9 Sneak Out

After leaving Yun Lintian's stall, Yang Mengli didn't hurry to go back to her residence. She strolled aimlessly with a sad expression hung on her face. Xiao Lingling wanted to comfort her, but she didn't know what to say. She could only accompany her young mistress silently.

In the distance not too far away, a man in grey clothes stared at Yang Mengli for a long time before he took out a transmission jade from his pocket and said in a low voice, "Master, that doctor can't cure her. Do we need to monitor him further?"

"No need. Come back." A faint, aged voice resounded back into the man's mind. Instantaneously, his figure blended into the crowd and disappeared from the street.

It took an hour later before Yang Mengli went back to her courtyard. She told Xiao Lingling to go out, and carefully set up sound and spiritual sense isolation barriers in her room. After confirming there was no one around, Yang Mengli took out a paper from her sleeves and read it. It was the paper that Yun Lintian secretly put into her sleeves earlier.

"I can help both of you. However, you have been watching by someone and I don't want to get into your trouble. If you want me to help you, come to me at night. I will wait in the Autumn Wind Inn, room number seven. Remember, be careful when you go out and come with your brother alone. Don't bring your servant along with you."

Yang Mengli burned the paper directly after she finished reading. Her face was full of awe and excitement. She never thought that Yun Lintian would be this cautious because she didn't even notice there was someone watching her all this time. Thinking of this, her eyes turned cold as her hands clenched into fists. She was not a fool and well aware there was someone within the clan specifically aimed at her. It just that they hid too well, rendering her to be helpless.

In fact, Yun Lintian had purely guessed about it. When he saw Yang Mengli coming from afar, he managed to identify her condition right away. Yang Mengli was clearly poisoned by a rare poison, Ice Threading Poison. Without a doubt, she was a victim of a consOriginal. He didn't need to use his brains to know she was being under someone's watch.

Yang Mengli closed her eyes and tried to think of a way to sneak out without leaving a trace. Her profound strength was a mere eighth level of the Essence Profound Realm. There was no way she could hide her presence from many experts within the Yang manor.

All of a sudden, her eyes lit up as she found a solution. She immediately called Xiao Lingling to come in.

"Lingling, I need your help." Yang Mengli said. Xiao Lingling was the person she trusted the most. Asking for her help shouldn't be a problem.

"What is it, Miss? Please, do tell." Xiao Lingling was curious. The current Yang Mengli seemed to be different from before.

"I want to go out to do something tonight. I need you to cover for me by replacing me. I don't want anyone to know my whereabouts. Can you do it?" Yang Mengli said with a serious expression.

Xiao Lingling was confused, but she still nodded her head, "No problem, Miss. What should I do?"

Yang Mengli smiled and explained her plan.


In a courtyard hundred meters away from Yang Mengli's courtyard, a young man with disheveled hair sat on a chair, drowning himself with a jar of wine. He had a prominent handsome face, long sharp eyebrows, and a straight nose bridge. His eyes were sunken, losing their usual lusters. A gloomy aura kept emanating out of his body as if he had long given up on himself. He was the once-generation genius, Yang Chen.

"Gulp!" Yang Chen drank wine directly from the jar as if he was drinking plain water. After he was defeated by Luo Kun, he never stepped out of his courtyard again. Drinking was the only way for him to relieve himself from all the pain and depression. If it wasn't because for his sister, Yang Mengli, he might commit suicide a long time ago.

"You should stop drinking already." At this moment, Yang Mengli walked into the room as she said. Looking at her younger brother became like this, her heart ached as if it was torn into shreds.

Yang Chen put the jar of wine down and glanced at Yang Mengli with his drowsy eyes. He asked, "What brings you here, Sister?"

Yang Mengli didn't reply right away. She carefully set up barriers to prevent sound from leaking and sat opposite Yang Chen.

"I found a way to repair your Profound Vein. You have to follow me out tonight." Yang Mengli said calmly.

Yang Chen was stunned. His mind jolted awake for a second before he gave a slight chuckle: "You don't have to lie to me, Sister. There is no one in the world who can repair a destroyed Profound Vein." With that, he took another gulp of wine, appeared as he didn't believe in her words.

Yang Mengli shook her head: "I didn't lie to you. I really found a miraculous doctor."

Yang Chen's hand stopped moving while he stared at Yang Mengli, trying to find something out of her expression. Upon seeing her dead serious expression, he put the jar down and asked uncertainly, "Is it true?"

