19 Plotline of the Blake siblings

Rio thought long and hard but even after that he couldn't come to any solution. He didn't even have the answers for his own reincarnation - how was he supposed to find out about Ria's.

But one thing he was sure now , he would have to protect her. She could be Ria or Amelia - he couldn't let her get hurt. She is his sister , be it - as Amelia to Rio or Ria to Shiva. At least until I fully learn the truth about it.


After thinking all this Rio started remembering the original book's plot and about the ending Amelia had.


As the villain's sister many would suppose that she would live happily after joining the protagonists harem but apparently Amelia didn't have that luck.

The author of that book tried to spice up the story, by giving Amelia a sad ending too .

After all how can the sister of the Great Devil who slaughtered millions and nearly destroyed everything - get a happy ending. The general public of this world would never approve of it.

Many readers sympathize with her but the author was right too - if you were in the real world, how can the family of someone who did that many bad things could have a happy ending.


So I decided to change the plot or better ignore it wholeheartedly. I didn't care about the hero or the world or the consequences of my actions cause I was the type of guy who would happily sacrifice 10 strangers if it meant someone I cherish would stay safe. I can't change it and seriously I don't see any problem with this.

Why should I worry about people whom I never met , when the people who I care about are at risk. I mean I'm not a crazy person - I will save someone innocent dying on a road but if it meant going to jail for it - then no, I got no time for you.


After I thought up till that point - I tried to come up with plans that could help me achieve that.

The routes that I needed to ignore, the problems I needed to solve before they become a bigger mess and the people that needed to be silenced for that to happen.

Cause just like every other villain Rio wasn't born a bad guy, he was turned into one. By situations around him, by people around him.


Noah Winston - a certain character's name came to my mind. He was a side character in this novel, a partner in the protagonist's camp.

He had awakened the power of the seer. He could see glimpses of the future and he was the first person responsible who pushed Rio on the path of the villain.

**** ***** *****

And with that thought the scenes of the original story started playing in my mind

Baron Misha Winston , A middle aged chubby man with a bad mustache - was currently standing in the Church of GODDESS CASSANDRA.

He was waiting patiently as today was the day of his 2nd son's awakening ceremony.

The Winston family held the title of Baron Rank. They ruled a quarter area of Harendale city. They were tasked to manage the Gale Market , which was famous for the supply of mana ores. They had secured that place for generations and were thriving in power there.


After the ceremony was completed he was happy as his son had gotten the blessing of Goddess Cassandra and awakened the power of a seer. Seers were a rare profession and highly sought after.

Baron was happy and his brain started thinking how much he could grow if he could properly utilize his son's talent of seeing future visions . Misha Winston was an ambitious man who only ever cared about profits. He would do anything to rise in power.


Currently Noah was left standing on the altar , with sweat dripping out from his body. Soon he started shaking and blood started leaking from his eyes. But no one came to help him.

It was a normal reaction for a newly awakened seer - cause after awakening , their power is much greater than their bodies could handle and it was normal to lose control and get lost in the visions of the future.



- That's why the AWAKENING CEREMONIES are usually done in churches as there are many priests available to heal you and stop the process immediately if needed.

But it wasn't mandatory cause if you're rich and resourceful you could always make your own arrangements.

The people who awaken their powers have many accidents during their awakening - the kid who awakened the fire ability could just lose control and burn himself or everyone around him. Or the one who awakened the power of ice could just freeze everything in the surroundings.


-- There was a case in the border area , where one person awakened invisibility power , and he turned invisible soon after his awakening. He was announced missing by the local church , until he himself jumped in the pool of colors so people could see him.


So awakening in itself is hard and surviving the process is harder too. As most people don't know what power they'll awaken , it is hard to prepare for unexpected situations - cause if their power is too much to handle for their body they could just die that second.

There are ways to find and mitigate this risk but till now no one is certain how innate abilities work. Sometimes someone would have the same powers till generations and sometimes it could be the opposite or just random.

The scientists believe it depends on our personality and the mana in the surrounding area that we consume , while believers and cultists believe it is a random gift from God.



- In his vision Noah saw a world which was filled with darkness , cities which were empty , buildings that were turned into rubble and dead bodies of many races of people that were scattered everywhere as far as the eye could see.

A person standing alone atop a mountain of corpses as he continued to slaughter more while dancing on the battlefield .

He was covered in blood . His white hair swayed in the winds along with the arms and legs of his enemies that he chopped up with his sword.

He continued this massacre and Noah watched as he saw people dying without even being able to put up a fight against him. Just one swing from his sword and no one was left standing whole.

Noah wondered who it was as he never saw this person or anyone in the vision in real life.

He was scared, the vision of that cruel massacre was too much for a kid like Noah who just awakened.

He was losing hope and feeling sick when he heard a voice from someone who stood up to fight against that evil villain.

It was a young man with short black hair. He was covered in metal armor and in his hand was a silver sword.

Noah knew this man or to be specific the symbol he had carved out on his armor. He had seen that symbol many times, it was the logo of House Heartwell - another Baron family.

