17 Escaping Death

What Jack saw in front of him was a brown-furred pig-face beast with a height of less than 60 centimeters.

The monster walked on two legs. It had hooves instead of feet and three tiny claws instead of fingers.

Some lunatics might probably say that it looked cute, but its tiny eyes were clearly looking at Jack with bloodlust.

Instinctively, he knew that his life was on the line.

As such, he drew out the Glock 18, pointing it at the monster that was staring at him without a trace of fear.

Its eyes quickly scanned and discarded Jack as a pushover which led the beast to grunt before it began to move.

The moment it moved, Jack pulled the trigger.

Shooting out of the barrel, the bullet pierced through the air, crossing the short distance of two meters in an instant.

But what Jack didn't realize was that the monster had already moved much further than expected.

The bullet narrowly missed the designated target, strafing the monster's ear, only to pierce into the floor behind it.

Jack's eyes widened when he saw that the monster was not killed and his bullet had missed the target.

However, that was not all as the monster's speed was at least twice as fast as an average human's.

This exceeded the speed either of them was able to achieve, right now.

Chills ran down Jack's spine as he saw that the beast had rushed at him angrily, before it jumped in the air, reaching his face a mere moment later.

At this moment, it was as if all the memories of his past flashed through his mind, but he was unwilling to succumb to the ill fate that seemed to await him.


Pulling the trigger twice, he fired two bullets that pierced through the back of the small monster, even before it could reach Jack.

Ailee was standing in the entrance of the corridor, breathing heavily as her quivering voice reached him.

"Fast, come out!!"

Unfortunately, their fight was not over yet. The two shots they had required to kill the tiny monster attracted the zombies' attention!

Ailee had feared that this would happen, but upon seeing their numbers the moment she turned around, her heart skipped a beat.

Not all zombies were able to reach Dilan and Oliver, which made them sensitive to the sounds coming from right next to them.

Thus, more than two dozen zombies began to move toward Ailee and Jack!

"Just shoot!!!" Jack exclaimed, his heart beating wildly because of the near-death experience.

He could clearly see that Dilan and Oliver would be too late to rescue them.

They were currently fighting with their life on the line as well, after all!

As such, the last thing they could do was to use the little ammunition they had.

But their life was far more important than a few bullets.

Forcing his trembling hand to stay steady, Jack raised his gun once again.

The fear in his eyes was still apparent, and he could tell that their survival was on the line, right now.

'I need a fucking weapon!!' He cursed inwardly, knowing that playing around with the Glock was not a long-term solution.

This was what the tiny monster had clearly shown him!

But having no other alternative, he grit his teeth and began to shoot, one bullet after another.

Nearly every bullet hit the head of the zombies. Taking Ailee's help into account, more and more zombies slumped to the ground.

They didn't move anymore and met their deaths, but neither of the two could be happy.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

The left corridor might not have any zombies, but that did not matter right now.

After all, the number of zombies that approached them kept increasing due to the barrage of bullets they fired on their opponents.lightsnovel

Meanwhile, the number of bullets they were left with reduced rapidly!

Both switched out their magazine as quickly as possible, leaving them only one extra magazine of bullets.

This was certainly not what they had hoped to achieve, but they had no choice except to continue shooting.

More than 15 zombies were lying on the ground, and roughly the same number approached them.

But that was not all because Ailee could see horned rats crawling over the counter of the cafe.

They all emitted a weird squeaking noise before jumping on top of a few zombies, crossing the distance between them as quickly as possible.

The zombies were reaching out for the rats but their reaction was to either ignore them or to rip off their flesh before tearing and ripping them apart.

It was quite clear that the rats and zombies were not working together in any kind of way.

However, the only issue was that both of them preferred fresh meat, blood, and a brain as their breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Only a few more seconds that felt like an eternity passed before their second magazine was empty.

Now that they had run out of ammunition, their life hung by a hair-thin thread!

At this moment, one of the horned rats looked at her with blood-thirsty eyes. With a decisive pounce, it crossed the distance of less than two meters at once.

Just when Ailee was about to scream out for help, blood splattered on her face.

The horned rat had been pierced through and was letting out a high-pitched squeal of pain.

A moment later, Dilan flung it against the wall before emerging next to Ailee, giving her an exhausted smile.

Despite the exhaustion, his eyes shone in excitement as he could feel the surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins.

He and Oliver had to push their aching limbs to continue killing the zombies around them as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, they reached Jack and Ailee before anything worse could happen.

However, both were exhausted and unable to fight for much longer.

Dilan noticed that he had to use the remaining 0.5 status points which he had yet to allocate.

After spending 0.2 on [Stamina] it reached [1.6], while the remaining 0.3 status points were allocated to [Agility] increasing it to [1.9].

Increasing his agility was more important in his opinion because he could tell that the horned rats were not to be underestimated.

On the other hand, Dilan had yet to see the tiny monsters, which meant that they were an uncertain factor in terms of strength and speed.

With that in mind, he thought that boosting his agility would only make more sense.

Adding the agility boost from the Reinforced Stone Spear, Dilan now had twice as much agility as the average human.

Through this, he could kill three zombies in quick succession.

On the other hand, more rats emerged from the cafe's counter.

There were less than 10 that he could see, but that was already enough to worry Dilan.

Throwing a glance to his right, he saw that Oliver was already fighting hard against a bunch of zombies.

Doing the same, he decided to ignore the horned rats for the time being.

A single scratch of the zombies was likely to be much worse for the others than nasty little rats.

Even he could only endure three hits before his passive ability would be unable to immunize him from the zombification.

As such, the remaining zombies had to be killed first.

That was also the reason why Dilan chose not to change the trajectory of his spear thrust when one of the horned rats pounced right at him.

Instead of using his spear, Dilan looked right into the eyes of the horned rat before he used all his might to punch out.

'Fuck you!'