Yang Mengli gave a nod in response, causing Yang Chen's hands to tremble. He shook his head vigorously, trying to get rid of drunkenness, and took a deep breath before he spoke: "What shall we do?"lightsnovel

A smile bloomed on Yang Mengli's face and she handed a servant uniform to him, "Change your clothes into this."


"Where are you going?" At the entrance of Yang's manor, a tall guard asked a young girl and a young boy in front of him. Both of them wearing veils on their faces.

The girl was no other than Xiao Lingling, and the boy was a servant under Yang Mengli. If you looked closely, the young boy had a figure similar to Yang Chen.

"Young Miss told me to buy something. Is there any problem?" Xiao Lingling replied in a dissatisfied tone.

The guard frowned: "What about him?"

Xiao Lingling was angry: "What's wrong with you? I need him to help me carry things. Do you want me to call Young Miss to give you an explanation?"

The guard shuddered and shook his head hurriedly: "N… No. You can go ahead."

Xiao Lingling snorted coldly and was about to move away. Suddenly, she slapped her forehead as she spoke, "Ah… I forgot my pouch."

Following, she turned around and brought the boy with her back to the manor. The guard looked at them for a while, he shook his head and muttered, "This girl is still fierce as usual."

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Ten minutes later, Xiao Lingling and the boy came back and passed through the gate while the guard didn't bother to look at them for fearing to provoke her anger once again. However, because of this, he had failed to perceive a peculiar change in both of them. 'Xiao Lingling' seemed to be slightly taller than before.


Yun Lintian finished his sumptuous dinner at the Autumn Wind inn's dining hall and went back to his room afterward. Today, he had spent an enormous amount of profound energy dealing with patients. He was quite exhausted and wanted to take a rest for a while.

"You've worked hard." Yun Meilan appeared in the room and looked at Yun Lintian with a smile underneath the black veil. She had witnessed everything he had done for today and was admired his kindness.

Yun Lintian was already accustomed to her come and gone out of nowhere behavior. He responded while pouring two cups of tea for both of them: "It's nothing." He handed one cup of tea to Yun Meilan and asked, "Anyway, Aunt Meilan, I don't quite understand. Why is the level of doctors here being too low? Today, I found that many patients have a simple ailment, yet those doctors can't do anything. This is the capital of the nation, doctors here shouldn't be this incapable, right? This is too strange."

Yun Meilan sipped the tea while listening to Yun Lintian's question. A smile emerged on her lips as she replied, "It's not that their level is too low, but rather your level is too high."

Upon hearing this, Yun Lintian frowned slightly… Yeah, maybe it's true. So, it's not that those doctors' skills are too low but I, myself, have a wrong common sense. I always thought that my medical knowledge is good but haven't reached that unprecedented level, and I never compared myself to other sisters in the Sect before. No wonder those girls looking at me as if I am a monster whenever I performed treatment. He thought to himself.

Seeing Yun Lintian had a thoughtful expression on his face, Yun Meilan continued, "You rarely come out of the Sect. It is normal for you to think like this. In the Sect, your mother and others rarely tell you about the outside world information because they want you to live carefree without any concern. Take the Sacred Flame Sect's incident for example, if you haven't discovered it by yourself, they will never tell you about it."

"I always objecting on this matter because it will harm you in the future, but your mother insists on doing this. Therefore, everyone has to compile her wish. You probably won't believe what your mother has told me before we came here."

Yun Lintian raised his brows and asked, "What did she tell you, Aunt Meilan?"

Yun Meilan laughed slightly: "She told me to prevent you from inquiring any information as much as I can. However, after I saw your operations during these two days. I found out that I should let you do it… When you first bribing the city gate's guard to distract him and get a little information out of his mouth. I was quite surprised at how smooth you were. The reason why you asked him where is the best inn and who is the owner because whoever controls the inn is likely to have a ton of information in their possession. Hence, I think your first plan is to approach Hua clan."

Yun Meilan took a deep look at Yun Lintian while the latter appeared to be calm without changing his expression in the slightest. She said further, "Instead of going to the Sleepless Inn directly, you probably think it might be too hard to gain anything in a short time. Hence, you chose a relatively small and popular inn instead to learn a general situation first. Coincidently, you heard something about the young master of Yang clan, and they happened to have Heavenly Yin Iron. Consequently, you changed your original plan and chose to set up a treatment stall in the end… I must say, your luck is too good. Everything seems to get into your plan effortlessly."

Yun Lintian took a sip of tea and gave a light shrug to Yun Meilan, confirming her conjecture. Just as Yun Lintian was about to say something, Yun Meilan suddenly frowned and said, "Your targets have arrived." She stood up and vanished from the spot.