27 Energy Drained

"I have to channel my bloodline through the fourth point today," He said and proceeded to close his eyes.

Gustav had learned a lot about bloodline channeling these past two months. To keep increasing in the ranks of bloodline, meditation is necessary. Meditation where you'd have to channel your bloodline repeatedly for hours so it could keep multiplying and increasing in quantity and quality.

The training was also necessary and repeated use of your bloodline abilities.

Gustav focused and let his mind reach the deepest parts of his body inside.

He was able to sense where the three bloodlines in his body but he was only after channeling his original bloodline through the fourth point today.

After a few minutes, the sound of bubbling water could be heard inside the small room.

Puru! Puru! Puru! Puru!

If a normal person walked in here they would think a person was boiling water. Only a mixed-blood would understand what that sound meant. The sound was coming from Gustav's body.

A few moments later the sounds stopped and Gustav opened his eyes.

"That was surprisingly easy," Gustav held his chin as he spoke out loud.

He had successfully channeled his bloodline through the fourth point. He thought it would take at least a few hours but to his surprise, it took him only ten minutes.

"Maybe it's because it has saturated but I haven't been paying attention to it," Gustav said as he stood up.

Right now he could perceive the increase in strength within his body.

After channeling the blood through the fourth point he noticed a strange phenomenon happen within his body. The four channel points connected together, forming a small circle. According to what he had heard, crossing to the next rank had to do with the circle formed.

"Well anyway, I'm a Zulu ranked mixed-blood now... which means I have met the requirement for participating in the MBO entrance exams," Thinking to this point Gustav had a rush of excitement forming within him.

"I only have to stay low-key for now but once that entrance exam begins... I will go wild," Gustav muttered with an excited look.

"Let me test out my new strength," Gustav smiled as he turned to face the square-shaped board hanging in mid-air.

Gustav adopted the pose he used earlier on.

Arching his arm back to the limit, gathering his strength into that arm, especially his fist, and thrusting it out with full force.


The sound of collision rang out again, this time like a knockout as Gustav's fist collided with the board.

Tring! Tring! Tring! Tring!

Just like earlier numbers started appearing on the surface of the board.






Gustav's eyes widened as he stared at the figures with a look of surprise.

"That's up to a hundred percent increase in strength," He spoke with a disbelieving expression.

Gustav hadn't expected that his strength would go up by this much after becoming a Zulu ranked. His fist weighed around six thousand pounds before but now it had increased to twelve thousand pounds. He reckoned that if he was as powerful as this when going against Paul the other time, the situation would have gone in a different format.

In the process of his contemplation, a notification popped up in his line of sight.

[Host has completed the goal: Reach Zulu Rank]

"Oh, I had a feeling there was going to be something like this," Gustav stared at the notification with a smile.

[Goal reward: Host, Genetic Transformation Bloodline, has been upgraded]


"Hmm? another upgrade, It should have moved up to 'D' by now," Gustav called for the system interface to open up after coming to this conclusion.


[Host Attributes] [Skills and Abilities] [Bloodlines] [Quests] [Shop]


The red wall appeared in his line of sight and he wasted no time in calling out, "Bloodlines,"



[Genetic Transformation Bloodline]

Grade: E+

Abilities tied to bloodline:


<Joint movement>

<size manipulation>


[Beast Transformation Bloodline]

Grade: E

Abilities tied to bloodline:

<Partial mutated bull transformation>


[Atomic manipulation Bloodline]

Grade: E

Abilities tied to bloodline:

<Disintegration of atomic structures>


The Beast Transformation Bloodline was that of Paul's while the atomic manipulation Bloodline was that of Ben.

After successfully extracting them, they were reduced to grade-E. At first, Gustav was a little bit disappointed but then he remembered he could upgrade bloodlines with this power so he knew that with time, the Bloodlines would reach their highest potential becoming more powerful than their original state.

Gustav stared at the panel with a look of contemplation.

