17 Historical Record

"History of year 2076!" Gustav squinted his eyes as he saw the name.

"Isn't that the same year the Slarkovs were said to descend upon the earth?" Gustav questioned with an intrigued look.

"She said Library D," Gustav's eyes widened as he came to a realization.

"That's the library only accessible to VIP mixbloods,"

Gustav found a tree by the roadside and sat underneath it.

He stared at the book in his hands again.

"That's why I've never seen this one," Gustav spoke as he turned the book to the side checking every part of it.

Gustav had visited the libraries that were accessible to normal students and also read a lot of books but he never for once saw a book that had the history of the past as big as this.

Every history book that gave information on the time of the Slarkovs descent was never more than three pages full.

Those history books never gave a lot of information, only the ones known by the masses were available there. Gustav had always wanted to know more and sensed that a lot of information was missing but since he was never given access to the better libraries, he had to make do with what he had.

Gustav was intrigued so he opened the book and started flipping through the pages.

The first information that he saw talked about how humans were starting to make progress in technology and were proud of their findings until the Slarkovs descended with a thousand large spaceships that were half the size of a moon.

Their descent made the humans realize that aliens existed and also the appearance of the Slarkovs was one that even the most technologically advanced space station couldn't detect.

The Slarkovs descended without a single spaceship being detected.

What gave them away when they arrived in the earth's atmosphere and their large spaceships could be seen from the earth's surface.

Gustav flipped to the next page. He had completed the first page in less than a minute.

He continued reading with an intrigued look.

Humans who thought the Slarkovs were a threat fired all their artilleries, missiles, e.t.c towards the spaceships as they descended.

Nothing worked. The spaceships were impervious to every single weapon the humans possessed.

Humanity realized at this point that their technology was still lacking even though improvements had been made.

The Slarkovs who didn't understand the human tongue at first used their technology to download humanity history while descending.

Every human being within the planet had their brains picked and information was gathered for the consumption of the Slarkovs.

After that, they could speak the human tongue and understood human culture.

The Slarkovs descended upon several continents with their mini ships.

The humans who were obviously still stupid, sacrificed many locations in the world by sending nukes just so they could rid the earth of Slarkovs. People died but the Slarkovs remained alive because they were being protected by an energy field.

After numerous failed attempts to destroy the slarkovs, humans gave up and succumbed to their fate.

The 1st chief of the Slarkovs and other dignitaries from the world government had a meeting to discuss how the ruling of the Slarkovs will be and how humans were ready to serve them so long as they weren't killed.

Surprisingly, the chief of the Slarkovs, Lord Frambultin the 88th, explained to the world government how the humans had misunderstood their descent.

He explained the reason for their migration was because of their planet, Humbad, destruction and they weren't here to put the humans in bondage but to co-exist peacefully.

To show their sincerity, the Slarkovs presented the world government with a piece of technological equipment.

This was where humans realized that the Slarkovs were a peaceful race and they had just killed their kind for nothing.

Even though the Slarkovs had the power to bring the whole of humanity to their knees, they decided to live equally among the humans.

The Slarkovs also decided to sign a treaty with the humans telling them they would give anything in exchange for staying on the earth.

The humans who had realized that the Slarkovs technology far surpassed theirs decided to exchange permission for knowledge.

This year was known as the transitioning of mankind.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

That same year chaos ensued as large meteorites hit the earth's surface. The parts in the world where these meteorites hit should have caused a lot of people to perish but it was already predicted so the inhabitants of these places had already been moved out.

After these meteorites landed in several parts of the earth a surprisingly magical phenomenon happened.

The meteorites caused those parts of the earth to cave in, creating some kind of underground ruins.

It was later discovered that these meteorites were parts of the Slarkovs home planet that was destroyed.

The underground ruins were later explored by scientists and new energy was found there.

The energy was called Hulov crystal.

'Hmm, the Hulov crystals actually came from the destruction of the Slarkovs home planet,' Gustav noted this piece of information.

This was where humanity's progression in the field of energy began.lightsnovel

Gustav flipped through the last page with a look of disappointment.

"That's it?" Gustav lamented. He could still tell that there was more information withheld.

Gustav had just finished a book with about a hundred pages and twenty thousand words in twenty minutes.

Everything written there was plastered in the walls of his mind.

He still wished to find out more.

When he closed the book, he noticed a small set of letters carved out beneath the back cover.

"Hmm, vol 1," Gustav read it out with a smile, "This means there's another volume," Gustav stood up and dusted his uniform.

"Hmm, I probably won't be allowed to take or read any book in Library D," Gustav thought about how he would solve this issue.

After a few seconds of contemplating he decided to head to Library D.

It was around fifteen minutes to six in the evening at this time.

It would take Gustav at least another twenty minutes of walking to get to Library D.

'The Librarian will probably be leaving soon so I can't take that long to get there,' Gustav thought as he prepared to use dash.

He looked around him, checking the surroundings properly. After noticing that no one was in the vicinity, he turned towards the right where a long curved road could be seen ahead.

'Activate dash,'

Immediately he called out in his mind the sounds in the environment became fleeting again.

The feeling of lightness enveloped his body again.

Gustav crouched his legs a bit before dashing forward.


He streaked across the path with speed, following the curvy road.

With every movement he traveled more than a hundred feet, dashing past the trees on the sides of the road.

The trees were a bit distant from one another but he was able to cross from the first one to the next in a second.

The winds blew his hair backward and made his uniform disordered yet this was a feeling that he would never trade for the world.

[Dash has been deactivated]

The timer for dash came to an end for the third time as Gustav arrived in front of a large rhombus-shaped building.

This building was painted brown and white. it was like a hall but was it looked like two slanted rhombuses joined together.

Gustav went towards the entrance where a male security guard was stationed.

"Show me your VIP bad... It's you? You are not allowed here! leave at once!" The male guard recognized Gustav, the supposed trash of the entire school and his expression turned fierce.

"Miss Aimee asked me to return this," Gustav raised the book in his hand.

"Hmm?" The guard stared at the book with a surprised look.

"Miss Aimee asked you to return it? Are you sure?" The guard's expression became a bit tensed when Miss Aimee's name was mentioned.

"Maybe I should just head back to her office and tell her a security guard blocked me from performing the task she sent me," Gustav said and turned around to leave.

The guard's face became more tensed and panicky as he reached out to grab Gustav.

"Hey, when did I stop you, come on head in," The security guard gave a forced smile as he permitted Gustav to head in.

Gustav nodded and walked into the library.

Immediately he entered what appeared in his line of sight were long rows and columns of three meters shelves spaced neatly across the room.

The length of the room so was large that Gustav couldn't see the end from his position.

The floors, the walls, the light, everything looked marvelous making Gustav wonder if he just entered heaven.

Library D was different from the rest of the other libraries. Gustav started walking forward with a look of astonishment.

He was still in a daze as he walked amid these bookshelves.

"Hey what are you doing here?"

A female voice questioned, bringing him out of his reverie.