15 Minor Five Elements Array Formation And Thousand Threads Spirit Net

Since the Chu family elder had been ambushed and killed, most of the direct descendants of the Chu family had returned to the ancestral residence.

This was to prevent the cult from paying to purchase more information from Black Moon Tower and assassinating the direct descendants of the Chu family.

At the same time, the royal family of the Qin Kingdom, along with the three great aristocratic families, were willing to pay a certain price to negotiate with Black Moon Tower to request that they not accept commissions from the cult in the near future.

The main clients of Black Moon Tower here were the royal family of the Qin Kingdom and the three great aristocratic families, so they agreed. However, frankly speaking, if the price paid by the heretic cult was great enough, Black Moon Tower would still accept the commission anyway.

The purge of the heretic cult was still ongoing.

Chu Xuan tactfully expressed his concern about the evil imperial court.

The news he received was that the Qin Kingdom had already entrusted Black Moon Tower with the task of paying attention to the movements of the evil imperial court. Once the evil Imperial court sent over an expert attack, they would immediately obtain the necessary information.

Since the Qin Kingdom had a plan to deal with it, Chu Xuan did not need to worry about the sudden attack of the evil imperial court.

The evil imperial court had many enemies. Once an expert was sent out, even if the Qin country could not defeat that expert, they could still request for help.

What Chu Xuan was more worried about was the fact that Black Moon Tower was a black-hearted organization. After taking the Qin Kingdom's money, they would most likely approach the evil imperial court to obtain even greater benefits.

Old Seventh returned to the ancestral residence.

Chu Xuan continued to leisurely stay in the courtyard.

Chu Tianming seemed to have forgotten about him.

Besides the servants that delivered the food everyday, no one else came.

By the seventh month, Chu Xuan's cultivation had risen to the third level of the void realm.

Every day, he ate a spiritual pill, and his cultivation speed soared.

The Heavenly Spirit Cat already had the strength of the ninth-level spirit realm expert.

Its speed was not the slightest bit slow. After all, it was a mystical beast of Heaven and Earth, and it did not lack spiritual pills to feed on, so its strength naturally progressed rapidly.

"You have been in seclusion for seven months. You've been rewarded with a minor five elements array formation and an array disk."

It was an array formation this time?

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised.

He knew that array formations were very rare in the Southern Region. Those who could set up array formations were all truth realm experts.

Not to mention that an array disk had to be refined by an emperor realm expert.

According to Chu Xuan's understanding, this situation was probably because the Southern Region was too backward.

After receiving the array formation and the array disk, Chu Xuan grasped the method to set up the minor five elements array formation as well as the method to refine the array disk.

He realized that he did not need to be at the truth realm either. He could also set up and refine the array disk with his current cultivation level.

Of course, the lower his cultivation level was, the weaker the array formation he set up would be, including the array disk he refined.

Therefore, the reason why the Southern Region lacked the Dao of array formations was because the region was too backward, or perhaps because the region had lost the inheritance of array formations?

On the array disk, there were five small flags representing the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Chu Xuan set up the array formation to encompass the small courtyard.

Without activating the formation, the small courtyard still appeared ordinary. However, if the formation was activated, Chu Xuan was confident that even a unity realm cultivator could be trapped inside...

Or even killed.

Chu Xuan became more confident. As long as the person who came was not at or above the fourth level of the unity realm, he had nothing to fear.

In the entire Qin Kingdom, it seemed that only the royal family had a martial artist who was at the first level of the unity realm.

This was also the reason why the Qin royal family could suppress the three aristocratic families.


Given that the Qin Kingdom was considered weak in the Southern Region the fact that they were able to stand strong for such a long time also meant that the region where the Qin Kingdom was located was relatively barren and stable.

Most likely, the evil imperial court did not think much of the Qin Kingdom.

It had been seven months, and the end of the year was inching ever closer.

Chu Xuan was filled with anticipation.

The reward for staying in seclusion for a year would definitely surpass the emperor-level scripture he had received previously.

Above the emperor realm were the venerated realm, the heaven realm, and so on.

In the Southern Region, the emperor realm was already a fabled existence, and the realms above the emperor realm were the stuff of legends.

The cultivation method above the emperor-level scripture was the heaven-level scripture, which was a cultivation method that could be cultivated up to the heaven realm.

Not to mention the Southern Region, even throughout this vast world, heaven realm experts were definitely top-notch existences.

