20 Arrival

"Snow Cloud Fairy has a son?" Qi Hao muttered in puzzlement. Everyone in the entire Heavenly Fortune Nation knew that Yun Qianxue hated men the most. How could she suddenly have a son?

Yun Huanxin didn't give him any explanation. She asked while sitting back on the carriage, "Can we go now?"

Ji Yi and Huo Shan looked at her gloomily and were about to make a move, but they were interrupted by Qi Hao's warning gaze instead.

Qi Hao turned to Yun Huanxin and said with a smile, "Of course."

Yun Huanxin immediately urged the horses, and the carriage continued to move on the forest path, disappearing from everyone's sight.

"Protector Qi, why are you stopping us?" Huo Shan asked in dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, Ji Yi didn't say anything. He only looked at Qi Hao questioningly.

"All of you are not her opponent… Including me." Qi Hao answered calmly. His sharp eyes fixated on the disappearing carriage.

Huo Shan and Ji Yi immediately frowned. They didn't believe Yun Huanxin could fight against three of them.

Qi Hao noticed their disbelief expression. He chuckled, "She already reached Half-step Ruler Profound Realm."

"What!?" Huo Shan exclaimed in surprise. It was no wonder he and Ji Yi were easily beaten by her.

Ji Yi was silent for a long time before he sighed, "Sure enough. The Misty Cloud Sect is not an easy target to be trifled with." After finishing his sentence, he floated away from the place.

Qi Hao glanced at Huo Shan with a meaningful smile before he also floated away, leaving Huo Shan behind alone.

Huo Shan took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He suddenly felt it was a mistake to confront the Misty Cloud Sect. He quickly took out a transmission jade and reported the news back to his sect.


"You are awesome, Third Aunt!" Along the way, Yun Lintian sincerely praised Yun Huanxin. He was convinced by her strength.

Yun Huanxin had a proud expression on her face as she pushed her flat chest out and said proudly, "Of course, your Third Aunt is not easy to mess with."

Yun Lintian was amused by her haughty appearance. He asked, "By the way, Third Aunt. Can you tell me about the Crown Prince?"

"Well, he is Qi Qianxing's beloved son. He is around forty this year and already reached the second level of Heaven Profound Realm. Putting his hypocrisy aside, he is indeed a talented individual." Yun Huanxin replied.

"I see." Yun Lintian nodded and fell into deep thought. To be able to reach Heaven Profound Realm around forty years old was indeed a talented one. It was almost similar to Yun Qianxue as she reached the Heaven Profound Realm around thirty-five years old. At that time, she was renowned as a genius that was hard to come by in a millennium.

The carriage gradually arrived at a spacious area. At the center, there was a gigantic donut shape stone gate magically floating in the air half a meter from the ground. Its body was made with material similar to amethyst with complicated ancient writings engraved all over the place.

Yun Lintian and nine senior sisters were immediately attracted by its mystical design. He asked curiously, "Is that the entrance?"

Yun Huanxin controlled the carriage to the side as she answered: "Yes. It's marvelous, isn't it?"

Everyone subconsciously nodded their head. It was true as Yun Huanxin said — they had imagined about the entrance's appearance several times before coming here and the actual entrance's appearance didn't disappoint them at all. They didn't perceive any energy around it at all, but it somehow miraculously floated in the air.

Yun Huanxin parked the carriage at the edge of the forest. She then told everyone to come down and set up a tent.

While Yun Lintian's group was busy with their own works, Qi Hao had arrived in front of a grandeur marble house far away from the mythical realm's entrance. He bowed slightly: "I have something to report, Your Highness."

"Come in." A cold male voice sounded from within the marble house, along with the door slowly opened.

When Qi Hao walked into the house, he saw a handsome young man sat on an imposing chair, leisurely enjoying a cup of spirit tea. He dressed in a black and golden imperial robe with a dragon pattern on it. He was the Crown Prince, Qi Yuanfeng.

Qi Yuanfeng waved his hand, signaling a beautiful female servant on the side to serve Qi Hao a cup of tea as he asked, "What is it?"

Qi Hao received the teacup and sat down opposite Qi Yuanfeng. He said, "Earlier, Ji Yi and Huo Shan fought with Yun Huanxin. Unexpectedly, they lose miserably. It's already confirmed. Yun Huanxin's strength has already reached Half-step Ruler Profound Realm."

"Oh?" Qi Yuanfeng's brows raised in surprise. He smiled and asked, "Even Uncle Hao can't fight her?"

Qi Hao shook his head: "Her spatial technique is too powerful. I am not her opponent."

Qi Yuanfeng touched his chin, pondering shortly. He asked further, "She came alone?"lightsnovel

Qi Hao nodded, "Yes. Also, there is another news. There is a young man among her group. His name is Yun Lintian. Yun Huanxin told me he is Snow Cloud Fairy's son."

Qi Yuanfeng's eyes widened open: "Snow Cloud Fairy's son? How is that possible? Didn't she always hate every man in the whole world?"

