27 Potions and Singular books

After learning that this world was indeed the same as the one he remembered from that novel. Rio decided to start planning about things which could help him make stronger.

After that thought the gears in his head started rolling and he started crossing out the options which he couldn't take.

' I can't learn aura yet , that would take too much time. Plus I don't think I'm ready to start running around the whole mansion or keep swinging my sword at golems for hours - too troublesome for someone lazy like me.'

' I can't learn mana before awakening.'

' There are some things that can help me get stronger - pills and potions , which are all available in the Blake Family. But there are also things issued for the protagonist by heaven itself which are even better so I should just steal them.'

' But the problem is Artemis won't allow me to leave , and I don't trust anyone here to explain everything.'

Rio looked back and saw Myra who was sitting there with her eyes closed and thought - ' if only I could convince her to help me. She's loyal and won't betray me, but the problem remains she'll tell Artemis everything.'

' Damn it, if only I had atleast one person who was loyal to me - - wait , someone who's loyal only to me.'

Rio was cursing his luck at the lack of someone whom he can trust when he suddenly thought of something and he slapped his head and thought - 'why the heck did I forget that, it might actually work.'

A smile came to his face and he felt like he found the missing link of a solution which could solve all his problems.


After getting out of his thoughts Rio started writing something on a paper & then without looking back threw it at Myra, which she caught without opening her eyes.

Rio waited for her to open her eyes and say something but she never did - 'Perhapes is she thinking I threw that paper as a joke to see if she's sleeping or not. Am I that childish in her eyes. I mean I know that original Rio used one of his treasures to draw circles on her face, but that was like 2 months ago.'

"Hmm hmmmm" Rio cleared his throat and said - "I need the items on that list by tomorrow morning. Be sure to get them all."

It was only after hearing his voice that Myra opened her eyes and looked at the paper in her hands. There were the names of some herbs written there. At first her reaction was normal thinking Rio just wanted to test some alchemy formula he might have come across in the books until she saw the name of the last 3 herbs - Brugmansia aka The Angel's Trumpet, Asphodel aka The Soul Flower and Bezoar aka The Rusty Stone.

One of them was a deadly poison, second was a herb used for purifying souls and last was something found only in dryads forest, used to dull senses of anyone.

Myra couldn't figure out the uses even after she read the whole list again but aside from those 3 names, all the other herbs were general herbs that are used in potion making. Though slightly rare but nothing a Duke's family couldn't get.

Rio looked at her changing expressions and thought - ' though I know she'll tell Artemis but fuck it, I don't have any other option. I need that potion if I want to start my plan.'

Myra looked at Rio with questioning eyes but he just ignored it and started making his way towards the exit.


While reading those books Rio had decided to deal with the last traitor Chiron as well. Since Myra who's a Limit rank Assassin, is following him, it won't be hard to deal with a retired Aura Berserker.

There is something that Rio needed to get from Chiron as well. The key to get the legacy of a swordsman which protagonist uses in mid parts of the story. Though Rio didn't care for that sword art since he knew where to find a much better one , but he decided to steal it anyway, just cause he didn't want to give it to someone who's supposed to kill him.


Chiron who was making preparation for the dinner had a bad premonition in his heart. He felt like something very wrong was about to happen but he couldn't figure out what.

If Rio knew about this feeling he would have saluted the destiny for trying to help her minions even before the plot started but he was busy planning out the details for a smooth execution of his plan.

He had planned to deal with all traitors the moment he learned about the curse, he couldn't take the chance of someone doing it again, as it was something which wasn't mentioned in the novel.lightsnovel


After getting out of the mansion Rio started walking towards the staff's lodging - that was where all the maids and servants who worked in the mansion stayed. It was made between the mansion and soldiers barracks. It could be interpreted as Blake's being generous and having them stay where they could feel protected due to barracks near them. Or it could also be interpreted as Blake's keeping them in the middle to use as a meat shield in case the barracks failed to stop an attack.

Anyway it didn't matter to Rio. He had far too many important things to do than worrying about people's perspective on a place where they could live for free.

Myra who was still mulling over the what would I do with the poison herbs, finally couldn't stay silent anymore and said - " What're you planning to do with the herbs."

Rio looked at her and said - "I think I found a new recipe for a cleansing potion. I'll try to make one."

Myra wanted to ask something else too but then she heard, Rio continueing his words - " It was from one of the singular books in the library and I've already translated it."

## _ _ ##

INFO - Singular Books, are books which were found in dungeons or towers. They are mysterious books which could be written in any language and if you are successful in translating it - it would disappear. What is the content or rank of the book can't be judged by anyone. It depends solely on where you found it and your luck.

-- This is also the reason why any singular book bought or acquired from someone else could either be your highest rewarding possession or your worst mistake.


-- every singular book has it's own way of translation. Some could be read as they're in any existing language of Arcadia. Some would require blood lineage to understand it. Some could just have their own will, while for some you'll have to do research for every word written.

-- It could take a single moment to a decade to never being able to translate them, it all depends on your capacity and luck.

## _ _ ##

Myra was surprised to hear Rio's words. As the family of a Duke which has been the leading figure against the towers & dungeons, it was normal for them to have many singular books which they haven't been able to translate till yet.

Being able to translate a singular book and that too about the recipe of a potion which could have miraculous effects was a big thing.


Rio didn't care about the results of his actions. Though he knew the effects of that potion better than anyone and how it would take over the whole market if it was made public. But he didn't have any other option, he needed to take that potion himself to get stronger and for his future plans to work , the excuse of singular book was the only thing he could come up with - he could just say he was lucky and no further explanation needed. Otherwise Artemis would never allow him to take any kind of poison willingly. Plus the fact it would make his new family rich and more influential if they decided to sell the potion helps him too.


Myra looked at Rio and saw that he was puffing out his chest and looking at the sky with the same expression as before like he didn't care about what he said at all. But his actions in Myra's eyes looked like that of a kid asking for praise.

Myra had seen Rio and Amelia grow up in front of her while following Artemis. She even considers them as her own family and the kids loves her too. Though she couldn't spend as much time with them as she hoped to , but she still comes and plays with them every now & then.

She wanted to smile at his actions and hug him and say she was proud but she stopped herself when she saw some servants gathering around and bowing their heads.

She took a look around and asked Rio in her serious tone- " So what're we doing here, young master."

Rio who was busy looking at the sky thinking if the fate or heaven would stop him from what he's planning to do now , took a deep breath and said - "We are here to kill the traitor who has betrayed our trust and is working for our enemies."

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