27 Damsel In Distress

"Cough cough!" Hua Litong coughed heavily while struggling to stand up. She glanced at Yun Lintian and her face turned unsightly. It wasn't because she had underestimated the Abyssal Crocodile, but rather it was too strong.

The major difference between humans and Profound Beast was the body. Comparing to Profound Beast, a human's body was ridiculously fragile. The former's body was akin to hardened steel — it was tough and flexible at the same time. Both Yun Lintian and Hua Litong's weapons were made of Essence Iron, which could easily pierce any Essence Profound Beast's skins. However, it couldn't do much to the Abyssal Crocodile.

Hua Litong gripped her long sword tightly. Her eyes turned resolute. A powerful aura slowly emanating from her body, stirring countless leaves on the ground to form into a mini-tornado.

"Thousands Flowers Art Forth Style, Withering Blossom!" Hua Litong chanted in a low voice as her body leaped into the air. Countless illusory flower petals appeared around her body, floating in a spiral shape. She pointed her sword at the crocodile while she descending at high speed.

The Abyssal Crocodile perceived a danger. It hastily urged profound energy to form a protective barrier around its body and completed it in a short time.


Hua Litong's sword hit the barrier and entirely shattered it. The illusory flower's petals speedily rushed to the Abyssal Crocodile's head, and immediately scattered away, turning into dried leaves as they hit the target.

"Roarrrr!" The Abyssal Crocodile howled painfully as it wriggled frantically on the ground.

Just as Hua Litong about to smile, celebrating a victory, a strong aura once exploded out from the Abyssal Crocodile, blowing her away like a broken kite.

"Ugh…" Yun Lintian saw this scene. His heart tensed up uncomfortably. He never thought this Hua Litong would still attack the beast instead of running away while she could.

He stood up and took a small ice sword out of his ring. It had an exquisite appearance, exuded a powerful aura. This was his ultimate trump card that was given by Yun Qianxue. This ice sword possessed Yun Qianxue's Origin Power. When it was unleashed, it would have the strength equal to the Earth Profound Realm.

Normally, profound practitioners would form an origin power when they reached Origin Profound Realm. However, no one would divide a portion of their Origin Power to make a lifesaving item like this because they would have to part with this portion forever once it was released, and their foundation would be affected. It was obvious Yun Qianxue loved Yun Lintian to the bone. She was willing to give her Origin Power to him without hesitation.

Yun Lintian was well aware of this. If it was possible, he would never use this even he had to die. He didn't want to harm Yun Qianxue's foundation. However, when he saw Hua Litong's miserable appearance because of him, he made up his mind to do it.

"Die!" When Yun Lintian was about to unleash the power of the ice sword, a loud shout suddenly rang out from the distance, along with a beautiful figure descending on the top of the Abyssal Crocodile.


"Roar!" A powerful sword force in deep blue light sank into the Abyssal Crocodile's head, causing it to scream in great pain.

The beautiful figure exerted her power to maximum and finally cut the head of the Abyssal Crocodile off. The Abyssal Crocodile's body continued to wriggle for a while before it stopped, lying motionless on the ground. It couldn't be more dead than this.

"Senior Sister Chan?" Yun Lintian muttered blankly. His eyes fixated on the beautiful figure, Yun Chan, who descended from heaven to save his life. He let out a sigh of relief and slumped his butt onto the ground powerlessly.

"Eldest Miss!" Hua Fei and others arrived at the scene and quickly went to check Hua Litong, who was lying in a pool of blood.

Yun Chan's figure appeared beside Yun Lintian. She squatted down and scooped his head up before feeding him a healing pill.

"Hang on, Junior Brother Lintian." Yun Chan had a rare concerned expression on her face. She quickly channeled profound energy to help Yun Lintian digested the healing pill.

"Thank you." Yun Lintian said weakly. This time he was truly exhausted… Wait a minute. Why did I feel like I was a damsel in distress and Yun Chan was a protagonist who appeared timely to save him? A funny thought appeared in Yun Lintian's mind as he closed his eyes, resting.

Yun Chan didn't understand why Yun Lintian suddenly smiled. She found a relatively clean place and placed Yun Lintian down.

Hua Fei fed a healing pill to Hua Litong, and the latter sat up by herself, focusing on healing. Comparing to Yun Lintian, she was far stronger. Her injury might look heavier. In fact, it was lighter than Yun Lintian.

