Chapter 11 - Book [2]

Staring at Donna's departing figure, I bitterly smiled.

"I probably got blacklisted"

As the author of the novel, I knew Donna's personality the best. Her likes and dislikes, I knew them all.

For example, although she tries to hide it, she loves sweets. Especially ice cream, with hazelnut being her favorite flavor.

She also hates a lot of things, such as annoying men, typically the ones that look at her with lustful eyes, and lazy or stubborn people.

I had already noticed Donna by the time she was talking to Kevin, but in order not to gather any attention on myself, I feigned ignorance and pretended to be surprised by her sudden appearance.

"She probably thinks I'm a stubborn student who doesn't listen to advice"

I pretended to be flustered and made her impression of me as low as possible. The excuse I used about my sword being stuck in the scabbard was a lie, but it was the best way to make her think I was incompetent.

Although she's not the type of person that would snitch, if someone were to find out that I was practicing the 5-star module [Keiki style], I would definitely attract a lot of unnecessary attention.

Simply put, I don't want that.

The more attention I get, the more the likelihood of me and the main characters interacting.

Moreover, if people were to find out I was practicing a 5-star module my safety would be in jeopardy as a 5-star module was something that was highly coveted.

Thinking thus far I decided that since I was reborn as a mob I may as well use the only privilege given to a mob and live a nice and peaceful life. I'll become strong enough to defend my family from the third cataclysm, and patiently wait for the protagonist to solve everything. Then I will find myself a stable job and get myself a wife.

Such was my plan.

Don't get me wrong, I also thought about using my advantage as an author to help myself reach the peak.

But I can't afford to do that. If I were to somehow or accidentally change the course of the story, then the ending of the story might change too.


Hold on.

It seemed like I forgot something extremely crucial

I just remembered...I didn't write an ending to the story

I died before I could even finish the novel

"Oh no no no..."

Pacing around the training ground, I frantically started thinking of solutions.

This is a big problem.

I stopped writing right before the MC would clash against the Demon king. The plan was, MC fights boss, MC wins by hair breath, MC becomes a hero.

Simple right?

Well, now we have a problem and a huge one at that. Because I was too caught up with the [Seed of limit] and the [Keiki style] I completely forgot about the inconclusive ending!

Glancing at Kevin who was now training in the gravity room, I let out a long sigh.

"I guess I have no choice then"

It seems that I will have to discard my previous plan.

It seems that I will have to become as strong as the MC, or at least close to his level. Of course if possible I will try not to interact with him and the main characters, at least not until the story is near the end. But if in case the MC does not defeat the last boss, only then will I step in and help him.

'This is really troublesome.'

Thinking thus far, using a towel I wiped the sweat accumulated on my forehead.

Thinking about all of this has made me lose my motivation to train.

"I guess I'll just take a shower and go think of solutions"


This was truly annoying.

Arriving in my room, I quickly hopped on the shower.

Class starts at 8:00 am, so after I finished washing I hopped on the bed and started thinking about my future course of action.

First things first, I obviously needed to get stronger.

But how was I supposed to do that?

I can't be too greedy and steal too much from the protagonist, as that would directly change the flow of the story. Moreover, I already feel guilty about taking the [Seed of limit], I can't be taking more than I should be taking.

Since I can't take any cheat items, I must go a different path.

"But what would that path be..."

Stroking my chin, many ideas came into my mind.

"Perhaps I could go hunting for beasts in the outskirts of Ashton city."

Shaking my head, I quickly discard the thought. It was simply too dangerous as I have never battled before, it would be a suicidal idea to go fight against beasts.

"A way to help me increase my training speed without exposing myself to dangerous situations"


How come I didn't think about it before.

I was so engrossed in acquiring cheat items that I completely forgot the fact that there was a much simpler solution.


Since I am the author of the novel, all the future events that would take place in the near future were already in my head.

If I could utilize my advantage carefully I could quickly rack in some cash, which would help supplement my training.

There were a lot of steroid-like potions available on the market. If I managed to earn enough money for myself through stocks, I could supplement my training by consuming those potions. For example, if I were to consume a [Stamina recovery potion] coupled with a [Muscle recovery potion] I could train double the normal amount without the risk of being injured. That would definitely help me catch up with the rest.

[Strength enhancement potion], [Mana enhancement potion], [Agility enhancement potion], [Stamina recovery potion], [Muscle recovery potion] all sorts of incredible potions were available in the market.

How could I have not thought about it before?

Not even a second-generation young master could afford to do this kind of training, as the price of each potion was simply too expensive. A low-quality [Strength enhancement potion] went for 20,000U on the market which goes to show how expensive this type of training was. But if I were to utilize my knowledge correctly, making a couple of millions shouldn't pose a problem. Heck if it weren't for the fact that I didn't want to risk a market crash, I could've easily made billions.

In any case, I don't really need to make that much as I secretly know of a way to purchase high-quality potions below the market value. Moreover, the source was quite close too. If not for the fact that I didn't want to interact with that person I would've already purchased a couple of potions.

Ahhh it feels so good to be omniscient.

