3 Nobody and a Protagonist maybe??

After eating my breakfast I headed for the nearest metro station while smoking. It would take 45 minutes to reach there by train so I put my earphones on and started playing the latest music on M-chart. They update the top 50 songs worldwide on a daily basis.

After waiting for some time my train came and I got in. The seats are always full in morning rush hours so I didn't bother looking and just stood near a pole and closed my eyes.

No I wasn't trying to sleep while standing, I was just trying to clear my head before reaching my office as there lies another headache for me.

[Current station colt garden ]

[Door closes in 15 seconds, please stand behind the line]

While I was lost in my thoughts someone pushed me aside and went for the gate. But just as he was about to go out the doors closed on his face. "Aahhh not again" - said the middle aged man who missed his stop.

I looked at his face and saw drool marks near his chin and groggy eyes.

(He was probably sleeping)

I thought and then shaking my head I turned around and stopped looking. My station was still 30 minutes away so I sat on a now empty seat near me and closed my eyes.

Just a few seconds passed and someone pulled the earphones out of my phone.

Finding that the music abruptly stopped I opened my eyes and looked at the same middle aged man standing in front of me.

(This is why everyone buys those new bluetooth earphones now so nobody can snatch it)

I thought while looking at the man with eyes which were clearly asking for an explanation. "That's my seat " - the middle aged man said.

I looked at him for a couple of seconds , and stood up. He looked to be in his 50's, he had a face clean shaved recently and his chest was dragging down due to his fat stomach. He was in a uniform for security for a shopping mall.

How did I know about the mall, well apparently the same company also opened their new branch "The Golden Pearl" near my workplace so I identified the dress code and logo. I saw his name plate on his chest -Daniel.

Seeing me standing face to face, Daniel looked bewildered at first , but then a smirk appeared on his face as I stepped aside and closed my eyes again.

As he sat back there again and he started saying "You should say sorry at least just cause of you I missed my stop. Had you not stood in front of the gate like a statue I wouldn't have to travel back and forth for almost 40 minutes more. Now I'll be late for work. Do you know how that makes me look. I even have my assessment coming up for my promotion to team captain and it's because of you I'm late."

Hearing his non-stop rant apparently everyone was staring at me to see my reaction and wishing to enjoy a drama.

I looked at everyone and took a long breath to calm down, I looked at Daniel and said something no one expected. "Sorry".

- Yes I apologized. Not because I was afraid of him or anything. I just wanted quiet.

After that I turned around and closed my eyes again.

People seeing my lazy reaction shook their head and started to busy themselves in their own business.

Daniel had an expression of someone who had just won a battle and his previous annoyed look was nowhere to be found.

But that was short lived as a sharp voice made his way in front of his seat.

"Don't you see it was your own fault and now you're blaming it on others. " - someone said in the crowd while making his way towards Daniel.

He looked to be in his 20's and had an average look. He was wearing normal old clothes which you buy or snatch at any roadside stall for some change. But there was something different about him. He had that aura of confidence in him like everyone else was inferior in his eyes.

Daniel while feeling annoyed again at the entry of someone uninvited "And who are you. What does it matter what I do. If it wasn't for him, I'd be at my work by now. " Daniel said while pointing at me.

"Hmmm one look at you and I can tell you were sleeping. It was your fault for not noticing your station and then you even want the general public to apologize and give you their seat." The young man said while looking around the coach. His eyes stayed still for a second when he glanced behind me.

Feeling curious I turned around to see what he was looking at and I instantly understood what was happening here.

I saw a girl next to me looking at everything with cold eyes. She was in her 20's.she had long black hair with dark brown eyes which were looking coldly at the scene that was unfolding. She was wearing a suit and pants which fitted perfectly at her slender body. I looked at her face once more and realised the aura she was giving off.

Feeling someone looking at her, the girl turned towards me and glared. Our eyes met and instantly I turned around.

