340 Relentless Enemy

Alex stood alongside the bloodied swordsman, the hazy shroud of teleportation enveloping the figure as soon he would be teleported to receive healing before being sent back to the prison from which he had been taken.

As the poison from the dragonkin lady coursed through Alex's body, his face paled, yet it held a smile as he awaited the cosmic thunderclap he had yearned for over the years.

As seconds stretched into what felt like an eternity, doubt began to creep into his mind, with dark thoughts whispering in the corners of his consciousness, questioning whether what he did was enough or not.

After moments of silence, A thunderclap louder than anything Alex had ever heard resonated through his being, lasting for a few short instances that felt stretched to be minutes.

It wasn't just a sound but a cosmic proclamation, an acknowledgment from the world law that reverberated through the very core of his existence.

At that moment, Alex felt a seismic shift within himself as his mana boiled, not with the chaotic energy of before, but with a newfound clarity and potency.

The sensation was both liberating and empowering as if he had been unshackled from the constraints of his former self like a heavy weight was lifted from his shoulders.

A rush of emotions flooded him as Alex felt euphoria, triumph, and a profound sense of self-realization accompanied by a sigh of relief.

The nervous smile transformed into one of profound satisfaction as Alex felt his mana reach a boiling point, and a tiny spark came to life inside his mana heart that quickly turned into a small flame darker than night with no aura to it.

The flame flickered, resembling a blossoming flower, and its intensity expanded with each passing moment, fully cloaking his heart in just a few seconds.

Alex held a smile on his face as his consciousness faded into darkness while the elemental flame slowly expanded inside his body, guided by the unseen hands of the cosmos, as it cleansed his body from hidden flaws and burned away the shackles of mortal placed on him.

While Alex slumbered and his body underwent new changes, a major event was underway that would not only alter the timeline as he knew it but also shift the balance of power, but he would stay unaware of it for a long time.


In a dimly lit desolate passageway shrouded in an eerie silence that stretched into darkness, its walls, once adorned with grandeur, now stood eroded, their surfaces bearing the scars of time and neglect.

In this desolate, eerie passage, the air bore an aura of chaos, a tangible sense of foreboding that clung to the very atmosphere.

In such a desolate place that didn't even ecoe with small noises made by insects, two figures moved in deliberate silence, with one of them holding a mana lantern that barely illuminated a few feet of their surrounding.

The more imposing of the pair stood tall, a commanding figure shrouded in a dark cloak, with only his face visible, resembling that of a long-snouted dog with protruding fangs, dark horns, and piercing deep crimson eyes.

The other individual walking beside the demon was an average-height human, carrying a bit of belly, donning luxurious robes.

If Alex were to catch a glimpse of the middle-aged man, he would instantly recognize the man, as he was Morgan, the owner of Aureate Merchect Group, the very man from whom he had stolen the Ethereal Compendium magic grimoire.

After a few minutes, the pair reached a towering dark door bound by chains that hung silently, with runes covering their surface, shimmering with an ethereal light that formed a protective barrier, shielding whatever lay beyond.

"The Chaos Spawn behind these doors is a Chaos General, among the most formidable documented in the annals of history."

"My Grandfather paid an exorbitant price to acquire it and eliminate any trace of its whereabouts, eliminating every individual that was involved in the deal, just so one of his descends could one day make this creature whole again and find a way to control it," Morgan said, as his hand caressed the barrier.lightsnovel

"I have sold the creature to your people, burning away the dream of my ancestor, and I acknowledge the vast sum of wealth, treasures, and connections you've granted me."

"However, I did not sell my ancestor's dream for measly connection and wealth but for the promise made by Elder Harrow," 

"What I seek is for you to locate the thief who stole the magical grimoire from me," 

"I expect the thief to be delivered to me within a year, as agreed," Morgan declared as he smashed his fist into the barrier, his voice filled with rage as his aura surged.

"Merchant, we struck a deal, and we shall honor it. Open this door now, for my patience wears thin with your ceaseless blabbering," The demon said, an icy intent permeating through the corridor.

"I am just reminding you like I did when making a deal with your cult elder, and if you did not deliver, then the first day of the second year would be when all the information I have and will gather in the next year on your demonic cult, would be delivered all authorities,"

"This decision would not change even if I die, so deliver this message to your higher-ups to think ten times before deciding not to fulfill your end of our deal," Morgan said, as he took out a dagger before cutting his palm.

Morgan traced a pattern with his flowing blood on the golden barrier, and a moment later, the runes on the chains illuminated brightly before dimming down as the barrier vanished and the tightly held chains loosened up.

After the barrier went down, Morgan took out an old-looking dark key as he walked toward the door and inserted the key before retreating a few steps.

Almost instantly, the key began to be covered in runes, followed by the entire dark door drowning in illuminating symbols.

After a period of silence, the doors slowly opened with a creaking sound, muffled by the dense and dark smoke that poured out, being condensed chaotic mana released from the small opening, rushing to fill the empty passageway.

The demon raised his arms, batting in the thick chaotic energy, while a barrier appeared around Morgan. 

After a few short minutes, the doors were fully opened, and the chaotic energy dissipated into the surroundings, leaving only a rich amount of chaos mana to be present.


Morgan and the demon walked into the chamber, a colossal space constructed in a circular shape, nearly a hundred meters in diameter, with a towering ceiling. 

A large number of dense dark chains, adorned with pulsating runes, extended from every direction, converging towards the center of the chamber.

The chains were intricately wound around the creature, a formidable being that demanded attention, and they were going through his body, having turned a part of him over time, keeping him bound to the floor.

The creature was a hulking giant, reminiscent of a bird, and yet, more than that, as It bore an uncanny resemblance to an owl, its form cloaked wings of pitch darkness, with elusive shades of silver glinting in them.

The creature's features were both majestic and eerie, possessing three eyes, two in their typical positions and one centrally placed. 

Three pairs of wings, each magnificent in its own right, were bound to the floor by the imposing chains, and it had horns reminiscent of a reindeer's antlers, being crystalline with a blend of dark and silver in color, spread from the creature's head, adding an otherworldly quality to its appearance.

The air in the chamber carried a suffocating pressure, and the creature's presence exuded an intangible unseen aura that made his surroundings space appear unclear. 

As Morgan and the demon approached, the creature's eyes opened, shimmering with otherworldly intelligence, observing them with a gaze that seemed to see through all their secrets.