Yang Ping and his friend went to inspect the Abyssal Crocodile's remains with great interest. It was the first time for them to see Spirit Profound Beast up close like this. They never imagined the Essence Profound Realm's practitioners could actually kill this gigantic beast.

A few hours later, Hua Litong and Yun Lintian's injuries were half-healed. They gathered around a bonfire with others, cooking something to eat.

"I'll go dissect that beast first." Yun Lintian stood up and walked toward the Abyssal Crocodile's remains. No one had an objection because they knew Yun Lintian had spent a lot of effort and resources to take it down.lightsnovel

Yun Lintian took out a sharp silver knife and skillfully dissected the beast's corpse. His movement was nimble, evidently, he had done this countless times before. Since the dead Profound Beast lost its life, the surrounding energy had completely gone too. He only needed to exert a trace of his profound energy to pierce through its skins easily.

"Did he often do this?" Hua Litong asked Yun Chan out of curiosity.

Yun Chan replied with a proud expression, "Yes. Junior Brother Lintian is proficient in various arts. Dissection is one of them. He always taking this job since he was five years old."

Hua Litong and others were amazed. When they were six, they didn't even dare to approach a profound beast's corpse, but Yun Lintian was already started to dissect it.

"Doctor, Inscriber, Formation Master and this. Are you sure he is still a human?" Hua Litong couldn't help but ask stupidly. Aside from Yun Lintian's low strength, he seemed proficient in everything.

A rare smile bloomed on Yun Chan's face. She took him as her pride and was so proud of him.

Seeing Yun Chan's expression, Hua Litong clicked her tongue in annoyance. She changed the topic. "What's your next plan?"

Yun Chan looked at Yun Lintian for a moment. She replied, "We are heading south to regroup with other sisters."

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Hua Litong glanced at Hua Fei and the rest before she said, "Then we can go together."

Everyone went silent afterward while eating their own food.

A half an hour later, Yun Lintian came back with several materials. High-grade leathers, Crocodile's teeth, fangs, and meat. Everything was tied neatly into bundles.

Yun Lintian place a palm-size yellow crystal before everyone and said, "This is the Spirit Profound Beast Core. Is there anyone who wants it? I don't need it for the time being."

Everyone looked at each other but didn't say a word in the end. Normally, Profound Beast Core was used as an ingredient of a pill and forging a weapon. Its value was relatively high and had an outrageous demand in the market. However, everyone present hailed from the six major clans. They weren't short of money, even though some of them had the status of servant. Hence, they had little interest in the Spirit Profound Beast Core in front of them.

"Alright, I'll take it then." Yun Lintian put it away and started eating his food.

Hua Litong stared at Yun Lintian for a long time until the latter couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong? Do I have a flower on my face?"

Hua Litong snorted softly and asked, "Where is your interspatial ring? You should have one, right? I saw you took weapons out many times, but I didn't see your ring."

Yun Lintian's brows raised slightly. It was due to his carelessness and accidentally revealed his ring. He answered after pondering for a while, "I do have the interspatial ring."

Seeing he didn't want to show it to her, Hua Litong didn't press on this matter further.

Since he didn't have to hide about the ring anymore, Yun Lintian took tents out and set it up for Yun Chan and himself after finishing his dinner.

"Hey! How many tents you have?" Hua Litong looked at her straw-bed on the ground and Yun Lintian's tents. She couldn't help but ask about it.

"Do you think my ring can hold that much?" Yun Lintian replied nonchalantly.

Hua Litong was taken aback, and she thought it was indeed the case. How could he possibly have so many tents? She let out a helpless sigh and sat on her straw-bed dejectedly.

Yun Lintian saw her pitiful appearance. He thought for a moment before he sighed and took another tent out, throwing it to her. After all, Hua Litong helped him deal with the Abyssal Crocodile earlier. At least he could repay her a little with this.

"Here, you can use this. As for the bed, you can solve it by yourself." He then walked into his tent afterward.

Hua Litong held the tent delightfully. "Thank you!" She didn't question about his unusual-size interspatial ring and went to set up the tent cheerfully. Tonight, she didn't have to sleep in open-air anymore.

Yang Ping and the rest looked at them and let out a long sigh. Being rich was surely great.