29 Counterattack From Ten Thousand Miles Away

Chu Xuan looked down at Lou Yuan and asked, "Who are you? Are you from the cult? I'm curious, is the identity of Chu Qiuluo's son such a popular one?"

Lou Yuan calmed down slightly at this moment. There were no other experts of the Chu family in the courtyard, just Chu Qiuluo's son and the demonic python that was wrapped around his body.

Therefore, it was not bait laid out by the Chu family, but rather that Chu Qiuluo's son was protected by a void realm demonic beast.

Had the beast been left behind by Chu Qiuluo for his son?

Could it be that Chu Qiuluo had long broken through to the unity realm and had tamed a void realm demonic beast?

Lou Yuan did not answer. Since he was not being ambushed, he felt that he still had a chance to escape.

Secretly circulating his spiritual power, he looked for the weaknesses of the python, preparing to free himself from the python's entanglement and capture Chu Xuan in an instant. In that way, his mission would also be completed.

"You don't want to talk, right? It doesn't matter."

Chu Xuan smiled indifferently.

The python suddenly opened its huge mouth and swallowed him whole as Lou Yuan stared transfixed.

After swallowing Lou Yuan, the python gradually melted away and Lou Yuan's body slowly reappeared. The python had already merged itself into his body.

The python had been formed from Chu Xuan's spiritual power.

At this moment, this spiritual power was hidden in Lou Yuan's body, providing him with an endless stream of spiritual power and increasing his strength.

Lou Yuan was shocked. Why did the Python suddenly disappear?

He did not have time to think about the reason, so he immediately raised his hand and tried to grab Chu Xuan.

However, something that terrified him happened.

A huge turtle suddenly appeared in front of Chu Xuan, using its shell to block his attack.

Similarly, he did not see how this huge turtle appeared.

Lou Yuan had a shocking revelation in his heart.

Materializing power into reality!

The sign of a truth realm expert!

The huge turtle in front of him and the huge python from before were both real demonic beasts no matter how he looked at them. Whether it was through his eyes, or through his spiritual will, they were both flesh and blood demonic beasts.

However, their appearance had been too sudden.

Even if they were taken out of a beast sack, they would not have appeared so suddenly. There would have been traces that he could detect.

Lou Yuan's scalp went numb and his face turned pale!

A truth realm expert!

The Chu family actually had a truth realm expert, and he was even this young?

He looked at Chu Xuan's handsome appearance and vaguely saw Chu Qiuluo's shadow in it.

"You, are you Chu Qiuluo?"

His heart was in turmoil. The news of Chu Qiuluo and his wife going missing while exploring the mystic realm must have been fake!

Chu Qiuluo had broken through to the truth realm, and the Chu family had created this elaborate lie in order to hide it.

If Chu Qiuluo had broken through to the truth realm in such a short period of time, could he possibly break through to the emperor realm in the future?

Perhaps Chu Qiuluo had obtained a great opportunity and, to avoid being targeted by the major forces of the Southern Region, he had devised this plan. He lied about going missing, but had in fact been hiding within the Chu family.

He had even changed his appearance!

The more he thought about it, the more Lou Yuan felt that such a scenario was possible. Cold sweat unconsciously broke out over his forehead.


He had discovered such a big secret and was going to be killed and silenced!

"My name is Chu Xuan, the son of Chu Qiuluo. Don't be afraid, I won't kill you."

Chu Xuan said with a smile.

"Come on, tell me which branch of the cult you are from."

Lou Yuan was covered in cold sweat and did not dare to disobey. He said with a trembling voice, "I... I am not from the cult in the Qin Kingdom. I am Lou Yuan, an elder of the cult from the Purple Moon Kingdom."

Chu Xuan was stunned. Did he just say the Purple Moon Kingdom?

The Purple Moon Kingdom was adjacent to the Qin Kingdom. The Chu County of the Chu family was adjacent to one of the Purple Moon Kingdom's counties.

In terms of strength, the Purple Moon Kingdom was stronger than any of the four families in the Qin Kingdom. However, the four families were united. Therefore, the overall strength of the Qin Kingdom country was no weaker than that of the Purple Moon Kingdom.

"You came from the Purple Moon Kingdom... Why did you come all the way to the territory of the Qin Kingdom to capture me?"

Chu Xuan cursed in his heart. These guys from the heretic cult... did they train in evil techniques so much that they damaged their brains?