Alright since I know what to do, I quickly went to grab a pen.

I need to write down all the events that will happen in the future before I forget.

"Where did I leave the diary?"

Looking left and right, I looked around the room for the diary that my mom left behind.

"Should be in the useless pile over here"

Looking through a big pile of items in the corner of the room, I quickly found the red book and picked it up.



My mind momentarily blanked as the book slipped from my hand.

Regaining myself, I hurriedly picked up the book and looked at the cover where three words were deeply engraved on the leather front of the book.lightsnovel

'The luminescent swordman'

With trembling hands, I slowly opened the diary.

Restlessly flipping page after page of the book, I look through the contents of the book in a state of bewilderment.

"H-how is this p-possible..."

Only 10 pages were filled while the subsequent pages were all empty.



"Huuu...That was tough"

Exiting the gravity room Kevin took a deep breath. He was fairly exhausted as he had just used the gravity room at 2g of gravity. Because it was his first time trying the gravity room he only decided to go set the gravity room at 2g.

Thanks to the advice he had gotten from Donna today, it felt as if a new road had opened up to him.

Although it was only his first time training in the gravity room, he already felt some results. When swinging the sword he could feel his swings becoming faster and more precise as he practiced against the dummies.


Satisfied, Kevin looked at his watch. It was about 9:00 pm, which meant that the canteen would close soon. Thus he quickly changed...


From the 10th page onwards words started appearing inside of the book filling the remaining pages. What's even weirder was the fact that the words inside of the book looked handwritten, as they had a unique cursive style to them.

Although the words were shocking...what really troubled me was not how words were magically appearing inside of the book but the title of the cover.

'The luminescent swordman'

That was the title of the novel that I created and now reincarnated in.

As I held the diary in my hands, I couldn't help but shiver. From pages, one to ten everything was exactly as I had written in the novel. It starts with Kevin taking the entrance exams and shocking everyone with his talent to where he is now training in the gravity room.

As I stared at the diary in my hands, a sudden thought struck me.

"Can I change it?"

Instantly I took out a pencil and tried erasing the last few words 'Thus he quickly changed and made his way towa...'


It worked!

I could actually erase the contents of the book!


5 seconds after I had erased the words, the words which I had erased magically reappeared again.

Seeing the words reappearing in front of me, I tried erasing another section of the book.

The result was the same. Exactly five seconds after the words were erased from the book they would reappear as if nothing happened.

After trying the same thing a couple of times, frowning, I fell into deep thought. It seems like I could erase the words inside of the book but exactly five seconds after erasing those words they would magically reappear again making it seem as if nothing had happened. Then a thought suddenly struck me.

If I could erase them...then could I perhaps change them too?

"Hmmm, let's try something simple first"

Using the end of the pencil I quickly rub out '2g' and replaced it with '4g'.

"Let's see if anything happens."

1 second

2 seconds

3 seconds

4 seconds

Exactly 5 seconds after I changed the words, the book magically glowed.

Suddenly like a vacuum, I felt most of the energy within my body get drained by the book.

"Ugh! What's going on?"

Caught off-guard my legs slacked and I fell on one knee. As I breathed roughly I glanced at the book in my hands.


"Hu, Hu, Hu, Damm it!"

Exiting the gravity room Kevin slumped on the floor. He was extremely exhausted as he just used the gravity room at 4g of gravity. He had severely overestimated his own capabilities and directly put the gravity room setting to 4g thinking that he was good enough for it.

Exactly 30 minutes after he entered the gravity room he called it quits and left the room. It was too much for him at the moment.

As he laid on the floor exhausted, he smiled.

Thanks to the advice he had gotten from Donna today, it felt as if a new road had opened up to him.

Although he was completely worn out, he could feel his body slowly changing. He could already feel the benefits of tampering with his body inside of the gravity room.


Satisfied, Kevin looked at his watch. It was about 9:00 pm, which meant that the canteen would close soon. Thus he quickly changed and made his way towards the cafeteria. He had previously heard that the cafeteria closed at...


"Oh my god!"

The book changed!

I could actually change what was written inside of the book!

This was a heaven-defying opportunity for me. With this, I could know exactly what the MC was doing and secretly help him when he's in trouble without the need of me showing up.

Although this book was indeed a cheat item, I couldn't help but frown the more I looked at it.

First off, there were definitely limitations on how I could use the book. This could be seen by how almost all of my mana was depleted by changing '2g' into '4g' which means that as of right now the changes I can make are severely limited.

Second off, this whole book is sketchy. Although the book was inside of the box that my parents in this world sent me, I was sure that they weren't the ones who put the book there.

This raises some questions. Who put the book in there and what's their purpose? Was it perhaps the person that reincarnated me? Or was it someone else?

"Mhmm, this is really vexing"

Whoever it was that reincarnated me definitely had a motive in doing so. I don't know what they want from me, but I sure hope it's not something that would require me to fight a god or anything like that.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Let's not do that okay?


Well since I can't think of a reason as to why I was summoned here, I might as well play with the book a bit more.