21 Is There Something Wrong With The Heads Of These Cultists?

After Zhang Kui had broken through, he was brimming with confidence.

Even if the Chu family's territory was a dragon's lair or tiger's den, he still wanted to venture forth.

So what if they possessed the family's treasured artifact?

He could use the spatial escape bead to escape.

As long as he was successful in his incursion into the Chu family's territory and managed to escape unscathed, he would definitely be able to apply a great deal of pressure on the Chu family.

As a result, the cult would face less pressure in Chu County.

In order to avoid a recurrence of his surprise attack, the Chu family would definitely gather their experts and return to defend their family's territory as well as some important location.

Chu Tianming would be restrained from leaving the Chu family's territory even more.

The Chu family had to pay the price for sabotaging the cult's years of planning and preparation.

When the evil imperial court was free to deal with them, they would definitely destroy the Chu family!

Were it not for this incident, the first target of the evil imperial court would have been the Qin royal family instead. However, thanks to this incident, their first target had shifted to the Chu family.

Zhang Kui and Dong Qian headed to the Chu family's territory.

Black Moon Tower's intelligence had proven to be wrong, so the Chu family's defenses were slightly relaxed. The head butler had also returned to the ancestral residence.

Occasionally, there would be void realm elders patrolling the territory.

Chu Yun was in seclusion in the ancestral residence, while Chu Xuan was staring at the spirit cultivating diagram and practicing the hundred tempering divine technique.

His spiritual will was now comparable to a sixth-level unity realm martial artist.

The Heavenly Spirit Cat was lying on the wall, taking a nap.

The spirit devouring flower was swaying its flowers and leaves around, looking rather bored.

Outside the Chu family's territory, two figures arrived silently.

After observing for a while, they found the direction in which it was easiest to break into the Chu family's territory, after which Zhang Kui and Dong Qian sneaked in silently.

Although they were intruding into the Chu family's territory, it was different from sneaking in.

Before he could enter the family's ancestral grounds, he would be stopped by the experts of the Chu family.

Zhang Kui's goal was not only to break into the Chu family's ancestral grounds, but also to break into the Chu family's ancestral residence.

Of course, the Chu family's ancestral residence was not easy to break into. There was no need to truly break into it. He only needed to break into the core area of the ancestral grounds to achieve his objective.

The ancestral residence was located at the core of the Chu family's ancestral grounds.

If someone broke into the core area of the Chu family's ancestral grounds, even if they did not break into the ancestral residence itself, it would be enough to inflict great pressure on the Chu family.

Zhang Kui was very confident!

After easily entering the Chu family's territory, Zhang Kui strolled about leisurely, not at all looking like he had broken into a dragon's lair or tiger's den at all.

On the other hand, Dong Qian's strength was relatively weak, so his expression was slightly nervous as he looked around vigilantly.

"There's no need to be so nervous. So what if you're discovered?"

Zhang Kui said proudly, "If we come across ordinary elders of the Chu family, we'll kill every single person we see. So what if we directly kill our way into the Chu family's ancestral residence?"

"F*ck!" Dong Qian cursed in his heart. You're f*cking strong, so you're naturally not afraid, but I don't have your ability."

If he were to be surrounded and attacked by several elders at the third level of the void realm or above, he was afraid that he would be beaten to death before he could even use the spatial escape bead!

Even if he successfully activated the spatial escape bead, he would still suffer heavy injuries.

How could he not treat his precious life carefully?


Dong Qian felt slightly uneasy in his heart, as he had a feeling that something would happen on this trip.

When he passed by a courtyard not far away, Zhang Kui suddenly stopped in his tracks.

"Is that where Chu Qiuluo's son lives?"

It was no secret that Chu Qiuluo's son had been expelled from the ancestral residence by Chu Tianming.

Before the spies inside the Chu family had been cleaned up, the cult had already obtained this information.

"It should be."

As the branch leader of the cult in Chu County, Dong Qian naturally possessed information regarding Chu Xuan.

The cult would not pay too much attention to the direct descendants of the Chu family who were below the profound realm.

Unless of course one happened to be Chu Qiuluo's son.

After all, Chu Qiuluo's strength had at one time suppressed the entire Qin Kingdom!

He was the most talented person in the history of the Chu family.lightsnovel

Zhang Kui thought to himself.

"Chu Qiuluo... although his son is a little useless, he is still Chu Qiuluo's son. If we control him, we might be able to gain something."

