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Based on the way the situation appeared to be, Gates that led to different planes had emerged on Milarn.

These gates unleashed ferocious beasts on the otherwise peaceful planet as they went on a rampage, wreaking havoc and killing mindlessly.

Empowered through mana, their strength was much higher than humans could ever wish to obtain.

Or that was at least the case before the Primordial Ascension.

After Dilan had experienced a series of shocking events one after the other, he felt that it would be pretty hard for anything to shock him.

But the hideous appearance of small, dwarf-like Goblins wielding stone weapons was more than enough to achieve this.

For a moment he even considered jumping back into the ravine.

It might break his bones, but he could avoid fighting against the two Goblins that stared at him while brandishing their weapons threateningly.

Yet, when he gave it a second thought, Dilan understood that if he were to give up right now, he would end up as a coward or worse, some beast's meal.

He could clearly feel that survival was not as easy as it seemed before, and mankind's laws that had governed the planet would lose their value.

If Gates like the one in front of him, and beings with the ability to spit flames had emerged all over Milarn, the world was bound to turn into a place that was reigned by ferocious, mythical beasts.

And, if he wouldn't buckle up, Dilan would either perish or be a slave to the strong, who were able to get hang of themselves!

Having read more than enough novels, and played enough games, Dilan was able to comprehend that the early bird caught the worm.

'The faster I accept reality, the stronger I can become…and the stronger opponents I can fight!'

Right now, Dilan cared only about himself and his continued survival.

His family would be hopefully safe and sound, and if his friends that had accompanied him to the trek weren't able to cope with the newly emerging dangers, nobody else would be rushing to their aid.

He had the strangest group of friends, but nearly all of them had learned various martial arts.

Their reason to practice the martial arts was quite weird- they wanted to fight wild beasts, and join illegal underground fights!

But that was not important anymore as Dilan could tell that everyone, who was somewhat close to him, would be fine. His gut feeling told him so.

Taking this into consideration, he was able to focus on himself.

Thus, he used his entire strength and pushed himself up to fling himself up on the surface.

It didn't even take him two seconds to stand on his feet, and he immediately clenched his fists and held his hands in front of his body like a boxer, ready to fight the two Goblins head-on.

However, it was just at this moment that Dilan clearly understood that the Goblins were not similar to the ones he knew from games and novels.

'These tiny monsters are faster than me!'

Realizing that they were faster than him, while also wielding weapons, Dilan took only a short glance back to the ravine before making a split-second decision.

With small and subtle movements, he placed his left foot forward and right foot behind. Dilan kept his fists tightly clenched while the Goblins rushed at him.

Having been surrounded by weirdos that sought kicks in odd things, he had a trick or two to fight, as well.

As such, he was not entirely helpless.

But then again, the spear-wielding Goblin bothered him a little bit.

Thus, Dilan focused his gaze on the said Goblin.

Both of his opponents were equally fast and had slightly higher agility than the average human.

With that taken into consideration, Dilan's mind entered a state that was known as a zone.

His mind was void of any distractions, and his attention solely focused on the two Goblins ahead.

Adrenaline was coursing through his body, pumping a large amount of blood to his muscles, which in turn led to more oxygen being circulated in his lungs.

His heart was beating wildly against his ribcage, but he was prepared for the fight that lay in front of him.

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Thus, the moment the two Goblins reached him, Dilan saw the opportunity he had been waiting for.

Leaning forward, Dilan pushed himself through the narrow gap between the two Goblins.

This ought to allow him to reach the other, unguarded side of the spear-wielding Goblin.

But even before he was able to reach the narrow gap, Dilan felt that his entire right arm was being ripped apart.

The stone spear that had been thrust out, had deeply cut into his upper arm.

Before he could recover from the first attack, he saw the other Goblin smiling menacingly as the blade of the dagger glinted in his eyes.

In one swift and fluidic move, the hand of the tiny Goblin pierced the dagger into his thigh.

Forcefully tearing the dagger out of his leg a moment later, the Goblin began to cackle as Dilan's blood spurted in its face.

On the other hand, Dilan could only cry out in pain that spread out from his right upper arm, and his left thigh, shooting straight towards his head.

Blood gushed out from both wounds, but Dilan continued to move.

He had already expected to sustain a few injuries as he didn't own a weapon.

As such, he was mentally prepared to feel the pain.