I wasn't blushing or feeling shy like some inexperienced college kids - I was just suddenly reminded of someone from my past.

Looking around I saw that people around Daniel were now pointing their fingers at him and calling him out.

"People these days, he was sleeping I saw him"lightsnovel

"If it weren't for that kid. He might get stuck inside the doors when he ran"


"What security company he probably sleeps on his job too"

The people who were silent all this time started insulting Daniel and that made him all the more angry.

"You should mind your own business kid. See that he didn't have a problem with me. Don't butt in others'problems. " Daniel said while pointing his finger at me.

The young man turned towards me and started laughing - " Hmm it's because of people like this who can't stand up against other's wrong doings that crime's increasing in our city. And you who is just like those gangsters who'll bully the weak while fearing the strong."

I was looking weirdly at the young man, thinking how not looking for a fight is increasing crime in the city .

But then I heard Daniel shouting. "Listen idiot. People like you who don't have jobs to do and are living on their parents'money don't know the stress we have to go through. So just shut up and stand there. Before I take my anger out on you. " Hearing him the young man was silent.

It looked like he didn't have any reply to being called a jobless.

"Who said he doesn't have a job. It's you who's jobless." Came a cold voice which somehow sounded pleasant to ears. I saw the same girl from before now standing in front and glaring daggers at Daniel.

The young man looked stupidly at the girl with question marks on his head , while also feeling happy that she was taking his side.

Opposite to him , Daniel was feeling annoyed at the increasing drama "And who the fuck are you" He turned to say this but instantly shut his mouth seeing the girl. "Ohh hello boss, sorry I was just _" Daniel suddenly started stuttering and apologizing to her as he saw the cold look she was giving him.

The young man looked curiously at the girl wondering why this fatty suddenly started sweating buckets.

Ignoring both the girl pulled her phone and called someone - "Matthew. " She said.

[ yes mam. ] the voice came from the other side.

"There's a man named Daniel in our company's security team. Settle his account and fire him. " The girl said with no emotion in her voice. Hearing this Daniel couldn't believe his ears.

[Ok mam. And about the team captain position. The shortlisted applicants are already here and waiting for you to start the interview] Matthew said on the phone totally ignoring the fact that his boss just fired someone who's been working in the company for the past 7 years and was one of the shortlisted employees for the new position.

"No need, I already hired someone. He'll report to work tomorrow. Send the others away. " The girl said and cut the call.

"I'm sorry, were you talking about me" The young man asked the girl while pointing at himself.

She nodded her head and gave him a card with the address of the mall. "You can report there tomorrow morning with your documents. Matthew will handle the rest. "

After saying this she turned around and went back to her seat.

Daniel still couldn't believe everything that happened in front of his eyes.

He couldn't believe why his boss who has her own car , would travel on the train today? Or why would she fire him without any notice? Or how could she give that new position to someone she just met without even asking for his name? Apparently all these questions wouldn't be answered as he just got a text from someone saying he's fired and his salary would be transferred in his account. No need to come to work today. Daniel went on his knees and started crying.

All the while the young man feeling happy still couldn't believe that he got a new job so easily. And he sat on the seat where I and Daniel were previously sitting and started laughing to himself.

I looked at him for some time as I couldn't believe my eyes at what happened today.

This drama that he created apparently after my seat went from that to him taking both the seat and Daniel's job.

[Next station Central Circle]

Breaking me out of my head was the voice of the metro announcement as I cleared my head from useless thoughts and prepared to leave.

But before leaving I couldn't help but turn to look at the young man from before who was talking to someone on the phone , bragging about his new job that he got so hard.

[ I, Kevin has finally found a job after much hard work. Just wait I will turn everything around and show them. ]

as the doors closed behind me, I heard his mutterings and couldn't help but smile and think

(what a lucky fellow) .

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts. I started walking straight to my work place where I'll be working as a machine for the next 10 hours.