26 Chapter 26 – Contained

"Wait here," Wyntor ordered with a curt and annoyed voice as he and Nick entered their warehouse.

The two guards waited in front of the building like two children who had just been yelled at, which wasn't inaccurate.

Naturally, after they had realized that they had just shoved one of the heirs of the Melfion family to the ground, they had immediately apologized profusely.

Wyntor had just acted very calmly but coldly and told them that they were going to be following them for a bit.

The two guards didn't protest.

As the door of the warehouse closed in front of them, the anxiety of the two guards exploded.

If Wyntor decided to get his family's lawyers involved, they could very well lose their jobs, if not worse!

Meanwhile, Nick and Wyntor walked over to the only Containment Unit they owned.

Nick waited in front of the entrance while Wyntor operated a console with many buttons to the side of the Containment Unit.

A moment later, a loud alarm came from the Containment Unit as red lights lit up everywhere.

The two of them weren't surprised.

This was the alarm of a Containment Unit being fully opened.

The cheapest Containment Units only had three ways to open them.

First, opening a tiny door to put handheld objects into it.

Second, opening a door for a human to get through.

Third, opening the big gate to put a Specter in.

But wait, the Dreamer was quite small.

Why couldn't Nick just carry it through the normal door?

Well, a Containment Unit was more than just a big cube of steel.

There were also several sensors, alarms, barriers, and defenses on it.

When a human passed through the door, the Containment Unit wouldn't care, but if a Specter tried to pass through it, all the defenses would activate.

Otherwise, small and sneaky Specters would be able to sneak out of the Containment Unit when people walked in and out of it.

So, when a Specter was put into a Containment Unit, one had to open the main gate, which also deactivated all of the defenses.

Naturally, more expensive Containment Units had more ways to open them, but this was just the cheapest variant.

After the big gate fully opened, Nick walked into the Containment Unit.

The gate slowly closed behind him again.

When it was fully closed, the artificial light appeared in the Containment Unit.

Normal artificial light didn't help against the Nightmare's influence, but Containment Units could use Zephyx to illuminate the inside.

More expensive Containment Units had special tunnels made of reflective glass, which would safely deliver sunlight into the Containment Unit, cutting down on the cost of lighting.

Sadly, their shitty Containment Unit didn't have such luxury.

They had to make do with using Zephyx to light the inside.

Luckily, they only needed to light the inside when a human was in there since Specters didn't need light.

When the light turned on, Nick dumped the Dreamer into the middle of the Containment Unit.

Due to the Zephyx Blocker, the Dreamer didn't move.

Nick looked at the motionless Dreamer for a couple of seconds until the normal door of the Containment Unit opened behind him.

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Nick bent forward and grabbed the Zephyx Blocker.

After untangling it, Nick ran out of the Containment Unit, and Wyntor immediately closed the door.


They had done it.

The Dreamer was inside of the Containment Unit!

Wyntor looked at the console beside the Containment Unit and checked its operating status.

A couple of minutes later, Wyntor nodded with a sigh of relief.

"Everything is operating normally."

"The Dreamer has been detected, and the defenses are ready to engage if it tries anything," Wyntor said. "We don't have to worry about it escaping."

Nick nodded while releasing a sigh of relief.

Finally, they had the Dreamer securely contained.

"Now," Wyntor said as his voice turned darker while turning to the exit of the warehouse. "Let's deal with those two."

"What do you have in mind?" Nick asked.

"An exchange," Wyntor said. "The guards are afraid of my background, and they are going to do anything to get my lawyers off their backs."

"Come," Wyntor said as he walked to the exit.lightsnovel

Nick just followed him.

The two of them found the two guards quickly, and Wyntor told them to follow him.

The guards just followed Wyntor while trying to apologize some more.

Eventually, the four of them reached a tall building with the symbol of a green carriage on it.

This was one of the biggest hospital chains in the world, and they operated in many cities.

The company owning these hospitals was a Zephyx Manufacturer primarily, but they had one of the few contained level six Specters.

The Contained Specter was a carriage that was called the Merchant.

When one threw corpses into the carriage, healing potions came out of the carriage, and a bit of Zephyx would be given off by the carriage.

Naturally, the company made use of the healing medicine and created hospitals everywhere.

For profit, of course.

"One recovery bath and I will forget what happened. After all, I need one," Wyntor said as he shook his dislocated wrist a bit.

The two guards took deep breaths and looked at each other in horror.

"Sir Melfion, I'm not sure-"

"It's either you or your district that will pay for my treatment," Wyntor said, interrupting the guard. "Which one is it?"

The two guards retreated a bit and talked with each other in whispers.

They seemed to argue intensely.

It took nearly three minutes for them to return.

"We'll pay," one of them said with a sigh.

Wyntor nodded, and the four of them walked into the hospital.

When they walked to the receptionist, the receptionist tried her best to remain somewhat professional under the immense stench that assaulted her.

If she hadn't seen the two guards behind the two dirty visitors, she would have already called security to throw them out.

"Yes, how can I help you?" she asked with a forced smile.

"One full-body recovery bath and one cleansing bath. The two baths are paid separately," Wyntor said.

"Of course," the receptionist said, her professionalism now genuine.

After all, these were actual customers, apparently.

"That is 150 credits for the cleansing bath," she said.

The next moment, Wyntor took out a couple of notes and put them on the table.

The receptionist collected them with a polite smile and gave Wyntor a small orange token.

"And that will be 4,800 credits for the full-body recovery bath," she said.

Wyntor gestured to the guards.

One of the guards walked over and handed the receptionist a card.

The receptionist thanked him and put the card onto a plate of steel.

Then, she grabbed a small piece of something that looked like clay and wrote the number 4,800 on it.

The next moment, she put a small signature below the number, and she handed the piece of clay to the guard.

The guard released a shaky breath and signed it.

"Thank you," the receptionist said as she put the card on top of the piece of clay and put everything into a metal box.

A green light came out of the box.

A moment later, the receptionist took the card out and handed it to the guard.

At the same time, she took out the piece of clay, which had now been hardened, and put it under her table.

Sadly, there was no easy way to communicate with the bank directly.

Every week, the business would deliver the small pieces of clay to the banks and get the money.

The receptionist handed Wyntor a green ticket with several complicated black lines.

Wyntor looked at the two guards.

"We're done. You can leave."

"Thank you, sir," one of the guards said.

Then, the two guards left the hospital.

The next moment, Wyntor held out his ticket for the full-body recovery path to Nick.

"Have fun."