10 Nobody vs Protagonist = Death & Regrets

After I came out of the alley and started walking back towards my office. I couldn't help but remember her, my only sister - Ria.

And with her memory, came her voice - sweet, melodious and gentle, yet a tinge of anger mixed in it.

[You know I told you not to fight]

It wasn't the first time when I heard her voice again so I ignored her.

[Don't ignore me, you said you wouldn't fight]

[If your Queency learns about it, you'll be kicked out from the group again]

- They weren't the good guys. And she isn't here.

I replied in my head.

[That doesn't mean you could beat them like this]

- So should I visit the clubs again then. I thought and smiled as I imagined her pouting face, just like the one she would have made if she were really here.

[Why don't you just go to her]

[I'm sure she can help you better]

- Then how would I listen to your voice. Plus she was the one who left me. I said.

[No you were the one who let her go]

[She would have stayed if you asked]

- She's better off without me. I replied and started walking faster as I could see Ali still standing on the shop , where I left him.

[It wasn't your fault you know]

- Don't remind me of that.

[Not like you ever forgot.]

- It isn't __ .

I was talking with her when I bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going idiot." He shouted.

I looked at the person and I was surprised as I saw his face - Kevin.

Kevin looked at my face and then said - " It's you. What lost your eyes with your balls too. "

Hearing his haughty voice I didn't say anything as my focus was on something else. A bracelet, that he was wearing on his hand.

It was an old looking metal bracelet. It had a silver like color with some black lines pattern in between. It wasn't anything pretty but I knew that bracelet or the person who was supposed to have it.

"That bracelet , is it yours? " I asked him.

Kevin noticed my gaze on his hand and replied in his usual carefree manner - "Why don't you first apologize for earlier and then ask questions. "

[Shiva it's not him]

[He's gone now remember]

I could hear that Ria was saying something and If I was focused on her voice at that time, I could make out that she sounded anxious and worried.

But I wasn't listening to her as all my focus was on Kevin, who was caressing that bracelet.

"Where did you get it? " I asked him again in a more serious tone and I could see that Kevin noticed it too.

He looked at me and then at the bracelet but after some time, he replied -" It's mine but if you want then _ ughh."

He was going to say something more but I grabbed his neck and pushed him on the nearby wall.


Kevin tried to free himself and started squirming and punching my hand but I ignored it completely while tightening my grip on his neck.

"I'll ask you this one last time, where did you get it."

Kevin saw my face , which was showing clear signs of pure anger and hatred , tried harder to free himself but in return I just pulled him near my face and then bashed his back on the wall again.

"Don't make me repeat myself, just tell me where you got that bracelet - is it yours "

I asked him again as I tried hard to control the anger that was rising every second as I looked at that bracelet.

I could feel my chest burning with pain and it felt like my head was going to burst apart as my thoughts started going haywire and the scenes from that accident years ago started playing in my head again nonstop.

Kevin's eyes started losing his light and he started choking but I still didn't let go. Finally he just said - "It's mine, but I bought it from a shop last week".

Hearing his first words I nearly snapped his neck but after listening to his last words, I let him go and watched as he fell down on the road.

I turned around and started taking deep breaths as I pressed my one hand on my chest. My heart was still beating like crazy so I closed my eyes as I tried to calm down.

I could hear Kevin coughing up behind me and mumbling something but I was too lost trying to control my emotions that I didn't notice him.


Kevin stood up, still holding his neck which had red finger marks imprinted on it. His head was sweating and his face was pale.

Currently his eyes were bloodshot red as he remembered the horrible experience where he nearly felt like he could die next second.

As he looked at the man who now turned his back on him taking deep breaths and not even apologizing or explaining his crazy behavior , still standing there like nothing happened .lightsnovel

He finally couldn't control himself as a newfound hatred blinded him and after seeing a truck coming his way - he pushed that hateful man with all his force from behind.

"Crazy bastards like you should just die"

Those were his words as he watched the man getting struck by the truck and rolling on the road.

As he was looking at him he heard someone shouting something and without thinking anymore, he ran away after giving a final glance to the man who was bleeding everywhere with his eyes wide open, still staring at the sky.

"Hey stop you bastard"

"Oye damn it, damn it"


As I was trying hard to control myself I felt a strong push from behind me.

"Crazy bastards like you should just die"

I heard Kevin's voice behind me and as I was wondering what he meant , When I was hit by a force like which I've never felt before.

I felt my whole body just flying in one direction and then after some time I hit my head on the road and rolled on the ground 3-4 times before I finally stopped.

At first I couldn't feel anything , my mind was still numb from the collision and then it hit me a pain, so bad that I nearly went insane . I wanted to scream as loud as I can but instead of any sound only blood came out of my mouth.

I tried hard to turn my face to the side and I could see my left hand bent in an angle which shouldn't be normally possible.

I could feel my face was fully wet - it was blood or tears I couldn't know.

I didn't know clearly how many bones I broke except for my hand and my ribs , I couldn't even feel my legs anymore. Maybe I broke that too.

I was lost as the pain and the breathing were getting impossible for me to take.

I could hear someone's voice around me - Ali. I thought.

"Hey stop you bastard"

"Oye damn it, damn it"

Ali came near me and started looking up and down. I could see his face full of worry and tears which were starting to form in his eyes.

If I could I wanted to laugh and make fun of him, cause this was the first time I ever saw him cry. He was never this sad even when Aarvi ignored him or was shouting at him.

But I couldn't. I tried to open my mouth and say something but still only blood leaked from my mouth - nothing else.

Ali was saying something but I couldn't clearly hear him now. He stood up and started calling someone - ambulance perhaps.

It wouldn't take long for that to come here as we were in the central area and there wasn't much traffic now - but I knew I didn't had that much time.

I was losing consciousness, my eyes were getting heavy and I could see the world around me slow down.

But even at this time there was one voice that was clear as day to me - Ria. I could hear her shouting at me.

[I told you not to fight, you idiot]

[Why don't you ever listen to me]

Just imagining her angry face brought a smile on my face.

- Is this how you felt.

- Was this the pain you went through back then.

I asked her and this time I could feel that my eyes were getting moist. I could feel a lump in my throat.

[Don't try to speak you idiot. You'll be fine. Ali called the hospital just now ok.]

[I'm here with you okay. Just hold on]

- I'm sorry that I wasn't there.

- I should've been there with you just like you are still with me now. I should have stopped it.

- It was all my fault.

[No it wasn't , don't say that. ]

[You'll be fine. ]

[Think about her. Think about your Queency]

[You don't want to leave her alone right]

- I ruined everything Ria. There's nothing left.

[please just sh_shut up]

I could hear her voice breaking. I could imagine her crying at my sides and it pained me more.

- I'm sorry for everyth _.

Those were the last words I could think of before a darkness completely engulfed me.

And that is how the story of a Nobody came to an end on this earth.