23 Death

Dilan's eyes widened when he saw the crimson glint in Jack's eyes.

But before he could move, the room began to spin in front of him as blood splashed on the ground.


Jack shot at him without hesitation and had a faint smile of satisfaction on his face.

The bullet pierced through his skin and flesh, entering his chest.

It had been such a shocking and unexpected move of Jack that Dilan took a moment to process that he had been shot.

His hands clutched his chest and he saw his fingers soaked in his own blood. With wide eyes he stared at his hand and then his chest before his legs gave in as he slumped to the ground.

His sight blurred and he could barely keep his eyes open, trying to not fall unconscious.

It was truly unexpected that Jack shot at him, while everyone else was witnessing the situation.

Even Ailee and Oliver couldn't help but freeze in place, while Sarah gasped in shock.

Everyone was staring at Jack in disbelief, looking at the way he was grinning after committing the crime that happened right in front of them.

All of them were too afraid to confront Jack who basked in their fear of him.

Nobody restricted his movement, which allowed him to approach Dilan, vile excitement spread through his entire face.

"Arhhh, that feels nice, finally! It was about time that you figure out who the leader here is. You could have lived a little bit longer, but you just had to meddle in my business, didn't you?"

Jack knew that Dilan wouldn't be able to answer properly.

He presumed that Dilan's lung was injured, but that was not something Jack could tell for sure.

It didn't matter, either way, because Dilan was bound to die!

Standing in front of Dilan, Jack smiled brightly as he lifted his leg before he shoved his leg hard in Dilan's stomach, who could not even scream in pain.

The wind was knocked out of his lungs and Dilan could only gasp for air. From the corner of his eyes he saw the Log of the Ancient, and the health stat that decreased at a rapid pace.

As such, he instinctively used some status points to increase his health stat to [4].

The pain in his chest was too high for him to look at the notification that popped up the moment he reached a health stat of 4 points.

He was just trying his best to survive.

With his survival on the line, he used his Origin ability [Regeneration] to drain him of one unit of mana.

But this barely gave him the necessary energy to move his arm and grasp Jack's ankle.

Using his strength stat of [1.8], Dilan tried to squash Jack's ankle, but his efforts were futile.

Angered by Dilan's attempt, Jack simply kicked again, freeing himself before pointing the gun right at Dilan's face.

It was odd, Dilan could clearly tell that the bullet hadn't deeply pierced into his chest.

Nonetheless, he felt extremely weak, as fresh blood gushed out of the bullet hole.

Staring straight at Jack's face that was filled with hatred, Dilan knew that he wouldn't hesitate to shoot again.

"It feels so great to see you desperately fighting for your life. You really are the best, Dilan, THE best!!

You are bleeding like the pig you are, what a lovely sight!"

He was enjoying the torture that made him feel so high that he forgot the entire world around him.

Nothing but his desire to torture, and finally kill Dilan mattered to at this very moment.

As such, once he had enough, Jack's eyes turned cold before he grumbled with an ice-cold voice that was overflowing with his intent to kill Dilan.lightsnovel

"But now, I want to see a different picture of you…a dead pig! DIE!!!"

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Shouting out the last word with all his accumulated hatred for the young man, who had caused much more disruption to all of his plans than everyone else present together, Jack moved his index finger around the trigger of his gun and pulled it.


Just when Jack finished speaking, a bullet was shot.

The gunshot's noise reverberated through the entire cafeteria, reaching the ears of everyone, only for eerie silence to permeate the air.

It was only when the sound of a body collapsing to the ground with a thud echoed through the cafeteria was one able to hear the desperate tries of someone to catch a breath.

Time seemed to have slowed down in the last moments, but what everyone had clearly seen was a bullet piercing through Jack's head, before he slumped to the ground, dead.

The eyes of more than 10 Survivors moved towards the direction the bullet had been fired from, and they saw Ailee standing there, holding the other gun.

She had shot Jack before he was able to fire at Dilan!

Her legs were shivering before giving in when her mind registered that she had just killed a human.

Even if pulling the trigger was exactly the same as shooting zombies and shooting a human, right now, it felt like a dark shadow was hovering over her heart and trying to drag her down into a bottomless pit.

A moment later, she just began to cry as her grip around the Glock loosened.

The gun clamored to the ground as she continued to whimper.

Meanwhile, everyone else was still frozen, looking at the corpse of the man they had trusted with their lives.

On the other hand, Dilan felt that the pain in his chest worsened as he began to writhe in pain.

His cries of agony and help pulled several Survivors out of their trance.

They realized that Dilan was not yet dead, and looking at his condition, there was still some time left for him before he would succumb to his injuries.

Overcoming their initial shock of the gruesome situation that had just occurred, two women in their 50s looked at each other before nodding their heads in unison.

Contrary to most of the other Survivors, the two women were veteran nurses.

They had seen far more deaths and blood than the majority of people here.

As such, even if the given situation was horrifying, they were able to remain somewhat calm.

"We have to stop the bleeding!" One of the older women exclaimed hurriedly, approaching Dilan with fast strides.

They seldom came across many patients that were shot, as the Rian mountainside hospital was right next to a mountain and a forest.

And though it was rare to treat someone with a gunshot wound, once or twice Hunters would accidentally shoot hikers while shooting other animals.

Furthermore, there were some gangs in Rian, and the surrounding cities, with quite some fights breaking out every now and then.

As such, they roughly knew what to do.

Pressing her hand on top of the bullet hole, the old woman quickly noticed that she needed to put more pressure on the wound to make the bleeding stop.

As such she changed her stance and used her knees instead of her hands. She even leaned forward, using her entire strength.

At this moment, a crack could be heard as one of Dilan's ribs gave in.

However, that was not something the nurse could care about right now.

Even if they were not too fond of Dilan, they needed him, now more than ever before!

Jack was dead, the three loyal followers of him had been killed, and if Jack's words had been the truth, the front corridor on the second floor was bound to break open, releasing more zombies!

"Don't die!!"