"I'm not sure as well." Qi Hao spoke uncertainly. He was curious about this as well.


Qi Yuanfeng tapped on the table, contemplating this topic. He felt there was something tricky behind this. Yun Lintian's status shouldn't be simple as it appeared to be.

"Your Highness, do we need to report to Your Majesty?" Qi Hao suddenly asked. He thought this information should be reported to Qi Qianxing.

Qi Yuanfeng waved his hand dismissively: "No need. Royal Father is busy right now." He paused slightly and said further, "What about capturing him? Can you do it?"

Qi Hao was startled for a second. He replied after carefully considering: "It's hard to restrain Yun Huanxin with our current personnel. At the critical moment, she can use her spatial technique to send Yun Lintian away and we will have no way to stop her. So we need more people to keep her busy."

"Fine. I will get more people." Qi Yuanfeng said. He then motioned the female servant to get out of the room.


"Father, I saw Senior over there!" At another campsite, Yang Mengli rushed into Yang Gouming's tent while yelling excitedly.

Yang Gouming, who was busy with several documents before him, was taken aback upon seeing his daughter losing her usual cold temperament. He asked, "Senior? You mean that miraculous doctor who helped us?"

During the past month after Yang Gouming had recovered from the poison, he decisively killed all the moles within the Yang clan, including one of his brothers, Yang Goumu, who was one of the main conspirators behind the scene. He had fully established his authority and prestige. His patriarch position couldn't be more stable than this. Combining with Yang Chen had regained his Profound Vein. No one in the clan dared to challenge his position again.

"Yes. However, he is staying with the Misty Cloud Sect's group." Yang Mengli was confused. She didn't know why Yun Lintian suddenly appeared with the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples.

"Misty Cloud Sect?… Wait, what is his name again?" Yang Gouming was puzzled. To his knowledge, there wasn't any man in the Misty Cloud Sect.

"His name is Yun Lintian." Yang Mengli answered.

"Surname Yun?" Yang Gouming's expression abruptly changed. "Is he really someone from the Misty Cloud Sect?" He muttered in low voice.

Yang Mengli also realized this as well. Throughout the entire Heavenly Fortune Nation, surname Yun was exclusive to the Misty Cloud Sect. There wasn't anyone outside the sect using this surname. Before this, she suspected this as well, but she denied it in the end because the Misty Cloud Sect never had a male disciple before.

"Let's go. I want to see him." Yang Gouming stood up and walked out of the tent with Yang Mengli. Before heading to the Misty Cloud Sect's campsite, he went to call Yang Chen out and the group immediately set off toward Yun Lintian's direction afterward.

At this moment, Yun Lintian just finished setting up his tent. As he was about to help other senior sisters, he heard Yun Huanxin said, "Come here, Lintian. We have a visitor."

Yun Lintian was wondered who was the visitor. He walked to Yun Huanxin and immediately saw a group of people coming in his direction. Among the group, he saw two familiar faces. They were no other than Yang Mengli and Yang Chen.

"We meet again, Senior." Yang Mengli hurriedly stepped forward and greeted him with a bright smile.

Yang Gouming cupped his fists to Yun Huanxin as he said, "Greetings, Hall Master Yun. It's been several years since the last time we met."

Yang Gouming and Yun Huanxin were counted as the same generation. They had met each other several times in the past. The relationship between the Yang clan and Misty Cloud Sect wasn't an enemy but also wasn't an ally either. It had always remained neutral.

"You are still the same." Yun Huanxin replied casually before turning her head away, unperturbed.

Yang Gouming didn't get angry at her unconcerned attitude. He knew that every member of the Misty Cloud Sect was a proud daughter of heaven. They were aloof and untouchable. He turned to Yun Lintian and suddenly gave a bow to him as he said, "Thank you, Young Doctor, for helping us. Please accept my bow."

Yun Huanxin and the Yang siblings were surprised upon seeing this. As for Yun Lintian, he was embarrassed and hurriedly helped Yang Gouming up. "Please don't, Senior. I don't dare to accept this. Helping Senior was originally a deal. I already got the rewards in exchange. Senior doesn't need to be like this." To him, this incident was simply a matter of a deal. He helped them because of the Heavenly Yin Iron.

Yang Gouming straightened his back and spoke solemnly: "What you have done to us is not comparable with a mere Heavenly Yin Iron. You saved our lives and our clan. No matter what, if you needed my help in the future, don't hesitate to tell me. I will do my best to satisfy you."

Yun Lintian didn't insist further. He politely accepted, "Alright, I accepted this favor."

Yang Gouming smiled in satisfaction. He turned to his children and said, "Li'er, Chen'er, you have to help our benefactor in the future, understand?"

Yang Mengli and Yang Chen nodded their heads firmly. Even if Yang Gouming didn't say anything, they would try their best to repay this grace anyway.

Yang Mengli hesitated for a moment before she plucked her courage to ask, "Senior, are you a member of the Misty Cloud Sect?"