" Heartwell Family "

The young man pointed his sword towards that villain and asked him -

" Why, why are you doing this? "

" Why did you betrayed everyone and joined hands with them. "

The villain just looked at him like looking at an idiot. He then ignored him and replied in a cold stoic voice while Continuing his massacre -

"Because only I can do it. You're all incompetent ants, living your life in a sheltered cave. And I am your reckoning. "

The young man didn't like how he got ignored. He took his stance and started charging towards the villain who just stood there, listening to his shouting with indifferent eyes with the expression of like looking at an ant -

" Today I will erase your entire existence Rio Blake."lightsnovel

" Today is the day the Blake bloodline completely disappears from this world. "

Before Noah could see any further actions - he felt that the monster was now ignoring that guy and looking towards him .

For the first time that monster now had an expression on his cold bloodied face - It was a smile - the smile of the Devil.

Just seeing that look, as he started walking towards him with a sword in his hand, scared Noah to no limits.

He turned around and started running he started screaming loudly , as the villain drew near him and after a loud scream he closed his eyes.

With that his vision ended and he found himself back in church.


In the church the Baron was worried not about his son he had 3 more. He was worried that if Noah died his plan to use the seer's ability and rising in power would fail.


Currently the priests were surrounding Noah and treating him and soon after Noah woke up completely.

But his body was shaking , his face was pale as if it lost all its color , his eyes dull as if it lost all its life. He was holding his head in his knees and mumbling some words that shocked everyone in the church -

" That monster "

" He killed everyone. "

" Devil , he's the Devil "

" He'll destroy everything. "

Hearing his voice everyone was shocked as this was the first time any seer had any vision of destruction.

As the world was currently in the peaceful era people were complacent but they weren't forgetful. They knew the horror of the every past crisis - The Last War and The Emergence.

So when they heard him talk like that the priests surrounded him and started asking questions worried that something like that might happen again - what happened , what did you see , who will destroy everything , who is this Devil etc.

Just hearing the word Devil - the smiling face of that villain came to Noah's mind and he peed his pants.

Seeing this the priests were even more shocked thinking about what kind of vision Noah saw that scared him that much.

Surrounded by everyone Noah started losing consciousness and before fainting completely he said - " Rio Blake. He'll slaughter the whole world. Devil. "


listening to this all the people present there had wide eyes - obviously all of them knew who Rio was. He was the genius of the Blake family who awakened the powerful ability of Darkness at the age of 10.

He was praised as one of humanity's future pillars but hearing what Noah said they couldn't believe their ears.


The priests started shaking Noah's body asking about the full truth , but the Baron came between and took Noah away , saying he needed rest and they could ask him questions later.

While the priests were worried about Noah's vision , the Baron was thinking about how to use that knowledge to his advantage.

He couldn't just blame Rio and announce Noah's vision to the whole world.

If he did that the very next day , Blake family would silence them to avoid rumors. It won't be hard for the Duke to destroy his Barony in one night - he didn't want to take that risk.


When The news reached to Rio's parents - they wanted to destroy Winston family but doing that now would only fuel the rumors more and change the public's opinion of them.

So they agreed when Baron Misha proposed that he would make sure his son never says one word about that vision to anyone. And announce himself that they were all false.

Then Under everyone's eyes Noah had to take a Mana Oath of secrecy and then in return, with the support of Blake family - Baron Winston got the control of half the Harendle city and promotion to Count Rank.


After settling the deal with newly promoted Count Winston , They announced the falsity of rumors and later Blake Family silenced all the witnesses by whatever means necessary and the news was buried along with their bodies.

They suppressed the news as seers weren't omnipotent and many times the visions got proven wrong , as the future was never fixed and people forgot about it.

Until Rio grew up and started his journey as a villain - the rumors started appearing again in slow whispers around corners and he was marked as the Devil again.


So you could guess that Noah was the first person who pulled hate over Rio.

Though it wasn't his fault and he didn't do it intentionally. He was scared of the visions and just mumbled something - but it was enough to ruin Rio's image in some peoples eyes from a genius savior to a destroyer and Devil.

Plus the Church of Cassandra where the ceremony happened. The followers of that Goddess believed this as some sort of prophecy and would always use it to pressure the Blake family in the outside world. While their minions would be the first to annoy Rio at every chance they got in Zenith Academy.

There were many attempts on Rio's life too . But he somehow survived and killed everyone who came for him.

He tried to kill Noah too - who was the root of all his problems but after coming to the academy, Noah became friends with the protagonist Leon who would somehow always save him in time.

Noah too helped Leon a lot in later periods with his powers of the future visions. Though he never told him that he became friends with him just because he saw him fighting with Rio in his first vision.

Noah wanted to tell him everything but he couldn't. As he had taken a mana oath to never tell anyone anything about that vision.


Rio with these constant problems coming his way with time became the very villain they wanted him not to be.

The followers were glad that their Goddess was right , not knowing it was them who also played a major role in changing that vision into a reality.

In the novel at the end Rio does kill all the followers completely along with their God and their prophet Noah , but after that he loses against the protagonist and his remaining followers.

*** *** ***

After author described the scene where Rio finishes the church completely. He wrote a quote there whose words are still stuck in my mind - he said -

"I think that a man often meets his destiny, on the very road he takes to avoid it. Future is fixed, and you can never change it."

--- It was to say that all the trouble the church go through , all the lines they crossed , all the lengths they went to - just to avoid that future.

Those were the very choices that led them there. They weren't changing their future like they thought - they were just making it. perfecting it. "

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