2628 A Weapon Against Hyperversal Extremities!

2628 A Weapon Against Hyperversal Extremities!

[The First Havenly Boundary Layer of Dissolution]:: While moving under any Vitalis Havens of Extremity, all of your statistical values are increased by 25%. When moving outside the scope of all Vitalis Havens of Extremity, all of your statistical values are increased by 50%.

The Boundary Layers of Dissolution were unique ones as they reveal some truly critical information on these types of Boundaries.

Noah received its information and continued forward as he put his standing as an Absolute Hyperversal Inscrutable Existence to use and reduced any ridiculous flashiness around him- with him steadily controlling the waves of Dissolution coming inside his existence as all it was spread out across his soul, all the way back to his Main Body!

His Main Body.

It remained in the constantly changing and expanding Infinite Hyperversal Haven that had just swallowed up the Noblesse Planes of Existence that were brought to heel under Henry, Aurelia, Orion, and his other Vassals.

While his Reified Wealdian Source of Indefatigable had entered the Supernal Haven of Dissolution, his Main Body was moving in the Infinite Hyperversal Haven to do something just as critical!

Pulses of Dissolution went on on the fair hands of his Main Body in the Infinite Hyperversal Haven, his body being warped across great distances to arrive in the ever-expanding Prana Aletheian Haven at this moment.

Many changes were being quantified in regards to him, as well as all the wonders that the 15th and 16th Boundary Layers of his most important Boundaries brought forth.

Manadynamics was particularly domineering as its 16th Boundary Layer caused his resource regeneration rate to become utterly obscene!

[The Sixteenth Boundary Layer of Manadynamics]:: As you approach Extremity, understanding the workings of Mana becomes utterly crucial as your Reality Passages, Quintessential Breath of Extremity, Heart, Foundation, and All Aspects of Your Existence now flow in harmony to grant you the most pristine flow of energy. You can now regenerate 100% of all Quintessential Hyperversal Values in 60 Seconds, with any abilities requiring the usage of Quintessential Hyperversal Soul Values having 98% of their cost initially paid for by your Quintessential Hyperversal Mana Values. Be prepared, for you know what the endgame is…

A glorious description that quantified part of his wonders.

And the last sentence of this description was addressed to Noah by the very concept of Manadynamics itself!

For him to be prepared as he knew what the endgame was.

'The endgame…' Noah smiled as he felt his endless reserves of Mana and what this description would be alluding to.

He then gazed around as he arrived at his target location, his eyes feasting at the sight of Seven Quintessential Undead Thanatos Vassals who seemed to have at their base- the Seven Chthonian Sinners of Thanatos!

Currently, two existences were bickering while floating on a verdant crystalline landmass full of life- so absorbed that they barely noticed Noah approaching with his closed off aura.

One had golden hair flowing freely, his fair face showing annoyance at this time as his lab coat fluttered in the wind.

"The balance towards death has already been tilted too much by you. I say the next phase is to fuse parts of or all of an Ender of Extremity into these 7 Champions of Thanatos. That may complete them to an even greater state…"

Dr. Hall spoke fearlessly as the one standing beside him was a dazzling Haven Lich Ra'Zan who currently adorned an obsidian black lab coat, his skull radiating deadly green flames as he also spoke with annoyance!

[I've kept a delicate balance of life and death so far with the inclusion of a Prana Aletheian Vessel in their Souls, completing them would require a deathly counterpart…maybe the corpse of a Hyperversal Extremity, or-]

In the midst of his words, the Haven Lich stopped and turned around as his flaming sockets came to land on Noah.

[Ah…Master. I apologize for not noticing your arrival sooner. How may this humble skeleton be of assistance?]

The Haven Lich Ra'Zan bowed down as beside him, Dr. Hall did the same while calling out towards Noah!lightsnovel

"At ease," Noah held a smile as he appreciated the massive Champions of Thanatos these two beings before him had been working on, having the Quintessential Absolute Thanatos Dynamis of Extremity at their core as with his rising strength, they had evolved to become even grander as well.

"I'm here for another project today. You'll be working with the Wealdian Council of Extremity to come up with…a virus, a plaque, a disease…any form of something that will be capable of infecting a Hyperversal Extremity along with their Recorded Histories in the Aeonic Annals of Extremity that will ultimately lead to their demise."


Shocking words emanated from him from behind, the Wealdian Sources of Vitalistic, Thanatos, Aletheian, and Lotra appeared grandly- the only ones not joining being Indefatigable and Oraculum as they went about their own business!

Four of the 6 Council Members of the Wealdian Council of Extremity.

They arrived here as Noah was looking for a way to combat Hyperversal Extremities that were hunting him down!

The barrier between those who had attained Extremity and those who hadn't was absolute.

Billions of Apex Aeonic Lifeforms could group up against a single Tier 1 Hyperversal Extremity, and they still wouldn't be able to kill such a being!

The line of demarcation between Extremity was just that vast.

Noah would also not be able to threaten an Extremity for the next few days or even possibly weeks as when he gazed at the possible Unrecorded Histories to come through Oraculum, he saw no signs of Extremity in the short term!

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Yet he was being chased now.

But even if he could not fight against Extremities in a straightforward manner, he saw a possibility of fighting them in an underhanded manner!

At the core of this possible plan was something he couldn't readily manipulate yet.

Yet a change that had occurred in the last few minutes had triggered the opportunities for Noah as he gathered the different parts of his Soul as well as entities like Dr. Hall and the Haven Lich to design a virus!

He would bring any other worthy Vassals into this project if need be, but he already gave this project of enacting a virus capable of infecting Hyperversal Extremities a time limit of a day!

The key to this 'virus' he was imagining lay in Vitalis Hyperversal Authority.

Something Hyperversal Authorities desperately sought for. Something utilized in the formation of Units of Havenly Aurora!

He already theorized that due to its abundance and more open entry in the Supernal Havens of Extremity, there were likely Hyperversal Extremities that had undergone the First Vitalis Awakening if not even grander opportunities within the Supernal Havens of Extremity.

But among the Underdwellers, this number should be extremely few in ratio to the vast numbers of Hyperversal Extremities out there.

His enemies- beings like Extremity Blue, had not yet undergone any sort of Awakening.

Such a being would be extremely perceptive to a virus or poison carried by Vitalis Hyperversal Authority as their very souls sought for this authority.

And when using the Golden Aurora Accumulation Modus Operandi…this authority would be attracted into one's soul along with the authority of the Supernal Haven they were in!

Herein lay Noah's access.

Herein lay the possibilities!