11 Breaking Profound Vein

"Heavenly Yin Iron?" Yang Mengli and Yang Chen were surprised.

Yun Lintian nodded his head: "Yes. I need around five kilograms. When I heard that your Yang clan has issued a reward for treating your patriarch. I decided to come here to take a look."

Yang Mengli suddenly stood up: "Senior, do you have a way to cure my father!?"

Yun Lintian's brows raised slightly: "I have to see your father by myself first. However, as you can see, I don't want to get involved in your disputes. You can just tell me his condition and I will try to give you a method."

Yang Mengli was about to say something, but Yun Lintian interrupted her: "We will talk about this later. Let's treat your brother first." He turned to Yang Chen and said, "I have two choices for you. First, I will repair your damaged Profound Vein and you will regain the ability to practice… Second, besides repairing your damaged Profound Vein, I can use a method to improve it. Your Profound Vein will be tougher and the absorption rate will increase as well. However, this method is extremely dangerous and very painful. You may die in the process. Moreover, I haven't done this to anyone before. So, the choice is yours."

Both Yang siblings' expressions changed drastically. Yang Mengli looked at Yang Chen worriedly. With her younger brother's temper, he definitely chose the second method without hesitation. She didn't want him to take a risk.

Yang Chen clenched his fists and answered firmly, "I choose the second method."

Yun Lintian wasn't surprised about this. As someone with a protagonist-like name and was driven by a revenge plot, it was normal for Yang Chen to choose this way. He took a small leather bag out, handing it to Yang Mengli and said, "Very well. I need you to prepare hot water and throw all of these medicinal ingredients into it."

Yang Mengli hesitated for a moment as she wanted to persuade Yang Chen to give up this choice. However, when she saw an unwavering determination in his eyes, she could only swallow everything back and went to prepare the water.

Yun Lintian looked at Yang Chen for a while, he said, "Are you ready?"

Yang Chen stared back at Yun Lintian and uttered firmly, "Let's do it. Senior doesn't have to worry. If I died, my sister won't do anything to you."

Hearing this, Yun Lintian shrugged his shoulders without care. He never believed in something like oaths or promises. If Yang Chen died in his hand, he was quite sure Yang Mengli won't let this matter rest.

"Come." When Yun Lintian saw Yang Mengli came back, he beckoned Yang Chen to follow him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there was a wooden tub with translucent water mixing with various medicinal herbs, emitting a medicinal fragrance spread throughout the room.

"Get in." Yun Lintian told Yang Chen.

Yang Chen slowly got into the wooden tub. The moment his body soaked into the medicinal water, he could feel an extremely comfortable sensation seeped into every pore of his body.

Yun Lintian came to the wooden tub's side. After he took a deep breath, he spoke, "I'm going to start now." Without waiting for Yang Chen to reply, a bright green light lit up on the top of Yun Lintian's finger as he struck on Yang Chen's left shoulder.


"Argh!" Yang Chen let out a painful cried involuntarily. Blood spurted out of his mouth, turning the water red. His face was constantly distorted in agony.

Yun Lintian raised his finger once again and struck Yang Chen's arm, making the latter screaming in pain once again. According to a medical profound art, [The Remnant Record of Life] that he studied for all these years, there were 3 ways to repair a damaged Profound Vein. First, using a Divine Elixir. Yun Lintian didn't know what was the Divine Elixir because the highest level of the elixir he had seen before was only rank 9. And even he did, he won't be able to find it anyway.

The second method was simply connecting every Profound Entrance on the Profound Vein one by one. In this method, the doctor needed to be a Wood Element user and extremely proficient in medical profound art. The complication in this method was how to handle the complicated Profound Vein when connecting them together. However, for Yun Lintian, this method was the easiest one.

Lastly, the current method that Yun Lintian had performed right now. Yun Lintian called it the breaking vein method. This method was basically destroyed everything and rebuilt it with the help of medicinal elixirs. It was perilous, as the target might not be able to hold on because of the immense pain and died before the process was completed.

While the treatment continuing, Yang Mengli couldn't bear to see her younger brother in pain. She bit her lips hard and turned her head away.

At this moment, Yun Lintian was already covered in sweat entirely. He constantly popped up Energy Replenish pills into his mouth from time to time throughout the process. It took Yun Lintian 30 minutes to completely snapped every Profound Entrance on Yang Chen's body. The next step was to connect all of them together.

"Not bad. You're quite tough." Yun Lintian wiped the sweat on his forehead and gave Yang Chen a compliment.

Yang Chen was now pale as white paper. His upper body was covered in blood, and his eyes turned bloodshot. The past 30 minutes was the most painful moment he had ever experienced since he was born. Even when Luo Kun destroyed his Profound Vein, it was miles behind this. There were several moments he thought he would step into the death gate. The reason he could hold on was that he wanted revenge! He was unwilling to die like this. Even he had to die. At least he needed to repay his hatred first!

