23 There Has Been Another Mistake

Chu Xuan felt his strength increase, and he now felt even more confident.

"If a few more cult experts come..."

He hurriedly extinguished this inappropriate thought.

He could not be distracted. He had to remain steady. Only by being steadfast could he stay in seclusion for a long time, and only then would he be strong enough to guarantee his own safety.

He could not take risks!

The strength of the attackers in the future would be even stronger, so it would be terrible if he gave up his stable, secluded lifestyle for a moment's glory.

Therefore, he had to remain stable and keep his imagination from running wild.

Chu Xuan also received the Heavenly Golden Divine Eyes. This was a mysterious eye that had the ability to see through illusions and pry into the laws of Heaven and Earth.

Other than that, it also had the ability to attack. It could shoot out two rays of heavenly golden light with astonishing power.

One could really kill people with their eyes!

Chu Xuan lay on the bed, feeling rather good as he quietly cultivated the hundred tempering divine technique.


Chu Tianming carried the treasured artifact and patrolled the ancestral grounds. The other family elders were all alarmed as well.

Zhang Kui was very powerful. If an ordinary family elder encountered him, they would definitely not be his match.

Chu Tianming personally patrolled the area. Once he encountered Zhang Kui, he would immediately try to kill him.

After obtaining the information from Wan Chang, he had immediately rushed over to Zhang Kui's hiding place, but he did not find any traces of the cult.

At that time, he was extremely angry. What was going on with Wan Chang?

Was the information wrong again?

Was this information from Black Moon Tower also not true?

He had to get his crystals back!

He had rushed back to Chu County's capital with a dark look on his face.

"It can't be wrong!"

Wan Chang said calmly, "You have to understand that Zhang Kui is a living, sentient person. Perhaps when you rushed over, he just happened to leave? There is always a certain amount of delay when it comes to transmitting information. I can't provide you with real-time updates."

Chu Tianming sneered, "Did your Black Moon Tower sell the information that I went to kill him to him as well?"

Black Moon Tower was a black-hearted organization. They could and probably would do such a thing.

As long as the price was right, any information could be bought.

"Our Black Moon Tower always acts in a trustworthy manner. You bought intelligence from us, so the intelligence on your actions can only be sold after a day's interval!"

Wan Chang reminded him with a smile, "Brother Chu, Zhang Kui suddenly left, and his hiding place is not far from the Chu family's territory. Aren't you worried about where he will go?"

Chu Tianming's expression changed.

He had been careless!

He was so focused on finding trouble with Wan Chang that he had neglected Zhang Kui's possible actions.

"If the information is wrong again, Brother Wan, you have to give me an explanation!"

Chu Tianming hurriedly rushed back to the Chu family's territory.

Wan Chang smiled with a confident expression, and he muttered to himself, "How could the information be wrong? The information of my Black Moon Tower has always been true and reliable, and it has never been false, and we have never lied."

A strange bird that was the size of a thumb suddenly flew into the room.


It emitted weak spiritual fluctuations.

Wan Chang suddenly laughed. It seems that Zhang Kui was indeed prepared to charge into the Chu family's territory.

The fact that he possessed the spatial escape bead and had broken through to the ninth level of the void realm seemed to have given Zhang Kui a great deal of confidence.

The Chu family's territory was about to descend into chaos and, if they were careless, one or two void realm elders might even die.

Wan Chang calmly waited for Chu Tianming to return and angrily try to purchase information from him while swearing to kill Zhang Kui.

Wan Chang was already prepared to ask for an exorbitant price.

One day later...

As expected, Chu Tianming angrily appeared.

Wan Chang brewed a pot of tea with a smile on his face. He was ready to rip off the Chu family at any moment.

After ripping off the Chu family, his performance would definitely be rewarded by the higher-ups and might even be promoted soon.

"Tower Lord Wan, do you think that I'm easy to bully? Or do you want to throw the reputation of Black Moon Tower into the pits?"

Unexpectedly, Chu Tianming was indeed angry, but it was not because of Zhang Kui's incursion.

Wan Chang was stunned and said with a dark expression, "Patriarch Chu, what do you mean?"

"What do you mean? You took one million crystals from me, and the information you provided was wrong. Not once, but twice!" Chu Tianming said angrily.