It might have been a tad bit more painful than expected, but it was not unbearable to the extent that would render him incapable of any movement.

And he had a plan in mind that kept him from halting in his tracks.lightsnovel

Emerging in between the two Goblins, Dilan didn't hesitate to grasp the shaft of the spear that had strafed him badly.

Whirling around, he attempted to snatch the spear from the Goblin's tiny arms.

However, Dilan quickly realized that this was not as easy as he had assumed.

The only thing he had achieved was to move the spear, including the lightweight of a Goblin that was hanging from the spear, not wanting to let go of it.

That was not what Dilan wanted.

Nonetheless, he could make use of this, which led him to swing both the spear and the goblin around.

Hurling the spear-wielding Goblin away, he threw it right at his companion, who was flung backward.

This left Dilan alone with the other Goblin.

Loosening one of his hands from the spear, Dilan didn't even think anymore as he began to rain blows over the spear-wielding Goblin.

His only weapon was brute force, and that was what Dilan made use of.

Exerting all his strength in the punches, he attacked the Goblin mercilessly and it didn't even take five seconds before the crooked nose of the Goblin broke due to his repeated attacks.

However, the Goblin was still holding onto the spear, annoying Dilan the most.

The punch that he delivered after seeing this was even more powerful, and the Goblin's blood smeared his fist.

Yet, just when he prepared to deliver another set of punches, the other Goblin returned.

It jumped on Dilan's back, only to do something truly unexpected.

Without hesitation it sunk its foul teeth into Dilan's neck, tearing out a piece of flesh.

Using all its limbs the Goblin on his back inflicted various injuries at once.

A fresh bolt of pain shot out of his neck, making him lose his upper hand as he tried to throw away the Goblin that clung to him like a leech.

The pain was nearly unbearable, and he could be happy that the Goblin on his back seemed to have lost its dagger.

Otherwise, Dilan would have already been killed.

Knowing that Dilan moved instinctively.

The ravine was just two meters away from him.

And as if he had planned to do this from the beginning, he took a big stride towards the ravine's edge before throwing the spear-wielding Goblin into the ravine.

Unfortunately, this forced him to let go of the spear as well.

But that was perfectly fine as the Goblin on his back was not armed anymore!

Taking this into consideration, Dilan's left hand reached backward, trying to grab hold of the head of the Goblin.

With an iron grip on its head, he used every ounce of strength within his arm to attempt to throw the other Goblin in the ravine as well.

But the tiny monster noticed what he wanted to do.

Thus, instead of continuing to rip out Dilan's skin, and flesh in the neck, it took one last bite before tearing it up.

It used its claws to scratch and dig its sharp nails into Dilan's forearm, trying to make him loosen his grasp.

To its misfortune, Dilan's hold was rock solid, and he didn't even budge as he could feel his warm blood running down his forearm.

But the Goblin clung to him like glue and after a moment he realized that it was impossible to throw the Goblin in the ravine.

Thus, he allowed it to escape after having shown that he was not to be messed with and loosened his grasp.

A moment later the monster jumped off of his back and looked up towards the opponent that was far more unruly than it had expected.

Yet, the moment the goblin looked up, it could only see the blood-soaked body of Dilan, and his ice-cold eyes that wanted nothing else but the monster's death.

With a swift momentum, Dilan turned around before activating his Origin ability for the first time on his own.


The effect of his ability was much weaker than before, but that was something he expected.

After all, the effect had been overclocked before.

Thus, the current effect seemed to be at its highest potency as of now.

But considering that Dilan could clearly sense how his body was reacting in response to the mana that was drained from his body, he began to smile.

The enhanced regeneration for 10 seconds was more powerful than he had initially expected, stopping the bleeding from the wounds all over his body.

Furthermore, his basic condition of an increased Health stat provided him an additional boost.

As such, Dilan could clearly sense that he wouldn't be severely restricted in a one on one fight against the unarmed Goblin.

Only now was he beginning to experience the sensation of mana as the energy he didn't even know his body had stored was drained from him.

In return the Origin ability had been activated, his body was invigorated, exciting Dilan as he looked at the unarmed Goblin, whose eyes began to quiver.

Pieces of his flesh were stuck between the Goblin's teeth, and blood was smeared on its entire face.

"You know…that is mine, you piece of shit!!"