Yun Lintian let out a long breath while trying to replenish his profound energy. Meanwhile, Yang Mengli on the side was relieved after seeing Yang Chen was fine. No one could understand how nervous she was earlier.lightsnovel

After Yun Lintian regained his profound energy, he quickly used several silver needles on Yang Chen. Both of his hands were covered in bright green profound light before he started to connect Yang Chen's shattered Profound Vein together piece by piece. His movement was insanely fast and precise. Every time Yun Lintian touched, Yang Chen could feel an obvious change in his Profound Vein, causing him to become ecstatic and had completely forgotten all the pain.


An hour later, Yun Lintian suddenly slumped onto the ground after he finished connected all Yang Chen's Profound Vein. His face was pale as white sheets, drenching in sweat. He had spent every ounce of his profound energy in order to perform this technique.

"Senior!" Yang Mengli hurriedly came to Yun Lintian's side, trying to pull him up. Yun Lintian currently had no strength left in his body. If Yang Mengli wanted to kill him, he won't be able to put up any defense at all.

At the corner of the room, Yun Meilan stared at Yun Lintian with a worried expression underneath her black veil. She was ready to take action at any time if something happened. Fortunately, she was the one who accompanied Yun Lintian on this trip. Had it been Yun Qianxue, both Yang siblings would have been dead by now.

"It's fine." Yun Lintian sat on the ground, leaning on the wall, and said faintly.

Yang Mengli was agitated, at the same time, she was deeply moved by Yun Lintian's action. He had spent great efforts to help her and Yang Chen. This grace was too heavy. What Yun Lintian had done for them was akin to giving them a new lease on life. She understood there was no way she could repay him with her current status.

"Senior, both of us siblings will engrave this kindness into our hearts forever. In the future, if Senior need us to do anything, please don't hesitate to tell us. As for Heavenly Yin Iron, I will bring it to you tomorrow." Yang Mengli said solemnly.



At this moment, Yang Chen jumped out of the wooden tub, examining himself excitedly. He discovered that he could feel the profound energy around him once again, and his strength had slowly recovered bit by bit. His body was full of vigor and vitality like he never had before.

"Stop! Don't absorb profound energy." Yun Lintian shouted.

Yang Chen was startled for a second before he nodded his head.

"You need to wait a week before you can start practice again… Also, it would be better to hide your condition. You should understand what I mean." Yun Lintian said and gave them a meaningful gaze.

Yang Mengli and Yang Chen looked at each other and nodded their heads in agreement. If this matter was to spread out, all of them would face endless trouble in no time. At the same time, as long as they couldn't find the hidden threats within their clan, the history would definitely repeat itself once again, and this time Yang Mengli might not end up only being poisoned. As for Yang Chen, Luo Kun would never stop at destroying Yang Chen's Profound Vein.

"Senior, you gave me a second life. I, Yang Chen, will remember this grace for the rest of my life." Yang Chen walked to Yun Lintian and knelt down in front of him.

Yun Lintian smiled slightly: "This is just a transaction. You don't have to take this matter to heart… Anyway, I wish you good luck on your redemption." His strength had returned a bit. He slowly stood up and went to the living room.

"Let's talk about your father's condition." Yun Lintian poured himself a tea and said.

Yang Mengli had a serious expression as she spoke: "Five months ago, we don't know what's exactly going on. Suddenly, our father never woke up again. The doctor said, his body is fine but there is something happened to his soul. No matter how many doctors have come, they can't do anything about it."

Yun Lintian's brows creased together while he contemplating this matter. The information was too vague and useless. Even his medical knowledge was vast as the ocean, he couldn't pin down the right judgment.

Yang Chen hesitated briefly and said, "I don't know if this is related to father's condition. Back in the day, I saw a small black flower shape on his chest. I don't think our father has it before he becomes like this."

Yun Lintian's brows raised: "Black flower pattern? Is it like this?" He then took out a paper and brush, drawing something on it.

On the paper, it was a flower pattern with five leaves similar to a lotus shape. When Yang Chen saw it, he immediately exclaimed, "Yes! This!"

Yang Mengli's eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope. Yun Lintian apparently recognized this strange flower pattern. She was confident that he definitely had a way to deal with it. Her faith and trust in Yun Lintian had already reached an unprecedented high to the point she blindly believed there was no aliment in the world that he couldn't deal with.

Yun Lintian exhaled a cold breath: "Five Leaves Soul Extinguished poison!" He looked at the siblings and explained, "This is the incredibly rare poison. It's an extremely cruel one. When the target was poisoned by this, the target's soul will be trapped within the Soul Gate and losing control over the body. The five leaves represent the remaining times of the target. Each leaf equal to one year. This means your father has five years left… Usually, this kind of poison will be deployed to torture the target. Even though the target couldn't control the body, he could still perceive everything around him."

The Yang siblings looked at each other and saw the horror in each other's eyes. They immediately understood what it meant 'extremely cruel' by Yun Lintian's word. Whoever had been poisoned by this Five Leaves Soul Extinguished Poison, had to witness everything that happened around them, but they couldn't do anything. There was nothing more tormented than watching your family and comrades dying in front of you while you were helpless to save them.