"Sect leader, you mean to recruit him into our cult?" Dong Qian asked

No one knew if Chu Qiuluo and his wife were dead, since there had been no news about them since they went missing.

Before they went missing, it was rumored that Chu Qiuluo was already at the ninth level of the void realm, and that he was even about to break through to the unity realm.

If he had not gone missing, the Chu family might already have a unity realm expert guarding it now.

The strength of the Chu family might have even surpassed the Qin family.

"There are two options. First, control Chu Qiuluo's son and help him break through to the profound realm. After that, we'll let him return to the Chu family's ancestral residence and become a chess piece for our cult."

"Second, we can recruit him into our cult and teach him the evil techniques. He'll become our cult's murder weapon."

As Zhang Kui spoke, his eyes flashed with wisdom.

"Chu Qiuluo's son cultivating evil techniques and becoming an evil cultivator. If he kills others wantonly, I'd like to see how the Chu family will deal with him."

The more Zhang Kui thought about it, the more tempted he was by the plan. He continued, "If that old ghost Chu Tianming kills Chu Qiuluo's son with his own hands, I want to see how Chu Qiuluo will deal with him if he comes back one day."

"Moreover, if Chu Qiuluo's son is in our cult, when and if Chu Qiuluo comes back one day, I'll let this son of his meet him and see if Chu Qiuluo will kill him or not."

The more he spoke, the more excited Zhang Kui became. He said, "It just so happens that we can apply for an evil heart pill from the evil imperial court and mess up his mind, turning him into a loyal supporter and proponent of our evil techniques."

Dong Qian said worriedly, "Sect leader, what if Chu Qiuluo is not dead and, seeing that his son has been forced into the cult, goes crazy and exterminates our cult?"

"What are you afraid of? At worst, we can just run away!"

Zhang Kui sneered and said, "Can he kill his own son? If he really kills his son, seeing that the one who caused his son to be captured and forced into the cult is none other than the old ghost Chu Tianming, what do you think Chu Qiuluo will do?"

"Heh, were it not for old ghost Chu Tianming expelling Chu Qiuluo's son, how would our cult even have the chance to make a move? I'd like to see how Chu Qiuluo treats the Chu family when he finds out!"

Dong Qian thought about it and agreed. No matter how he looked at it, the cult would not suffer any losses.

"Let's go and capture Chu Qiuluo's son. I want to take Chu Qiuluo's son away in front of the Chu family and anger old ghost Chu Tianming to death!"

Zhang Kui sneered and headed straight for the small courtyard.

Dong Qian followed closely behind.

Chu Xuan sighed.

Is everyone from the heretic cult crazy?

They kept sneaking into the territory, but if they wanted to cause trouble, then they should go cause trouble.

Why did they always have to target him before they went over to cause trouble?

If these two people went to cause trouble, Chu Xuan would still have not left the courtyard, so he naturally would not have been able to make a move to stop them.

However, these two people just had to target him!

They were courting death!

Zhang Kui's strength was at the initial stage of the ninth level of the void realm, which was naturally nothing to the current Chu Xuan.

However, it had only been a short while, and the strength of the invaders had soared once again. Would it be the evil imperial court's unity stage powerhouse that attacked the next time?

Chu Xuan felt pressured.

He had to live in seclusion for at least a year, so he had to try his best not to kill these two people.

The soul seed seal was about to come in handy again.

Zhang Kui and Dong Qian entered the courtyard and saw Chu Xuan. Without saying anything, Zhang Kui directly made a move.

As soon as he made his move, the surrounding environment changed. Flames surged, huge trees towered into the sky, and stone boulders rolled around. Huge waves surged up into the sky, and sharp blades swept across the landscape.

Not good!

Zhang Kui was horrified. Evil energy surged through his body, and he was just about to activate the bead and escape.

However, a huge palm swept over, and illusion and reality fused together with heaven and earth to form a seal!

No matter how hard Zhang Kui struggled, he was still held tightly within the palm. The bones in his body emitted cracking sounds, and a sense of life-and-death crisis filled his heart!

Unity realm!

There was a unity realm expert in the Chu family!

Who was it?

Zhang Kui was overwhelmed with shock. He tried to activate the spatial escape bead in a hurry, but the spiritual energy in his body had been sealed and his spiritual will was suppressed. He did not even have the slightest chance of escaping.

He felt despair!