12 Photos

"N-no, please don't do anything dangerous, we'll tell you," Barbara said, shaking. The others weren't angered by her words as they looked like they wanted to say that too.

Arthur who originally thought they would do a bit of resistance held his chin, wondering what had caused their fear to reach that point.

"What do you know about Magus?" In the end, he asked that first.

However, they shook their heads in response.

"Don't you guys know anything?"

"No, we've only heard and seen the results of their actions" Rock replied and he was terrified as he said that.

It seems that there really is something that traumatized them.

"What is it like?" Arthur asked again.

Rock looked at Ben after the question so Arthur looked at him too.

Ben hesitated a bit before replying "it's on my phone, I took some photos at that time!"

Arthur's gaze descended on his pants and he immediately found his phone because it was protruding slightly from the pants pocket.

He took it and asked, "what's the PIN?"

"220979," replied Ben.

Arthur unlocked the phone then opened the gallery menu. Among the many folders, he found one with the name 'Dark.'

He opened it without hesitation, but it was locked.

"The PINs are the same," Ben said hurriedly.

Arthur inserted the pin again.

As soon as the folder opened, he narrowed his eyes. His sharp gaze allowed him to see the photos in the folder quite clearly even though they were still in a small size.

He opened the first photo.

It's a picture of a bus with the top missing. At first glance, there was nothing wrong with the bus, but in every seat of the bus, he saw a pair of legs with a waist, sitting ——— disembodied, of course.lightsnovel

Carla and Bella tried to peek, but Arthur used his hand to block their view.

He opened the second photo. It's similar to the first one except this one is a truck.

"Where is this?" asked Arthur.

"In Alaska! We never told anyone about this including our superiors," Ben replied.

"I see! Now, state your identity." Arthur thought he could only estimate how hidden the Magus were after knowing how deep their backgrounds were.

If they were only slightly more profound than ordinary people, then the existence of Magus could be said to be quite conspicuous.

"We are members of the God Eye Organization." This time, Rock answered.

"It really exists, I thought it was just a consOriginal theory," Bella chimed in.

Arthur naturally had heard of that organization as rumors abounded about them, like they controlled the financial system and major political parties in the western world.

"Are there any Magus in the organization?" asked Arthur.

If they didn't have Magus, then they were nothing more than an ordinary organization. It can also be said as the rulers who choose to hide behind the scenes. They might be the peak of mere mortals on earth, but they were nothing more than children playing hide-and-seek in the eyes of the Magus.

"I'm not sure because at the bottom like us, the organization is focused on science," replied Rock.

"Science?" Arthur smiled.

The magic world he came from wasn't a lagging place in terms of science, but it wasn't something that applied to life because it was only the initial stages of knowledge. Indeed, sentient beings can develop in that way, unfortunately it is limited, unlike spirituality which has no limits at all.

Science only touches the surface of knowledge while magic touches and controls its inner side. When you have control over the inner side, you can arrange the surface side as you like with your mind.


Of course, Arthur would not conclude that the organization only knows science. Maybe they researched both and since their knowledge of magic is still limited, so they expect something from science.

'Maybe the Magus aren't as deeply involved with this world,' thought Arthur.

He recalled the small worlds around the magic world. There, magic had advanced quite a bit but the Magus were still quite hidden. They are like beasts that do not surface as long as their needs are met. Or it could also be that they choose to hide because their level is so low that normal humans with all kinds of weapons can threaten them.