Chu Xuan estimated that the minimum reward for a year of seclusion would at least be at the level of a heaven-level scripture, right?lightsnovel

There were still a few days before the eighth month. Suddenly, a piece of news that shocked the entire Chu family arrived.

Chu Qing had encountered three elders of the heretic cult, including one of the vice sect leaders, and had been attacked.

Despite being under the protection of one of the Chu family's elders, he was still heavily injured.

A third-level void realm elder of the Chu family had fallen!

"These b*stards!" Chu Tianming was enraged.

Chu Xuan could hear Chu Tianming's enraged roar even from the small courtyard.

Chu Qing was someone he had specially groomed to succeed the role of family patriarch.

He had performed extremely well during the operation to eradicate the cult.

Once Chu Qing matured, not only would he be able to stabilize the position and status of the Chu family, he would even be able to bring the family to a higher level.

When Chu Qing had been surrounded and attacked, the first thing that came to everyone's mind was whether the information had been sold by Black Moon Tower.

When this happened, the people around Chu Qing were all investigated to see if there were any spies of Black Moon Tower present among them.

Since they could not do anything to the Black Moon Tower, they could at least kill a few spies?

Chu Tianming left the ancestral residence with a treasured artifact and personally attacked the cult.

He did not bring the family's treasured artifact out. After all, that was needed to guard the ancestral residence.

After Chu Tianming's departure, the Chu family strengthened their defenses yet again.

In fact, there were even void realm elders patrolling the area.

Chu Qing had been heavily injured and Chu Yun, who was also a heaven's blessed of the Chu family and doted on by Chu Tianming, might very well become the cult's next target.

Chu Xuan could not help but worry about Chu Yun.

Chu Tianming personally took action. At this moment, in the eyes of outsiders, the Chu family's territory was definitely in its most vulnerable state.

Chu Xuan even suspected that it had all been a trick by the cultists to lure the tiger away from the mountain.

However, Chu Tianming was not so stupid. Since he dared to leave the ancestral residence, it meant that the Chu family had an expert of the same level as him guarding it.

For the Chu family to be able to stand strong for such a long time, it had to have its own foundation. Chu Xuan, however, could not come into contact with such information.

Chu Xuan raised his vigilance. Since Chu Tianming had left the Chu family's territory, it was very likely that the experts from the cult would come again.

At night, Chu Xuan would activate the minor five elements array formation. There did not seem to be anything unusual in the courtyard, but once someone stepped in, they would be trapped inside.

With the minor five elements array formation, even if there was a battle, he could ensure that the noise and fluctuations from the fight would not spread out.

This would prevent the scenario of his strength being exposed due to the battle.

After Chu Tianming left, the servants would not naturally not know what was going on with the cult, so Chu Xuan was unaware of how the matter was progressing.

"You've been in seclusion for eight months. You've been rewarded with a thousand threads spirit net."

The reward for eight months of seclusion finally came. It was actually an emperor-level artifact. Even though it was a low-level emperor artifact, it was far from being comparable to a treasured artifact.

The thousand threads spirit net was not an offensive-type emperor artifact, nor was it a defensive-type. Instead, it was a binding and sealing-type emperor artifact.

With the emperor-level artifact in hand, Chu Xuan's confidence increased. Even if a seventh-level unity realm expert attacked, relying on the minor five elements array formation and the thousand threads spirit net was enough to make the other party suffer a serious setback.

Although the consumption of using an emperor artifact was extremely large, Chu Xuan had cultivated the emperor-level scripture, and his spiritual will had already surpassed the void realm, and was comparable to a first or second-level unity realm martial artist. Activating the thousand threads spirit net once would not be a big problem for him.

As long as he managed to trap his enemy inside the thousand threads spirit net, unless the other party also had an emperor artifact, they would not be able to escape.

Given enough time to recover his spiritual power and will, killing the enemy would naturally not be a problem.

Another few days passed uneventfully.

On this night, two figures that were practically completely merged into the darkness silently entered the Chu family's territory.

A man and a woman had arrived, and their cultivations were both at the second-level of the void realm, and they were both elder-level experts of the cult.

The woman's figure was enchanting, and her face looked rather unusual.

Zhu Yan and Zhu Qiang had received orders to put on the illusion equipment they had spent a great price to obtain, and to conceal themselves in the Chu family's territory.

Soon, they arrived not far from Chu Xuan's small courtyard.

"Is the son of Chu Qiuluo living there?"


Zhu Yan looked at the small courtyard and suddenly had a perverted thought.