"So there's a grade E+"

He had expected his bloodline to increase to D grade since it was formerly E.

"Hmm, my bloodline seems to have unlocked a new ability,"

Gustav noticed size manipulation which wasn't among the abilities tied to his bloodline earlier.

Last month after collecting the bloodlines of Paul and Ben, Gustav received the notification for the completion of a hidden quest.


[Host has completed hidden quest]

[Hidden Quest details: Acquire a bloodline within the frame of two months after receiving this power.

[Quest Rewards]

<New skill unlocked: Sprint>

<10,000 exp>

<+2 attributes points added to all stats>

<Skills and abilities level up>

[Punishment for failure]



At first, Gustav thought he would complete a hidden quest related to Paul's challenge but he couldn't have been more wrong when he saw this.

When he saw the rewards he was really happy about it but when he saw the punishment for failure a chill ran down his spine. If this was before he confirmed the power of the system, he would have said it was just a bluff but now that he knew there were no lies related to the system, he was truly scared about the concept of failing a hidden quest without knowing and ending up dying.

'If I had been a little late in stealing a bloodline, I wouldn't be alive right now,' It had been two months already since he got the system. If he had chosen to be a wimp and not fight back, it would not have led to the situation of acquiring those bloodlines, and he would be dead by now.

'It seems this power doesn't want a wimpy host,' Gustav thought with a straight face, 'If that is the case then... I shall become ballsy enough to do all that is required to keep it and show that I am truly deserving of it,' Gustav had sworn to cast his old self aside. He had sworn not to hesitate to do things the way he truly wanted. He had sworn not to back down and run from people like he used to before.

Two weeks after the incident, Gustav completed the monthly quest which upgraded his bloodline from F to E, he had expected that it would be upgraded to D now but he understood that there was an E+ before upgrading to D.

He was at least glad that he got a new ability out of it.

"Hmm, Size manipulation," Gustav held his chin as he stood in the middle of the room.

"The name says it all but to use it do I just imagine which size I wanna grow to or something," Gustav wondered and decided to try it.

He stared at his hand and thought about it growing bigger.


After waiting for a few seconds nothing happened.

"It doesn't work that way?" Gustav held his chin in contemplation.

For confirmation, he tried imagining his leg get bigger this time and the result was the same.

"It would seem it doesn't work for relative parts of the body so let me try this instead..." Gustav closed his eyes and felt his whole body at once.

'Increase,' Immediately Gustav called out this word in his mind, his body suddenly bloated.

Krachym! Krachum!

Bone popping sounds reverberated across the room as Gustav's body grew to a height of over three meters.

Bulge! Bulge! Bulge!

His muscles expanded crazily making him look extremely macho as he kept increasing in size.

He could see the floor get farther and farther away from his sight.


His head ended up colliding with the ceiling.

"Ouch," Gustav exclaimed as he quickly imagined his body becoming smaller so it would stop growing in size.

Gustav's body first stopped growing in size before it started to reduce.

After a few more seconds Gustav had gone back to his original form.

"That was really something... If I hadn't stopped myself I probably would have kept growing in size..." Gustav stumbled forward a bit as he spoke.

"What's wro-ng," He held up his hand and noticed that it was blurred in his vision.

[Warning!!! Low Energy!!!]

[Warning!!! Low Energy!!!]

[Warning!!! Low Energy!!!]

Gustav heard the ringing in his head and could see the blurry notification in his line of sight.

Even though it was blurry, he understood the message it was trying to convey.

'I us-ed up alm-ost all my ene-rgy beca-use of that transformation?' Gustav was barely hanging on as he analyzed.

[Host will go into sleep mode if energy isn't consumed!!!]

[Host will go into sleep mode if energy isn't consumed!!!]

Gustav's vision was turning red as the warning bells kept ringing in his head.

'Whe-re do I find ene-rgy,' Gustav dragged his trembling body forward slowly as he muttered.

'The storage device,' Gustav came to a realization and brought out a small button inside his breast pocket.