30 Evil Trick

Amanda smiled at Arthur's confidence. She couldn't help but keep staring at hid back until he stopped at the third cage.

After that, she looked at Erick and asked, "how much did the four tigers cost?"

"Hey, isn't it too much to take all four, we also want one." A middle-aged woman wearing a diamond necklace chimed in.

She carried a famous brand leather bag and took out a gold card from it, as if she wanted to pay Erick immediately.

"900K, I'll pay it for the tigress" she said, looking at the tigress in the fourth cage.

It is quite pretty because of its longer mustache.

"I think I'll pay 900K too," said Luke.

Some also seem ready to name a price.

However, Erick only stared at Amanda. Although there was some conflict, his goal was ultimately money, so he was more attracted to people who could pay more and he knew Amanda could do it. Not only is she from a very wealthy family, but ehe is also the manager of her family's fortune. That's the advantage over others.

"I won't sell them for an exaggerated price if you want them all, as long as you pay more." Erick answered Amanda's question.

That people were ready to pay didn't panic Amanda, nor did she seem to care even if she came into conflict with them.

"How much?" She asked.

"4.5 million," Erick answered, showing four fingers. "This is included with the shipping fee, you can tell the place, guaranteed I will send them safely, without any trouble."

"Deal! State your account number..." Amanda immediately took out her cell phone, without further preamble, unlike the others who still looked doubtful even though they really wanted to buy.

Erick laughed softly, after mentioning the account number, he looked at the area where there were several lions. "What about them, are you interested?" he asked.

Amanda actually looked interested, but she wasn't sure how to answer the question. Her gaze moved to Arthur who was quite far away and said, 'let's see what he has to say!'

That she was waiting for Arthur's decision clearly displeased Erick, his lips twitching.

"Boy, what do you want to do?" Roy asked as he followed Arthur.

"Did you know, a cage like this actually can't stop a tiger?" Arthur said as he touched the third tiger's forehead. This time it was easier because it was a tigress.

Of course, Roy did not believe his words. "This cage is made of special steel, even if it is twice as big, it won't be able to break through it."

"Says someone who has never seen the true strength of a tiger," Arthur replied. He then stepped toward the next cage.

Of course, what Roy said wasn't completely wrong, but what he said wasn't wrong either. A tiger's true strength is far greater than one might think. The problem is that every tiger is just like humans, unable to unleash their true power.

However, Arthur can help the tigers he has tamed to unleash their true power.

Roy became angry because of Arthur's words. He snorted and said, "I've been to the jungles of Asia several times, met wild tigers there, how can a circus brat like you know more than me."

"And you dare boast just because you've visited groves?" Arthur looked at him with disdain.

Roy flinched so much that he almost took a step back. He was sure he had never heard of anyone daring to call the jungles of Asia as groves.lightsnovel

At the same time, Arthur touched the fourth tiger's forehead.

Each of them finally connected to him, they stared at him simultaneously. People just didn't know the meaning of their expressions, but if they transformed into human form, their expressions could only be described as those of a knight towards their king.

"So have you tamed them all yet?" Henry approached Arthur, asking with a mocking expression.

Arthur calmly replied. "Yeah, and it looks like they want to do a circus here."

"Ha ha ha!" Herny laughed. "Boy, you are really good at joking," he said.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

Suddenly, each of the four tigers roared loudly at Henry. Even though the man was in a safe place, he immediately fell due to his muscles becoming weak, the effects of excessive fear.

"What happened?" People wondered, this was the first time they saw them roaring simultaneously. Actually before Arthur came, none of them roared.

Some are naturally worried. Even if wild beasts were confined in steel cages, seeing them rampage was still something to panic about. And the people here are mostly wealthy animal lovers. Out of selfishness, they want rare animals under their care even if it disturbs their natural habitat. However, if the animals are miserable or injured, they will be just as sad as other animal lovers, some will cry at the sight of that.


"Arthur, what happened?" Amanda approached Arthur.

When she arrived in front of him, Arthur suddenly grabbed her hand, making her shiver as if she had been electrocuted.

That Arthur dared to touch her already displeased Erick, but he grew more and more displeased at how Amanda reacted.

"This brat." His eyes narrowed sharply.

Arthur pulled Amanda to the point where she could face both tigress cages.

There, he signaled for each tigress to look at Amanda.

"From now on, this young lady is your master," he told them.

Amanda rolled her eyes at the address he used for her, she couldn't help but say "who are you calling young lady?"

However, right after she said that, she was shocked to see the two tigresses suddenly assume a stance that looked like they were kneeling towards him.


They roared at her, but even an ordinary person could see that it wasn't a roar of anger, it was a roar of affection.

"This?" Amanda and the others were confused.

"He can even command them, is that possible? They're not dogs!"

This time, it was clear they were acting according to Arthur's orders, unlike before where there was an impression that they were simply being provoked.

"This is impossible! Boy, what evil trick did you use?" Roy asked hurriedly. This is indeed not something that can be done by circus performers except for tame tigers.

He wondered if they were tame now, but how could it be, they were purebred tigers from the wild, not ones that had been raised since childhood.