He had been patrolling the family's territory last night, guarding against a possible attack by Zhang Kui.lightsnovel

After daybreak, he went over to Zhang Kui's hiding place, but also did not find him there.

Zhang Kui had never appeared.


Wan Chang said in a deep voice, "The information of our Black Moon Tower has always been trustworthy. How could it be wrong again and again?"

"It can't be wrong?"

Chu Tianming sneered, "Where is Zhang Kui? He didn't go to the hiding place you provided, and he didn't break into our Chu family's territory. Where is he then?"

"He didn't break into your Chu family's territory?"

Wan Chang was stunned.

How could it be? Zhang Kui bringing Dong Qian to barge into the Chu clan's territory was true and unmistakable information.

"Are you sure?"

"I personally patrolled the whole territory for an entire night, so what do you think?"

Chu Tian Ming was extremely angry. "Tower Lord Wan, since the information was wrong, shouldn't the spirit crystals be returned?"

"Family leader Chu, please wait a moment!"

Wan Chang felt a headache coming on. What was going on with Zhang Kui? Was he not supposed to barge into the Chu family's territory?

Could it be that he got cold feet at the last minute?

It did not make sense.

He had already broken through to the ninth level of the void realm, and he possessed the spatial escape bead, so even if he encountered Chu Tianming, he would still be able to escape.

Given his arrogant personality, how could he admit to being scared?

Wan Chang immediately contacted the intelligence manager of Black Moon Tower.

"Where is Zhang Kui?"

"I don't know."

"You're telling me you don't know? You'll have to bear the responsibility for making mistakes time and time again."

Wan Chang roared.

"I really don't know."

The person in charge of the intelligence said aggrievedly, "Zhang Kui clearly went to the Chu family's territory last night, but since then, we still haven't discovered his whereabouts until now. It's almost like he disappeared into thin air."

In preparation to rip off Chu Tianming, the person in charge of the intelligence department had paid close attention to Zhang Kui's whereabouts.

Once Chu Tianming came to purchase the intelligence, he would then be able to provide it immediately.

Moreover, Zhang Kui should have intruded into the Chu family's territory and killed the elders of the Chu family. He would have definitely run away immediately and would not remain in one place.

The information about his whereabouts could then be divided into several parts and sold accordingly.

The service of providing real-time information was expensive. This would be explained to the head of the Chu family.

Then, in his rage, and for the sake of avenging the Chu family, he definitely would not be stingy with the price of the information.

However, in the end, traces of Zhang Kui's whereabouts had completely disappeared.

Even if he used the Black Moon Tower's precious artifact to search for traces, he had still been unable to detect anything.

Zhang Kui's was strong and, given that he was at the ninth level of the void realm, it was understandable if he somehow had a way to avoid detection. However, why was even Dong Qian able to avoid detection?

The two of them seemed to have vanished into thin air.

"Use manpower and investigate them for me. Find his whereabouts as soon as possible!"

Wan Chang ordered.

He rubbed his forehead. What exactly was going on?

Why did that b*stard Zhang Kui not break into the Chu family's territory?

His performance had been excellent so far, and he even had a chance of being promoted. However, how could he be promoted if the news of this misinformation got out?

He had to appease Chu Tianming and keep him from making a fuss.

Returning to the VIP room, he said with a smile, "Brother Chu, don't be so angry? How about this? I have already given the order to investigate Zhang Kui's whereabouts."

"Tower Lord Wan, Zhang Kui is cunning. Black Moon Tower has already repeatedly made mistakes in providing intelligence, causing the Chu family to be unable to eliminate him in time. What do you think should be done about this?"

Chu Tianming narrowed his eyes and said.

Wan Chang cursed in his heart. However, for the sake of his future and the reputation of Black Moon Tower, he had to pay a price.

This kind of thing had happened before.

The reason why the reputation of Black Moon Tower had always been trustworthy was because, after making mistakes, they would make up for it in due time, and their customers were always very satisfied in the end.

As for the customers who wanted to ask for too much in return, they had all turned into ashes in the end.

Since the customers had turned into ashes, who would be aware that the reputation of the Black Moon Tower had problems?