28 A Touch

"Amanda, this is an adult place, not a place for school students, at least 21 years old and above," said Erick after he looked at Arthur.

Perhaps on the way here, Henry had already told him everything about him so he knew such details.

"Since when did illegal businesses have a rule?" asked Arthur, answering his words.

Of course, that's a question that no one can answer including Erick himself, every answer will only result in hypocrisy.

"Erick, you better not make things difficult for us, you're not the only one doing this business," Amanda chimed in.

"Humph!" Erick finally snorted. He turned around, said, "Follow me!" Then take a step.

Arthur saw he was annoyed by people's stares, which was why he stopped trying to make things difficult for him. Maybe he will still do it later.

As soon as he stepped onto the deck of the ship, Arthur thought he would be very surprised if he only used his earthly perspective.

There may be over fifty cages, each containing one or two animals that are illegally traded.

Tigers, lions, big snakes, birds with beautiful voices. If the animal lovers were here, they would practically go berserk, maybe even kill Erick.

Meanwhile, the man spoke as he walked over to the place where the tiger enclosures were. "We have four tigers, two males and two females!"

Arthur and Amanda didn't listen to his words because they could see the tigers themselves.

Compared to the others, they were the ones who were mobbed the most, it was obvious that people's interest in them was extremely high. In other words, their price could be higher.

"How cute," Amanda said as she arrived in front of one of the cages.

The tiger inside was probably full, it lay down lazily.

However, Arthur could still feel its boundless savage side. If the cage is opened, it will practically jump to eat the nearest human.

"Erick come on, 900K is too high, lower the price just a bit!" Suddenly a man, in his mid-20s, approached Erick, looking like he was negotiating.

Erick responded by shaking his head. "Instead of going down, the price will probably go up again," he replied, glancing at Amanda.

The man turned his gaze to Amanda. After staring at her for a while, he said, "I see, I believe you're from the Nelson Family."

Amanda also looked at the man in response to his gaze, but she didn't seem to know who he was.

"Luke Anderson," he said, extending his hand to Amanda.

"Anderson, huh..." Amanda didn't respond to his handshake after hearing his family name.

"As you can see, Luke. I can't be biased in doing business even to my best friend in front of so many people, so I can't lower the price of this tiger," Erick said. Maybe he was actually happy because he could raise the price more.

Luke didn't respond, he was silent and seemed to think.lightsnovel

As for Arthur who had not yet spoken, approached the cage.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Several people who saw his actions shouted.

There is a circle that surrounds the cage, and it is a boundary that visitors are prohibited from crossing because the cage has many gaps, and crossing the boundary can be said to be quite dangerous. There is a possibility that the tiger in the cage may attack.

The loud noises of the people made the tiger that was lying relaxed looking like it was about to stand up, it looked at Arthur who was getting closer to it.


Its mouth opened, letting out a hoarse roar as if to warn Arthur that it was a wild tiger.

Unfortunately, Arthur did not stop his steps. The tiger finally stood up, leaping at him.

"You're crazy..." Even Erick himself panicked even though he didn't like Arthur.

Amanda, was still panicking despite that she had seen Arthur's martial abilities. That's quite reasonable considering this is a wild tiger.

In the end, Arthur was the only one who didn't panic. Before the tiger landed he said "Amanda, I want the two male tigers here, you can take the two tigress. Of course, you will pay them for me in exchange for taming them for you."

The crowd gaped at his words. However, no one responded now as they were more interested in his movements. He suddenly stretched his hand forward, tucking it into the cage.


It was practically like feeding the tiger.

Only, something was off. Arthur's hand movements seemed mysterious, as if he was playing a magic trick.

People weren't sure what happened, but the hand suddenly landed right on the tiger's forehead.

Arthur smiled as it happened. Silently, he sent his energy into the tiger's brain.

Of course, he wasn't just sending out energy, there was something embodied in it. It was a subjugation magic that could basically make any mortal animal regard the sender of the magic as its master. It can also be used on animals that have practiced magic that are also demon beasts, but of course, it's more difficult, sometimes requiring complicated processes.

The tiger jumped back as Arthur tugged at his hand, it looked at him in surprise and its ferocious eyes turned pure.

Then, Arthur took a step back and said, "done!"

However, people didn't notice something completely different even though the tiger's eyes were quite different. To them, even if a tiger were to cry, it was still a creature that could eat them.

"Boy, if you want to die, jump into the sea!" Henry cursed. He didn't care if Arthur died, but it would definitely be problematic if that happened here. And his aunt was a congresswomen, so his death would have left nothing but a lot of trouble.

"Arthur, what did you just do?" Amanda asked, she hesitated a bit as she looked back and forth between the young man and the tiger.

Her opinion of him was different from others, especially after seeing his martial abilities. She agreed to come here with him at first just to go with the flow out of curiosity, but with time, she started to believe his words.