30 Those Who Follow Me Will Live, While Those Who Defy Me Will Die

Lou Yuan followed the instructions of Chu Xuan's will and kept everyone from suspecting the Chu family.

Therefore, he stated that he had obtained an opportunity and now wanted to become the sect leader. This was a very legitimate reason.

When the battle started later, the other elders of the cult would not doubt Lou Yuan's strength when they found out that his strength had skyrocketed.

They would only feel that Lou Yuan had gotten lucky and that his strength had increased greatly by chance, inflating his ego to the point where he actually coveted the position of sect leader.

The faces of the elders all darkened.

Especially the elders who were stronger. Lou Yuan actually dared to be presumptuous. He was simply courting death.

The cultists were not good people.

"Lou Yuan, what are you talking about? We are all brothers, but some jokes just shouldn't be made!"

Zheng Tu hurriedly said.

He had a good relationship with Lou Yuan and belonged to the same faction. It could also be said that they were on the same side, which strengthened their right to speak in the cult.

Who knew that Lou Yuan would directly glare back at him.

"Zheng Tu, you are trash. It's insulting that I even worked together with you back then!"

What the f*ck?

Zheng Tu was so angry that his face turned green.

Lou Yuan, this son of a b*tch, had really gone overboard!

"Speak up now. Who opposes it and who supports it?"

Lou Yuan looked down on everyone present.

"Those who support me will live, while those who oppose me will die!"


The cult elders were furious.

Even the sect leader did not dare to say such arrogant words.

What right did Lou Yuan have to do so?

Do you think you are a big shot of the evil imperial court?

"I object! What are you going to do about that?"

Zheng Tu was the first to stand up and speak angrily.

He decided that, after today, he would no longer work together with Lou Yuan. This was a guy that clearly suffered from a mental illness. If he stayed close to Lou Yuan, he might one day be tricked to death by him.

"Very well, then you can go to hell!"

Lou Yuan directly made his move.


A blade slashed out.

He used a powerful attack the moment he made his move.

Zheng Tu never thought that Lou Yuan would actually make a move.

Caught off guard, he only had time to hurriedly block the attack.


An arm left his body, and flesh and blood scattered on the ground where the light of the blade had passed through!

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm


Zheng Tu and Lou Yuan had been equal in strength, so there was no way a haphazard block would have been sufficient to defend against his attack.

Zheng Tu suffered a heavy injury in an instant!

"Lou Yuan, are you crazy?"

Fortunately, an elder beside him had made a move, so Zheng Tu was not killed off directly.

"Good, you dare to go against me and stop me from killing him? Then die!"

Lou Yuan was furious and initiated another powerful attack.


That Elder was furious and hurriedly blocked.

Lou Yuan had really gone mad.

"Lou Yuan, stop now, or don't blame us for not being polite!"

The other elders were all shocked and furious.

"How dare you!"

Lou Yuan was furious.

"Those who obey me will live, while those who defy me will die. Since you all dare to defy me, you should all die!"

He kept using powerful attacks one and the other and fought the elders single-handedly.

The elders of the cult were about to vomit blood. Lou Yuan had really gone mad. His speech and mannerisms were so crazy. Did he think that he was the evil king?

"Kill! He has gone mad. Kill him!"

Zheng Tu said in exasperation.

"I'll kill you first!"

Lou Yuan roared, and a powerful force emerged from his body.

His attack swept out instantly. Even though someone tried to help him block it, Zheng Tu still died!

The first kill was completed!

The other elders were shocked.

The force emanating from Lou Yuan's body was extremely powerful, and it gave them a very dangerous feeling.

He really did have a fortuitous encounter!

No wonder he was acting so crazy!

No, it was very likely that Lou Yuan was affected by this power and had lost his mind.

A big battle broke out.

Lou Yuan fought against many heretic cult elders alone.lightsnovel

Among the elders, his strength was not considered too strong.

However, relying on the spiritual power that Chu Xuan had instilled in his body, he was very fierce.

Within a short period of time, he had already killed two elders.

The other elders were all mad. Even if they joined hands to deal with him, they still felt immense pressure and were at danger of dying at any time.

The mysterious power inside Lou Yuan's body gave them the feeling of fear and trepidation.

