4 Nobody's Job (SC)

A/N :- A short chapter describing the job and nobody's workplace.

I'll make it up to you by writing a long chapter tomorrow.

___ ######

Throwing out the cigarette I looked up to see my workplace - SKY ULTIMA.

It was a massive building built at the center of the city's market place. Making it easily accessible from every corner of the city.

It was a company that mainly focused its market on teens and the stuff that could interest them. It could be gaming, magazines, movies, books, shows etc - SKY ULTIMA got their hands on all of it.

Apparently a billionaire first made it for his son to take over later as fun but due to its wide variety of services just after 10 years of it's making it was one of the most famous companies in the country. Though the CEO never opened any other branches outside the country for reasons no one knows.

It's been 2 and half years since I started working here. You would think that working here is a dream job but no, it's not.


Apparently after the CEO'S son took over the company he started a new regime. He wanted profit and expansion , so he started meddling in stuff that was not well appreciated with general public - porn.

No parents wanted their kids to see porn videos or adult magazines at every available shop, and so the company's public image started deteriorating and shares started going down.

The new CEO couldn't take it so he did what every other incompetent rich kid does. He took the money and ran away.

After the government learned that they couldn't find the CEO, so to get their invested money back they took over the company and thus we became the slaves of government.

As I had already signed a contract for 5 years, I couldn't just leave and so I stayed and continued to work.

At first it was ok but as time passed the work pressure increased, salary decreased and the environment went to shit - so yeah working here now was not a dream job.


It was a massive building with 37 floors. Every 5 floors provided to work on a set type of projects. With the first floor acting as a gathering area and 37th floor being the CEO'S personal office.

I work on the 23rd floor. We mainly focus on books and magazines.

Our job is to find marketable or profitable books in the plethora of applications we get submitted everyday.

As reading was my only hobby - you would think that I'd fit right in. But believe me when I say it's torture.

I have to check hundreds of stories everyday written by novice writers each one worse than the last one.lightsnovel

There are people who will submit the stories that are plagiarized or stories which are overused or full of cliches or plot holes or reading the same story just with different names again and again.

Imagine the horror reading that by sacrificing your brain cells for a living , everyday for 10 hours.

But It doesn't affect me all that much now. I have grown accustomed to it.

But I would say focusing on work has been hard lately due to all the nightmares and stress that I'm accumulating - my mental state right now is - shit, to put it lightly.

( If only I was as lucky as that Kevin guy. )

Sighing I could only smile bitterly and started moving forward .






__ 1st floor -- Gathering area

__ 2nd to 6th floor KIDS&TEENS(TOYS)

__7th to 11th floor SPORTS(OUTDOOR&INDOOR)


__12th to 16th floor DESIGN AGENCY

__17th to 21st floor GAMING (E-SPORTS)

__22nd to 26th floor BOOKS & LITERATURE

__27th to 31st floor ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY

__31st to 36th floor R18 AGENCY

__37th floor CEO OFFICE