9 Just a Kid

Arthur continued to eat, quite fast but in the eyes of others, it felt slow. Even after two minutes, Carla and Bella still didn't touch their food, they continued to stare at him, as if enjoying the sight as he ate.

When he stopped while he was drinking, he looked at Bella.

"Didn't you say you were a bit hungry, why not eat now?" he asked.

Bella was a little embarrassed so she smiled wryly. She took a fork and stabbed the fruit on her plate. The menu for food is only salad and drinks are only water.

Seeing her start to eat, Carla started eating too. Unlike Bella, she eats meat and potatoes.

Even though the two women had slim bodies, there was quite a stark difference. Carla's slimness is the result of exercise, so she looks quite powerful while Bella is clearly the result of keeping her portion sizes in check which is why her body is so weak.

After a few minutes, when Arthur had finished 3/4 of his food, a group of men led by Alex suddenly entered the cafeteria.

Some of the female students were pleased with his presence but the male students looked displeased, as if worried that he would disturb them.

Arthur who knew that he had come for him looked at him directly. Carla met Arthur's eyes but she just stayed quiet, not planning to interfere.

Bella, on the other hand, knitted her brows as she saw where Alex was headed.

Of course, she knew that he liked her, but that didn't matter to her because too many men liked her.

Remembering Arthur and Cale's conflict in the previous class, she started to guess why Alex had come here.

She knew that this wasn't a good thing for Arthur because when it came to Alex, it was always associated with violence and this was something she couldn't handle.

She thought about what she needed to do and as she looked at Arthur she found the man calmly looking at Alex.

When Alex was only four meters away from them, he waved to his friend who was holding the basketball.

That guy threw the ball to him and when he received the ball, he threw it straight at Arthur.

It was so fast, even a professional goalkeeper might not be able to catch it at such close range.

Arthur thought that this man was very direct.

However, unlike the others, he knew that he wasn't doing that out of anger. He wanted to investigate his abilities, something that was quite clear on his face.

"Noo!" Bella finally panicked when she saw the basketball moving fast towards Arthur.

She is always relaxed, visible from the faint smile on her lips. Unfortunately, being physically weak makes her easily panic in the face of violence.

"What are you worried about?" To her surprise, Arthur still managed to ask in such a situation.

Right after that, she saw Arthur's hand moving quickly, grabbing the basketball, and it stuck to his hand as if there was glue on it.

The students were stunned by the sight. Some rubbed their eyes, trying to fix their gaze only to find nothing changed. It's totally real.lightsnovel

"You?" Bella said, seeming to wonder if it was real.

Arthur replied "just a throw from a kid, I should just use my finger!"


Meanwhile, Alex continued walking, he nodded and said, "You sure are skilled, how about we have a match in the field?"

"That's not necessary," Arthur replied, shifting his gaze to him. He spun the basketball on his finger without the aid of his other hand or fingers, a feat that even a professional player might not be able to pull off.

"Why not, I thought it would be fun," replied Alex.

"I don't play with children," Arthur replied, stupefying everyone with his words.

Of course, what he said was the truth, even Alex's ancestor was only a child in front of him.

The tall young man did not become angry because of Arthur's words. He just seemed to be thinking about what he needed to say now.

Meanwhile, Arthur suddenly asked, "where are you from?"

That was probably the question that bothered him as his expression became visibly uncomfortable. And instead of answering Arthur's question, he said something else. "It seems I invited you at the wrong time, alright, let's do it another time!"

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

After saying that, he turned and walked away, confusing his friends.

Cale who was watching from afar was even more confused.

Nobody knew that Alex was currently texting via his cell phone.

(This Arthur is a skilled person, he should have been trained!)

Inside an apartment, there was a group of people relaxing.

Some were playing on the computer, some were playing cellphones, and some were eating snacks while watching tv.

In total, there were seven of them, consisting of five men and two women.

Their appearances were all quite messy, looking like street gangsters.

A man who looked to be in his late 20s took out his cell phone when it rang. He opened the phone and found a message from Alex. Reading the message made his forehead wrinkle slightly.

"What's wrong, Rock?" asked one of the women. She has curly hair, is reddish in color, is eating an apple.

"Alex said this Arthur is trained" Rock replied causing the others to turn their eyes to him.