Chapter 21 - Heaven’s Gate Competition I

The waitress welcomed them attentively. She accompanied to his table in the corner of the room. The way she looked at him now was a look filled with fear. This youth was really terrifying.

"Young master ghost, what would you like to order?"

"Give me the green salad and hot water with lime"

Considering he had already eaten and not very hungry, he ordered the salad on the menu before going to sleep.

"Keep the balance"

The waitress was startled when he paid for his meals, even after becoming super scary and famous. Normally powerful cultivators and adventurers not only wouldn't pay but might demand coins using their power. The Ghost's reputation in Rivertown after what he did outside was more than enough to make them cough out their today's earnings but surprisingly he paid for his meals and even gave her considerable tips.


The bartender gave her a quick glance and shook his head telling her not to charge him.

"Young master, it's… it's on the house"


Gaya became happy hearing the waitress but Micheal shook his head. These people were not rich and their lives depended on the earnings of this tavern, how could he use his power and reputation for the sake of saving a couple of coins?

Wouldn't this stain his reputation?

"No, I'm a customer in this tavern, just like everyone here, and a customer must pay for what he bought"

At the end of his words, he smiled at the waitress to loosen up her mood and placed the coins on her palms.

"Now go and bring me the order"

The waitress couldn't help but smile back and run back to bring his meals as the adventurers gawked at him amazed.

He's really paying for his meals?

Is he the same person who roasted Ralphy alive on the stake?

He looks so friendly now

'What the f**k, human? They should be paying US for not wrecking them"

While the adventurers were staring at him, Gaya screamed in frustration inside his mind.

"I don't know what kind of princess you were but I don't like to be indebted and besides what would happen to my reputation if I did not even pay for my meals"

"It's a privilege of being powerful, human, what's the use of cultivation if we pay the commoners"

"It's not a privilege, it's disgusting, I'm slowly getting why they chased your snakey ass away"

"Shut up, you don't know nothing, if you think I'm evil, just wait until see the bitch sitting on the Nagaland throne"

While Gaya and he were divulged in this conversation, the waitress brought him the salad and the hot water.

"Here's your green salad and hot water with lime, young master Ghost"

"Thank you"

"Oh? No need, young master"

He seemed like a completely different person now. She was among the people there when he burned Ralphy alive and then, he was radiating an immense killing intent and looked terrifying.

The more they spent time with him in the same room, the more they realized that he was only cruel to his enemies but for others, he seemed warm and friendlier.

"Miss, do you know where the Sunrise sect is?"

He stopped the waitress when she was about to go to the other table and asked.

"Young master Ghost must be new to Bredia since you don't know the Sunrise sect but young master, if you're looking to join a sect, there are more fitting sects for you"

Hearing this, Micheal furrowed his brows


"I just want to return something that belongs to them"


How could a powerful youth like him join a declined sect like the Sunrise sect?

The waitress thought.

"Young master Ghost, to go to the Sunrise Sect, you have to walk down the main road for two hours and you will see a small mountain by the river, then you'll see the Sunrise sect"

"Alright, then I'll go there tomorrow"

"Young master Ghost"

When he was about to eat, the waitress stopped him.

"Young master Ghost, none of them will be at their sect tomorrow, tomorrow is the bright light ceremony, they'll all be at the heaven's gate"


"Hey Gaya, what is this bright light ceremony?"lightsnovel

At this moment, he was lying in his bed while Gaya was sitting by the window. Considering the customers waiting for the waitress, he didn't keep talking and take her time.

"That's just a silly event that humans come to take part in the heaven's gate and prove their power"

"Why's that?"

"so they can easily get accepted into their favorite sect if they perform well that is"

The moonlight coming through the window reflected on her face and revealed an angered look on her face.

"What is this heaven's gate?"

Her expression piqued his curiosity and he was glad that this trouble maker isn't traveling in person with him.

"I told you it's just a silly event, why are you interested in that? Are you going to participate?"

"Just explain everything to me"

She sighed as she turned her gaze away from the moon and looked at him.

"Heaven's gate event has two rounds, in the first round,"

She raised her pointing finger and began to explain how the competition works to him like a teacher.

"The three big sects will each send a Level 5 Core formation cultivator and position them on top of the heaven's gate stairway. They will then unleash their aura and soul pressure. Everyone who participates in the competition will need to climb up from the bottom to the top, but the higher they go, the more pressure they will face. Finally, the first 24 disciples to reach the top will be chosen to participate in the second round of the competition "

"I assume there are the requirements to participate"

She nodded hearing his question

"There are two actually, one must be under thirty years old and not more than a level 10 Body refining stage cultivator"

��This means that I meet the requirements to participate in the competition"

"Don't be rash human, even though the competition is meant as an entry shot to young humans, the disciples of the sects will also participate to show their power and earn the resources given by the King of Bredia"


He was still not sure to participate in this competition but the more he heard Gaya, it seemed like a good place to be a badass and earn more points before going to seclusion for a few days.

The system notified him that he has enough experience points to reach level four of the Body refining stage. Yet, the system required three days to upgrade his level and strengthen his body and during the three days, he wouldn't be able to access the system and any disturbances would cause him to fail the breakthrough as well as lose all the experience points.

How big of a loss that would be?

That was why he didn't dare to attempt to breakthrough in this place.


"Where was I? Huh the second stage, the second round is the most entertaining and what most people will look forwards to, the first 24 disciples who reached the higher number of steps will fight one on one in twelve stages"

"Huh? Didn't you say the first 24 disciples to reach the top? Where does this higher number of steps come from?"

Her expression turned more gloomy

"No one has ever reached the top, human, that's why they take the disciples who climbed more steps rather than waiting for them to reach the top"

"Make sense, now tell me how they arrange the fights?"

"They will give 24 cards, on top of them there will be a number from 1 to 12. You will choose one randomly and participants who get the same number will be fighting against each other on the stage.the prizes for the winners vary each time, so we'll only know about that tomorrow "

He kept running his finger through his beardless smooth face and pondered about whether he should take part or not.

"Hey system, how many badass points do I have?"

[11000 points]

"Alright system, recommend me a way to beat this competition? I don't care about the second stage since I have my sweet shield, my concern is the first stage"


He was waiting for the system to recommend him rather than searching through the shop because although the system would always try to take away his badass points, it would also recommend him some overpowered skills for situations like this. The Responsive Shield and the Lightning dash skill was an example of this.

After a few seconds of waiting, a golden sheet appeared before him.

Name: Energy devourer

Class: Legendary

Function: The host will be able to turn the Energy pressures into Experience points

Upgradable: Yes

Price: 9000 badass points

Looking at the amount next to the price, he deeply sighed as his heart ached to spend that many points on a single skill.

"Hold onto it, I'll buy the skill if I need it"