The heretic cult of the Purple Moon Kingdom had always been active in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

After all, although the heretic cult of each country belonged to the evil imperial court, they also had their own factions and territories.lightsnovel

The heretic cult of the Purple Moon Kingdom coming to the Qin Kingdom would have been equivalent to crossing the line, unless the two branches of the heretic cult had already discussed and agreed upon a joint action.

Lou Yuan did not dare to hide anything and directly sold out Yuan Chong.

Chu Xuan was speechless. So that was the reason. Apparently Zhu Qiang's counterattack last time was exceptionally successful, to the point where even one of the cult's protectors from the Purple Moon Kingdom had been slain.

Looking at Lou Yuan, Chu Xuan's heart was moved.

The Purple Moon Kingdom's cult actually targeted him. If that was the case, then they could only blame themselves.

Although I will not leave the house, I can still manage a counterattack.

Moreover, Lou Yuan was already here to give his head away, traveling from a thousand miles just to do so. Would it not be a waste if I did not make use of his sacrifice?

Instantly, Chu Xuan planted a soul seed seal on Lou Yuan.

At the same time, he sent a strand of spiritual power into his body.

This would guarantee that Lou Yuan would be able to continuously use his ultimate moves and remain in his peak combat state. The spiritual power he poured in would not be easily exhausted, and even a ninth level void realm martial artist would not be able to easily kill him.

Moreover, once he approached a ninth-level void realm martial artist and self-destructed, he would absolutely be able to blow up that ninth-level void realm martial artist to death.

This counterattack would surely create more results and prove to be more deadly than Zhu Qiang's.

The strength of the heretic cult in the Purple Moon Kingdom might even suffer heavy losses because of this.

As long as the Purple Moon Kingdom was slightly stronger, while they might not be able to completely annihilate the heretic cult within their territory, it would still be possible to deliver the cult a crippling blow.

As a result, the evil imperial court would pay more attention to the Purple Moon Kingdom, and the pressure the Chu family would face would decrease.

This would allow the situation around him to remain peaceful for a period of time. As long as he broke through to the emperor realm during that period, then he would not have to fear the evil imperial court.

He would kill anyone who came, and he would not fear any reprisals!

Lou Yuan received Chu Xuan's spiritual will and order to kill the others back in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

His thoughts and mind remained clear. However, he could not resist the will that was hidden in his mind. Other than the inner turmoil that was wracking his mind, there was nothing abnormal on his face or in his behavior.

It was precisely because of this that Lou Yuan was feeling even more desperate.

He was even more terrified.

He would rather be completely controlled, turning into a mindless puppet, than suffer such torture.

Chu Xuan would patiently await the results of Lou Yuan's counterattack. After he completed the counterattack, he would naturally be notified by the system's reward.

He hoped that the reward would be an increase in his cultivation level, which would allow him to increase his strength even faster.

Although the Purple Moon Kingdom was adjacent to Chu County, the distance from the Chu family's territory to the Purple Moon Kingdom was not that close.

This time, it could be said to be a counterattack from ten thousand miles away.

In the underground palace, a group of elders from the Purple Moon Kingdom's cult were gathered.

Other than vice sect leader Yuan Chong, most of the elders were all present.

Lou Yuan observed silently. This time, almost all the elders from the Purple Moon Kingdom, except for a few, were present.

After killing everyone present, the Purple Moon Kingdom's heretic cult would definitely suffer a great loss.

This would complete the counterattack request of the will in his unseen mind.

There had been no request to kill Yuan Chong.

Therefore, Yuan Chong's absence did not matter.

He could freely make his move.

"Where is he? Did you not capture him?"

An elder looked at Lou Yuan and frowned.

Could it be that he had failed?

"Hmph, you have no right to order me around. Who Does Yuan Chong think he is? From today onward, I will take the position of sect leader!"

Lou Yuan snorted coldly.

All the elders were stunned.

Was Lou Yuan's brain damaged?

His strength, among all the elders, was only middling, if not lower. He was far inferior to Yuan Chong.

He actually dared to covet the position of sect leader. Who gave him the courage to say such a thing?

"I, Lou Yuan, have encountered a great opportunity. My breakthrough to the unity realm is just around the corner. The position of sect leader shall belong to me. Who will support me and who will oppose me?"

Lou Yuan was acting very arrogantly and looked down on everyone present.