15 A Mother's embrace and Peace for Nobody

**Rio's POV**

After my and Rio's soul or memories completely merged, I was shocked to see that the world I'm in - is based on a novel.

It's called Arcadia instead of Earth.

Arcadia is a vast world where lots of different races co-exist together - humans, elves, dwarves, giants, vampires, monsters, beasts, halflings and even dragons.

If you're wondering why I didn't mention the demon race. That's cause the Demon King DITAIL killed them all himself.

How & Why - now that's a whole other story for the end game but yeah so everything's peaceful nowadays.

Except for some little skirmishes now and then there hasn't been an all out war in the past 1000 years.

Some fights still break out from time to time - cause of race difference or some profits or simply cause of ego and them having nothing better to do - but overall if anyone transmigrated here they could live peacefully .

If only they aren't in the body of Rio Blake.

After pondering on that thought for a while and cursing my luck for the N'th time , I decided to finally open my eyes in this fantasy world - and I was excited to see everything in it.

(Will there be some beautiful maids waiting for me like in those novels - as soon as I wake up)

After that thought I opened my eyes by turning my face sideways - and what greeted me wasn't the face of some world toppling beauty or some beast kin or something fantasy like - no it was the sunlight which came directly on my face.

(Damn that's the same shit as Earth, what a let down)

I closed my eyes for a second and turned around.

I tried to get up and sit on my bed but before I could completely do that, I felt like the Truck-Kun gave me one more visit.

I felt something crash on me and then that something squeezed my body tightly.

I was already feeling weak due to the curse that was placed on me and I didn't have full control or understanding of my new body but I felt like I would really just die before I even took a look at myself in the mirror.

I tried to free myself but I was powerless so I started squirming to free myself from those shackles that held me in place and were squeezing me.

And finally after some struggles I felt the grip on me loosening and I was free to look at my assailant who wanted to murder me as soon as I woke up.

In front of me stood a woman more beautiful than I could ever describe in words.

She wore a green colored dress with golden line patterns which were shimmering in sunlight. She had black hair which fluttered in the wind and crashed on her shoulders.

Her black eyes were looking at me with such tenderness and care that anyone could just get lost looking in them. She had a smile on her face and I was just mesmerized by that.

I wasn't thinking about anything bad or was like some horny kid who couldn't control himself.

No I was simply lost in thought cause I knew who she was - Artemis Raven Blake - Rio's mother.

When I looked at her the memories Rio made, the emotions he felt and the love he had for her - came crashing in my brain , and without my knowledge some tears started coming from my eyes, I simply couldn't control it, so I just hugged her back to hide my face.

**Artemis POV**

I was thinking about how to find all the Evil Scion's members and punish them all. When I felt something - I looked towards Rio and I saw him opening his eyes.

At first I was worried if he was okay or if the curse somehow affected him but then a smile came to my face as I saw his face which had a frown on it now due to the sunlight.

(He's fine)

With that thought , I stood up from my chair , I couldn't control myself and next moment I was hugging my dear son.

He's my only son and the thought of losing him due to my own negligence had scared me more than I ever felt. I just hugged him tightly hoping to never let go of him and just keeping him safe always.

It wasn't until I felt him squirming in my hands, trying to free himself that I realized that due to fear and excitement I didn't control my strength properly.

I just smiled nervously and freed him.

I was looking at his face - he was the perfect mixture of both his parents , with hair as white as snow just like Agnus and eyes as dark as night just like me.

His face which still looked cute and chubby in her eyes and skin as smooth as jelly that I just couldn't stop pinching it.lightsnovel


Just looking at him for a moment had calmed my heart and all the bloodthirsty thoughts from before were nowhere to be found.

I wanted to ask him if he was okay and apologize for not protecting him better but before I could do that I saw him crying and then he just hugged me tightly.

Seeing the tears in his eyes I was lost for a moment as my brain started thinking of all the bad results, the look from yesterday when he was squirming on bed came to my mind - that was the first time she had ever seen her brave little son in that condition , and I thought he was still in that pain.

I could still feel him sobbing, I knew he was trying to stop himself from crying, I didn't know what was wrong or what I should do so I just hugged him back, trying to comfort him.

After some time he stopped crying and was now just lying in my arms peacefully.

After that I asked what was on my mind

" Are you feeling better now "

" If you're not feeling fine, I could call the high priest "

**Rio POV**

After crying in her arms for some time and feeling her hands caresing my head trying to comfort me - I stopped sobbing and tried to separate myself from her but I found she just hugged me back.

So I kept lying in her embrace - it felt warm and peaceful , even more so than the darkness.

I had severed my connection with my parents on Earth soon after the accident happened. Though it had it's reasons and I thought it was better for them to be away from me.

But up until this moment I never truly realised how much I needed it - how much I missed it.

A mother's care, her love and her embrace - I never felt it in the last 3 years of my past life and so when she hugged me back I just closed my eyes , hoping to get as much of this calm feeling as I could.

" Are you feeling better now "

" If you're not feeling fine, I could call the high priest "

I heard her soft voice and even though it was my first time hearing it in reality - I could feel just how much love she had for him.

Even in the novel , she was described as the person who loved Rio the most. Even after the whole world stood against him - she was there, standing in front of him to always protect him.

" I just had a nightmare. "

" I'm fine now. Don't worry"

I replied to her and I could feel her tense body relaxing. She then ruffled my hair and kissed my forehead.

"Stay here, I'll get something for you to eat. "

After that she tried to stand up and leave but I held her hand. She looked at me , waiting to see what I needed.

" Can you stay here for some time ."

I said to her while looking down. And when I looked up at her , I saw that she had a bright smile on her face .

And though I never met one in my life I could say that she looked just like a Goddess now. A pure bright smile which had no malice or any other emotion except kindness and happiness , with eyes full of love and care - isn't that how a Goddess should be.

"Of course"

Breaking me out of my reverie was her sweet voice as she agreed to my request.

She sat on my bed and took my head on her laps.

Without any resistance I just lay there on her lap pillow with my eyes closed, as she caressed my head.

In that moment, Nobody had finally found the peace he always hoped for , and accepted the fact that he was now Rio - Rio Blake , Son of Artemis Raven Blake.

A/N :- This chapter is dedicated solely to a MOTHER.

When I started writing I was hoping to finish their interaction fast and add some mystery for future but when I kept writing - words for only the emotions both the mother and son had - were coming out from my brain. SO I JUST CHANGED THE THEME TO THAT.

(personally I think this one turned out to be better)