They wanted to escape, but Lou Yuan was blocking the entrance and refused to let them leave.

The battle became more and more intense.

After all, Chu Xuan had imbued him with truth realm spiritual power. Even a wisp of that power was enough to kill a void realm expert.

One elder after another fell under Lou Yuan's ferocious attacks.

Cracks gradually appeared on Lou Yuan's body.

His body could not withstand the continuous use of truth realm spiritual power.

As the end of the battle neared, only four of the strongest elders were left.

Lou Yuan was also at the end of his rope.

The four elders heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts, but when they thought about how many elders had fallen, and how the cult would have suffered a great loss after this battle, they could not help but feel distressed in their hearts.

D*mn Lou Yuan! Why did he not self-destruct and die?

Why did he have to return and harm others!

"Die! Let's die together!"

Unexpectedly, Lou Yuan actually pounced on them directly, his body expanding. He was actually going to self-destruct!

Not good!

The four cult elders were terrified in their hearts. Lou Yuan, that b*stard, was actually going to self-destruct and take them with him!


Spiritual power raged, the underground palace collapsed, and smoke and dust billowed in the air.

After an unknown amount of time, a bloody hand reached out from beneath the smoke and dust. A person covered in blood and wounds crawled out. He had lost an arm and a leg.

Among all the elders, he was the only one alive.

Moreover, he had suffered heavy injuries. It could even be said that he was crippled!

Yuan Chong rushed inside with a frantic expression on his face. He had just arrived when the underground palace exploded. He thought that the Purple Moon Kingdom's experts were attacking, so he had hurried over to try and rescue the cult elders.

In the end, he saw the great elder lying half-dead on the ground.

"Who did it? Where are the others?"

Yuan Chong asked angrily when he did not manage to find the enemy.

"That son of a b*tch Lou Yuan did it!"

The great elder spat out blood. He was really about to explode in anger.

The gaze he gave Yuan Chong was not a very friendly one either.

Had it not been for Yuan Chong's suggestion to capture Chu Qiuluo's son, Lou Yuan would not have volunteered, and this kind of thing would never have happened in the first place.

"Lou Yuan?"

Yuan Chong was stunned.

Lou Yuan had the ability to do this?

"Where are the others?"

"They're all dead. I'm the only one left."

The great elder spat out blood as he spoke those words.

Yuan Chong's brain immediately froze. They are all dead?

At least 70% of the elders had been wiped out?

This was a great loss to the Purple Moon Kingdom's cult!

After suffering such a heavy loss, how could he compete with his fellow sect leaders?

The imperial court would also be dissatisfied with him and feel that he was incompetent!

The great elder continued to vomit blood. Looking at the dazed Yuan Chong, he gnashed his teeth in anger.

D*mn it, hurry up and save me! Why are you still in a daze?

After a long while, Yuan Chong finally came back to his senses. He took out a pill to save the great elder and asked him for the reason behind Lou Yuan's actions.


"You did not leave the house, but killed your enemies from thousands of miles away. You have been rewarded with ten years worth' of cultivation plus one box of lightning bombs."

The system's voice sounded, and Chu Xuan instantly felt energized.

The rewards for the counterattack this time were quite good.

After receiving ten years' worth of cultivation, a wave of power and comprehension filled his mind and body.

His strength gradually increased from the first level of the truth realm to the third level of the truth realm.

As expected, the higher the realm, the slower the increase in strength.

Ten years' worth of cultivation only increased his strength by two small realms.

Chu Xuan looked at the lightning bombs.

They were single-use spiritual artifacts that contained a trace of the power of lightning. They were very effective against evil cultivators.

Once a lightning bomb was detonated, the power of the resulting explosion would be sufficient to severely injure a first-level truth realm expert.

Below the truth realm, unless one had a powerful defensive artifact, one would almost certainly die.

When used against evil cultivators, its power was even greater. It could severely injure a second-level truth realm evil cultivator.

Chu Xuan understood. This was the fantasy world's version of a grenade.

He decided that if any more evil cultists came to disturb him, he would send a few lightning bombs their way to deal with them.

Perhaps he could even go to the evil imperial court and detonate a few of them!