the town.

"Look at these clowns"

Looking at Micheal's gaze, the adventurers quickly turned away and didn't dare to look at him like they first did.

"Expect them to lie down before us after they heard what we did at the city gates, hehe"

Micheal knew it would take some time for them to hear what happened at the city gates and even more time for the whole kingdom to know.

"Young master, here's your coins"

He noticed someone sitting in front of a light orb and casting some spell.

"Hmm, he must be the person who confirms the quest is truly completed or not"

"750 silver coins"

The system scanned the coin pouch and informed him of the number of coins inside without him opening the pouch.

"Hey girl, isn't thirteen into sixty, seven eighty?"

Although he had a smile on his face, the girl trembled because it was not a gentle smile but a wicked one.

"Young master, four percent of the full amount was deducted by the guild as a commission"

"Why don't you just go and rob people, greedy f**kers?"

"Four percent huh? Is that a fixed amount or vary quest to quest?"

He wasn't new to the concept of commission, he paid a certain amount after completing each hit as a tax to the dark world, so he didn't get surprised like Gaya.

"Fixed amount, young master"

"That's good to hear, see you girl later"

The girls exhaled deeply after he disappeared and the color on her face returned.

The crowd was almost doubled in size when he stepped out of the city gates as the system started to continuously ring in his mind and award him with more badass points.

All the people were standing around the pole and murmuring while the guards saw him coming towards them.

"Step aside, young master is coming"

The group of people standing on his way quickly jumped out of the way and lowered their heads.

"Guys, come here"

He pointed his finger at the two guards and motioned them to come.

Like two obedient puppies, the guards came running and waited for his order


"Tell me your names?"

"Daniel, young master"

The older guards lowered his head

"Ricky, young master"

The other guards also lowered his head as Micheal threw the coin pouch at Daniel.

"The survivors of the rosewood village need a place to stay, take these coins and rent a place fit for sixteen people, can you do that?"

Both of them were at a loss for words but Daniel quickly responded by nodding his head.

"It'll be ready, but young master"

Daniel scratched the back of his head and looked curious

"You haven't told us your name yet?"

"Don't you dare say ghost, human"

Gaya shouted in anger as he smiled at the guardslightsnovel

"You can call me Ghost"


Moments later, Cindy's mother was waiting for him and Gaya with their potions of food.

At this time, she saw a crack of lighting on the ground that appeared not too far in the distance. A small smile emerged on her face as the lightning bolt changed to reveal his figure.

The children were cuddling each other and sleeping without any worries about what's going to happen for them in this cruel world without their parents.

"Young master"

"Did you eat?"

The woman nodded and picked up a bowl of chicken rice porridge.

"It's not much like you have eaten in your life"

A powerful youth like him couldn't be anything but a rich young man who had enough abundant wealth and cultivation resources to be this powerful at such a young age, she thought.

"If you must know, I'm not a noble or lord of anything but a commoner just like you and these children"

He took the bowl from the woman's hand and sat on the sandy ground.


His eyes sparkled when the porridge touched his taste buds. He had never tasted something like this in his previous life and he had eaten in any prestigious five-star hotel and Michelin star restaurants on the earth.

But he didn't give any fancy ingredient or anything special, yet, the woman before him turned the usual ingredients into something special.

"This is delicious, lady, what's your name by the way?"

She was bewildered hearing his comment, it was just a normal porridge that had chicken pieces in it but looking at his expressions, she couldn't see any sign of him lying.

"I'm Raylene Agner, young master"

She lowered her head in respect while Gaya jumped out of his body and completely shook Raylene. Her eyes widened as she became speechless seeing her suddenly appear out of his body.

"You want this princ"

"Just shut up and eat it"

He interrupted her before she could finish her sentence and insult Raylene.

"How (growl)"

She raised his finger angrily but soon her face turned red in embarrassment because of the sounds her stomach was making breathing the aroma of the food.

"It's not (groooowl)"

She clenched her stomach tightly and tried to silence the sound coming from her stomach but she ultimately failed.

"Here, don't embarrass yourself further"

He took another bowl and handed it over to Gaya. She was already hungry when he chucked all the food in the inn but her princess pride prevented her from asking for food. It has been almost a week since she ate something and smelling something delicious as this, she couldn't hold her craving anymore.

Taking the bowl in her hands, she gawked around and stood still like a confused child

"Are you expecting a throne, princess?"

"Sit your ass down here"

His shout made Gaya's knees go soft as she sat on the sand with him.

As she moved the spoon near her mouth, the fantastic smell of porridge wafted into her nose; suddenly her appetite became out of control.

She opened her mouth and took a bite and the next moment, her eyes widened in disbelief.

The delicious taste, including the scorching aroma of the chicken and the sweet-and-sour tang of the rice, tickled her taste buds instantly.

My gosh! This is too delicious!

A simple porridge like this, which was so ordinary in appearance, had become so attractive to her. However, the system notified Micheal that the ingredients it gave were extremely high quality and everything was filled with pure Arch energy molecules that made this porridge so much tastier.

How else a simple porridge like this could be this delicious?

"Gaya, how is the food?" He asked her at that moment.

However, she had no time to answer the question as she devoured the porridge quickly. It seemed as if she was still longing for more.

"It is so…"


He asked her with a grin but he didn't wait for her answer as he turned to look at Raylene.

"Raylene, we are going to the river town and i made arrangement for your stay, soon I will find a more permanent home for you guys"

Tears rolled out of her eyes thinking about everything this stranger has done for them.Her tears however disappeared when a gentle wind blew on her face.

"You shed enough tears for one day, even though it will be hard, try to forget about everything that happened "