1158 Necromancer

The group of four quickly traversed through the forest at a cautious speed. Eldrin had already vetoed flying as an option since that would instantly make them a target of many hidden dangers that lurked in the forest.

"It's best to stay hidden and keep a low profile in the forest," Eldrin explained. "This is the time when the guardian gives its blessing. Every beast, elf or-" He paused as he looked at Liam and then continued, "whatever living being that lurks in this forest will fight with each other and compete for it."

"It's in our best interest to avoid the fights. I prefer letting others kill each other instead of getting my own hands dirty." Eldrin was very straightforward with his opinion.

Elira and Lunaria instantly gave him a look but neither said anything. Liam, on the other hand, simply nodded, agreeing with the elf. He usually followed the same method so he did not have any problem with it.

However, it seemed that it wouldn't be so easy to avoid fights within the forbidden territory. Within a few minutes, they had already run into something troublesome.

It was a group of wolves but this pack was a lot different than anything they had ever encountered. Every single one of the wolves was huge and it had monstrous bulging muscles.

<Level 650, Titan Wolf>

Eldrin's eyes widened as he took in the information provided by his inspection skill. "Titan Wolves at Level 650... that's far beyond the norm, even for this forest."

"I thought that we still had some time but it has already begun!"

"What do you mean?" Liam asked as he unsheathed his sword.

"During this time the aura of the forbidden territory becomes several times more powerful and this empowers the native beasts of this region." 

"This is also their chance to obtain the guardian's blessing. The guardian is slightly more partial to them as these beasts live under the guardian's shade."

Liam clenched the sword in his hand tighter. This was an opponent he could face so he did not plan to retreat.

Before Eldrin could do anything, Liam inhaled deeply, and when he exhaled a whitish mist filled the area as even more ferocious beasts snarled and entered the scene.

Eldrin watched in awe as one after the other soul blood beasts started stepping onto the battlefield standing between them and the pack of titan wolves.

He had purposefully not made a move first so as to gauge Liam's strength and his doubts were not unfounded. Liam could actually summon these dreadful soul blood beasts even outside of their empire's mystic realm.

Impossible! Eldrin shivered but the scene in front of him was continuing to unfold.

There were in total fifty soul blood beasts in front of him and each and every single one of them was at least level 500. They charged straight at the titan wolves without fear and tore them apart using their vicious attacks.

The titan wolves were known for their unyielding strength and ferocity, but faced with Liam's soul blood beasts, they found themselves overwhelmed. 

It was a savage but quick battle, the mystical creatures diving in with a choreography that suggested deep coordination and control. Their claws and fangs were as deadly as any weapon, and they fought as though they felt neither pain nor fear.lightsnovel

Finally, the last of the Titan Wolves let out a whimper, collapsing to the ground, defeated but not dead. As the soul blood beasts stepped back, their forms dissipated into the mist from whence they had come, awaiting their next summoning.

Eldrin gulped as he witnessed the unbelievable scene. Liam hadn't lifted a finger but the entire pack had been utterly destroyed. This man was a walking arsenal!

When he looked at him, there was only one thing that came to his mind. 


Eldrin had long since noticed the stench of death that hovered around Liam. He was an elf attuned deeply to nature. How could he not even tell this much?

The stinging stench of death and decay was abundant around the human being. So he knew that Liam had to be a necromancer of some kind. 

The thing that threw him off was his ability to manipulate the soul blood beasts which made him wonder if he was a type of summoner.

But now, there was something else that stood out. Eldrin did not know for sure but these soul blood beasts were definitely not the soul blood beasts he had encountered back in the mystic realm.

They were slightly different. The faint stench of death lingered over them as well which should technically be impossible as these beasts were very much alive.

Just what sort of a monster was this man?

Eldrin stood along with Elira and Lunaria and the three of them watched the scene of massacre. The pack of Titan wolves had definitely chosen the wrong opponents.

As the beasts died, not even their corpses remained. 

Eldrin watched as every single beast was removed and stored inside some sort of spatial artifact. He stared at Liam's fingers and was surprised to find that there were no rings. What sort of a spatial artifact was he using?

Just then his attention had been completely on the soul blood beasts that he forgot to watch Liam and when he finally observed him, he found the human being busily focusing on something.

Eldrin, unfortunately, did not manage to catch a glimpse of it as whatever was in Liam's hand swiftly went into the spatial artifact just like the rest of the corpses.


Tch. The chubby elf clicked his tongue.

However, he didn't care too much. This was just the beginning. They had so much more distance to cover. The forbidden forests were a vast territory after all.

Even though he was currently nosy, in the end, Eldrin only hoped that this new partner of his had enough strength to carry him to the place that he wanted to go.