Chapter 23

Four days later...

The construction materials fully arrived yesterday. This meant that everything was on the island, except for the construction equipment as well as vehicles for transportation.

However, this would not delay the construction any further, as Madam Marry was going to completely drop acting discreetly and use her logistics business company to its full potential and send everything as fast as possible.

She already informed Felix that it would take merely 7 days to finish shipping them.

The only thing Felix was worried about, was the family disqualifying him from the test after they find out that he used his mother's contacts to avoid paying the heavy prices of transportation.

Even If they wanted to make an exception for him and accept Madam Marry's assistance. Would his cousins allow it?

Not in a lifetime. Felix already bullied them until he became their trauma. So how could they miss this opportunity to make it difficult for him?

Without a doubt, they would complain to the family board that they were being biased to Felix, and keep whining that it was not fair.

Felix could already imagine Kenny fake tears as he hugged the leg of an Elder, making a scene to everyone.

He stopped thinking for a second and spitted in disgust, as his cousin Kenny's image resurfaced in his mind.

'Fuck, I should not have tainted my mind with his face. Now I can't remove his disgusting fake smile from my mind for the whole day. I should probably just fast today.'

"Out of sight, out of mind." He sighed.

He fiddled with his phone up the hill, while eyeing the crowded hotel, resembling a hive of ants.

"I can safely assume that the construction and remodeling of the four projects will officially begin 15 to 20 days later."

That wasn't too bad, as the chaos would still be running amok in the outside world, and when the workers see it, they would appreciate the opportunity of being away from it.

But in the case of the construction delaying for over a month or more. It would create a huge problem since everyone would feel cheated when the information about the Supremacy Games Alliance gets released for the public.

After they see that humans could get as powerful as the heroes they grew up watching. Or the UVR that allows everyone to get what they desired with 100% simulation, they would honestly feel like they were imprisoned away from civilization.

At that point, the entire plan would fall apart when over one thousand people start protesting to send them back.

If that happened, Felix could only give up on the public wishes, even though he had a solid contract.

Simply because he couldn't afford to contain their protest with his few bodyguards. But most importantly, he would rather terminate their contract than let them create an average Hotel, due to lack of motivation.

However, Felix still had to install those large screens that he bought to let them watch the games that were going to be streamed from the UVR all around the globe.

This would at least quench some of their misery in those two years they were going to spend on the island.

In the first place, the only reason those workers were here was to avoid chaos. But if they knew beforehand that it would end only in two months. They would have never bothered coming to this shit hole, no matter what price Felix had offered.


Days went by quickly, as Leila and Jack took care of everything smoothly after the arrival of those talents who had experience in either logistics or security.

Right now, they were more like supervisors, while their subordinates took care of the shipments, as well as human resources efficiently.

Leila thought to herself, as she watched the last boat unload the equipment, 'Finally, everything is here. Now we just need the engineer designs and we can start the construction directly.'

She then took her phone and called her crush. "Young master, everything is here, we are ready to begin."

"Good, start with the residential area right now, I have just received the design. I have already approved of it and can be studied and applied now. Call me when it begins, I want to watch the process." He replied.lightsnovel

"As you wish, young master Felix, I was..." before she continued speaking, she only heard 'peep peep' sounds.

Afterward she put her phone in her pocket and smacked the back neck of her subordinate who was drinking his coffee peacefully, watching the boat sail away.

"What are you still doing here, the boat is already gone. It's not like your wife in it to watch it leave with that expression. Go to work right now, we got approval to start construction on the residential area." She yelled with a flushed face.

The poor dude could only massage his red neck, to ease the pain. He didn't dare to complain about the slap.

"Yes, Right now Madam Leila, be at ease. Everyone is extremely motivated to start working."


"Alright scram now, call me when you guys are about to begin, young master, want to observe."

"I will do so, don't worry."

He then escaped swiftly from Leila who was clearly upset and just wanted to release her anger on somebody.

'Why doesn't he show me a little bit of care, aren't I doing my best here assisting him without complainant? At least give me some credit, and not hang up on me like that.'

Her lips quivered, as tears threatened to drop. Yet, she held it in and kicked every small rock in front of her, while walking back towards the hotel.


Vexed, Felix eyed the black screen of his phone.

"To actually run out of juice in the middle of a conversation." He rubbed his eyebrows and entered his suite.

He knew that he must explain to Leila what happened, so she won't misunderstand him. He didn't want her to think of him as a rude kid. After all, she was extremely vital to his island project.

He planned to leave it in her hands after he gets summoned by the family to test his elements in the upcoming assessment. He only trusts her to perfectly keep everything in order in his absence.

"I will give her a quick call later."

He left his phone charging and went to the bedroom to change while thinking of the consequences of showing off to the family and his cousins.

His grandfather called yesterday and informed him that he went a little bit too far with his budget wasting since even the elders noticed his huge activities over the past month.

This meant, they would probably send their inspection team to look around, or just call a servant to give the full details of the events that transpired, since the servants belong to the family and not Felix.

He believed they would do both. Firstly scout what happened from a servant, and when they hear the shocking information. They would send an inspection team to clarify the details from him.

This was exactly what Felix wanted. For the family to get astonished by his bold foresight when he took advantage of the chaos to reap some benefits and used them properly for the hotel revival.

After they see what he had done, his position in the family will recover from a thug to a seedling worth nurturing to be sent to represent them.

The only variable in this plan were his cousins. He could easily deal with Olivia since she was a sweet flower who could be manipulated to his side.

But for types like Noah and Kenny, it's going to be impossible, since one was like ice without emotions, who shows them only to his little sister. Meanwhile, Kenny could backstab one with sincere smile.

Felix was disgusted before, by this traitorous behavior of his.

"I need to find some way to bribe them to not trouble me when the family sees I broke the rules."

That was the only method Felix found that could stop them from making a fuss. Otherwise, if he let them act as they please. The board of elders would truly find it difficult to make an exception for him even if they wanted to.

Since the rules of the family cannot be broken in one way or another. Hell, even his grandfather who brought the Family to be classified as a business Empire could be punished, don't even mention Felix.