1740 What can we do? *

With our lips already glistening from the kisses that we shared, we zeroed our distance and let things proceed as they should.

It’s not our first kiss but this one should serve as a trigger for this moment.

Like me, Eimi already had a clear desire written on her face so our little conversation served as a bin for whatever hesitation remaining from us


Though I already planned to pamper her when I returned home, I never actually considered that we’d be in this room or she’d be that provocative. In any case, this was better than what I expected.

If there’s something to note, I should blame my endless consideration that, more often than not, delayed things between me and my girls.

I’m more than aware of how it sometimes becomes more of a deterrent to our progress. However, on the same note, that same consideration also makes moments like this between us to be more special.

“I love your kisses.” Eimi sweetly whispered after wrapping up one long, uninterrupted kiss. “I love you so much, Ruki.”

“I know. I feel the same way, Eimi…”

I expected her to once again mention how this feels like a dream for her but I guess she held that back as her mind and body were already more than awake. The drumming beat on her chest and the warmth she’s feeling from me were more than enough indication for that.

Dropping my lips again, I kissed her down to her neck and eventually started nibbling her earlobe.

Eimi responded by having her hands explore my body. She took off my shirt to get a feel for my naked chest before slowly enclosing her arms around me. But that’s not the end, she slid her hands down from my back to give my lower body a push, further pressing me down to her.

And when I returned from nibbling her ear, Eimi closed her eyes, her lips parted open and her tongue ready to receive me for the nth time.

Without missing a beat, I did what she was expecting. Sucking her glistening lips and invading her tongue. Then, after adjusting my weight and stabilizing my body, I moved from caressing her cheeks to exploring her body. My warm hands felt up the places I had yet to explore before.

The thought of stopping at a certain point was pushed back on my mind.

For now, all I could think of was taking care of this girl tonight. Sending her home also seemingly faded in my head. I would think of that later.

In response, Eimi reciprocated, matching my movements.

Adding in her irresistible charm coming from what she was wearing, my bottom half had long been experiencing an imminent eruption just by rubbing my scorching bulge against her.

My knees planted on both of her sides began shaking as the bed spring of the bed squeaked beneath us.

As Eimi’s body responded to my touches, Eimi softly whispered her desire to match my movements.

“Uhmm… Ruki… let me move my legs.”

“Alright. Allow me to help you.”

There’s no reason to refuse that. And so, pausing my task of giving her body a sensible massage out of this, my hands traveled further down and slipped underneath squishy thighs to lift her legs.

Then as I adjusted my knees, her legs smoothly slipped to my sides, crossing behind me. Not minding the fact that she was wearing nothing but her panties, Eimi conveyed her desire to feel me more intimately.

That’s why to answer that desire, I pulled my pants down to my knees before pressing further against her.

A seductive smile turned up as she watched me do all of that and when the tip of my bulge started poking that part of her, an audible moan escaped her mouth.

“Hnnngg… Ruki, I love this. Let me feel you more.”

“I should say the same, no? I don’t think I can hold back anymore.”

Along with her sweet giggling, Eimi wrapped her arms around my nape and resumed our kisses as she started chanting my name and her overflowing affection.

From here, our desire for each other simply overflowed. My hips started moving and so was hers. She matched the way I humped down, poking her most sensitive spots and gradually staining the thin clothing separating us with the juices getting excreted from both of us. lightsnovel

After exploring her body, giving her tight squeezes on her sensitive spots, my hands slipped underneath the frilly apron that covered her alluring figure.

Although I could easily take it off of her, I chose not to as she’s sexier that way. Or rather, it’s probably a part of mine that was similar to most men.

Instead, slipping my hands to the side opening, I slid the cloth to the middle, giving me access to her impressive mound

Under Eimi’s watchful, passionate gaze, she witnessed how I gradually lifted her cup, exposing her lovely chest. And not long after that, my lips finally enclosed around her sensitive cherry, sucking on it like there’s no tomorrow.

The girl grabbed onto my hair as her whole body quivered from the sensation. If earlier she was just trying to match the movements of my lower body, this time, she’s gradually succumbing to my experienced movements, guiding us together to what we were trying to achieve.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Time slowly passed and seconds turned to minutes. I satisfied myself with her pair of cherries and gave her the new experience that got her to lock her legs even tighter around me.

But that’s not the end.

Slowly, I traveled downwards until I came face to face with her pulsating sacred place.

As my warm breath brushed against them, Eimi who was still a little breathless raised her head to look at me.

Then, understanding what I was about to do, her embarrassment mounted a short return.

“Ruki… That place is…”

“A paradise.” I completed her sentence as I matched her gaze. Although she’s already as red as an apple, she still visibly reddened further from that.

Covering her mouth and face, she slowly nodded. Nonetheless, she never tried to close her legs. Despite the almost uncontrollable urge to keep me locked in there, she kept it open for me.

“Eimi… What if I failed to hold back tonight?” I asked as I poked her most sensitive spot then immediately by my lips dropping on top of it.

Her lower body squirmed from the sensation and another moan escaped her.

Still despite the way she folded from the embarrassment, the girl managed to utter a reply.

“... Then do so… But Ruki, you have to make it as painless as possible, Ruki, or else, they'll notice.”

If only that’s possible. Even if there were cases like Ayu already appearing fine after doing it, I doubt Eimi could handle it as well. I mean, my size wasn’t an average one. That’s why I always try to prepare them for it as much as possible but even with it, it would still be painful.

“You’re right. We won’t be able to hide at all…”

Or so I said. But even after acknowledging that, I continued with what I was doing. My mouth enclosed around her most sensitive part and my tongue joined in poking her.

“Then Eimi, let’s get the best out of this situation… I won’t let this day end without pampering you as much as possible.”

“Y-yes… Please do so, Ruki… Also, let me do it for you too.”

At this point, Eimi who was already on her ropes between rationality and pleasure completely succumbed to it. The girl sat on the bed before giving me her permission to continue.

Upon getting another glimpse of her current expression, I could already see how much she wanted to reciprocate what I was doing for her…

Mhm… Right. I should also let her do what she desires.

And so, to help her with that, I slid my body to her side before also guiding her to do the same. After a few adjustments wherein we pulled on each other’s hips, we reached our ideal position; laying side by side but with our body upside down each other, our faces pressing against each other’s objective.

A moment later, Eimi pulled down my boxers, beating me by a second to do the same on her panties…

And before I could see her reaction to seeing that part of me for the first time, the head of my cock had already been clamped by her lips with her tongue looping around the tip.

From how great she did that, Eimi probably didn’t need my guidance anymore, her instinct and desire alone could walk her through it to bring me to climax.