20 Future enemies and future plans


Knowing all this I decided to stop this scenario from even happening.

I would've preferred to keep Noah by my side and use him for my advantage, but there is always a risk that knowing the future he might betray me and join the protagonist.

I could also stop his awakening ceremony but knowing Baron Misha's nature , he would never let that happen.

Kidnapping him or crippling him won't change a thing - as awakening didn't depend on physical conditions.

There was only one thing he could do - that is to silence Noah before he awakens.

With Rio's family's power it won't be hard to have him assassinated. And even if somehow Baron ever learns the truth, he would never start a fight with a Duke over his useless dead son.

Baron Misha wasn't a good man who cared for anything. In the original novel he was one of the few people who profited most watching Blake Family's downfall - he was already a Count Rank noble at that time and in the absence of Blake Family - and taking advantage of chaos , He became a Duke too.

( so maybe erasing him now while he's only a small Baron, will easily solve future troubles for me. )

I shook my head to remove that thought from my head, at least for now. I'll just see his behavior and decide later. But Noah - I can't let him go.

In the original book Noah awakened at the age of 12 , 2 years later than Rio.

So I have to somehow find a way and kill him before that.


But these things are still in the future and I have more time to think about them. For now I have to learn more about this curse.

As this was never mentioned in the book I don't know who did it or why , and what kind of effects it can still have.

From what I heard while I was in the darkness and what Artemis told me , I can probably narrow it down to 3 people.

These people are the ones who've been with me for years and had the perfect chances to put the curse on me. They are also the ones who will later betray the Blake Family in the novel -

1) My shadow ESME SCARLETT -- A vampire spy posing as a human -- though it isn't known to many yet but aside from Evil's Scion , Vampires also knows how to harness the cursed mana. After all they were born from it. Vampires are a subspecies of the Demons in this world.

2) Guard captain BERIC ZASTAN -- Real name Magna - A spy of Evil's Scion. Planted 7 years ago during one of the dungeon raids. Where he killed the original Beric and took his place. He's acting as the perfect soldier for now, while trying to earn everyone's trust and fully infiltrate the Duke house.

3) CHEF CHIRON -- The head chef of Blake mansion. He was a mysterious character mentioned in less detail in the original book , but his birthplace was said to be the lost continent. He later joins the protagonist and helps him get the legacy of a lost swordsman and dies while protecting him. Though it was never mentioned if he knew cursed mana usage or not. But he's still a major suspect.


If I want to save myself and Amelia till I get stronger and uncover the truth , I need to get rid of these people first.

Though I don't know if I can kill them as they are important characters for the plot , or people who joined the protagonists party - as they might also have high luck on their side.

But I would rather hope and believe that since the plot hasn't started yet maybe I can find a chance.

Now I need to take care of all these 3 traitors plus Noah Winston, before the plot officially begins and they somehow get the protection of fate or the protagonist's luck and become his allies instead.


I also tried to look for a system as every other reincarnated person does. I shouted all the keywords but nothing happened. No transparent floating blue window screen appeared in front of me.lightsnovel

I was a little disappointed at first but then I remembered that it won't matter much - Cause in the book Arcadia also has its own world's system which people can use to see their status and skills. But that only appears after the awakening and when your body gets accustomed to mana , so I'll just have to wait for that.

Maybe I will be surprised.


After solving all these troubles - I can be worry free about the plot and my life for some time and focus on getting stronger.

I just have to make sure that me and Amelia stay away from the protagonist and maybe we'll be safe .


It's only been a day since I came here and I'm already stuck with situations that are spelling my doom and thinking about killing people.

It won't be my first time killing someone , but I didn't want to repeat that experience.



If I didn't meet Amelia - who's exactly like my sister Ria , I would never have to think so hard about ways to survive.

As then my only fear after reincarnation would be the ending of the original Rio in the book. Where he was tortured endlessly - I could easily prevent that without doing anything and get a much better ending - by simply killing myself if I felt like losing. And by not giving the protagonist a chance to trap me.

Fear of death means nothing to me now , as I already know what comes after that .


But I can't do that now. I can't just lay down and die - Not until I don't find out the truth about Amelia.

If there's even a slight chance that she's Ria - then I can't just ignore her and let her get the ending that was written in the book.

I have already failed her once back on Earth and lived my life in regret. I can't fail her again and let her die here too.

I have to find out the truth , cause then I won't have to worry about her.

And maybe after doing all that , I can get my peaceful rest with the calm darkness again.


FYI yes he's still in the shower



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