28 Giant Zombie

In less than half an hour, their group of five people, consisting of Dilan, Oliver, Ailee, Sarah, and a young man, called Pierre cleared the entrance hall and the large hall on the second floor.

It was Pierre's first hunt, but he did quite well because the ability he received by killing his first zombie was called [Calm Mind].

The skill's name was self-explanatory, so there was no need for anyone to ask about the ways to employ the passive ability in their group's teamwork.

After half an hour of hunting relentlessly, Ailee, Sarah and Pierre were exhausted.

Fortunately, their rewards were as great as their exhaustion.

Pierre reached level 1, and he was not far from leveling up.

Meanwhile, both Sarah and Ailee reached level two, with Ailee being close to leveling up as well.

On the other hand, Oliver was level 3, and Dilan was level 4.

If they were to solely compare their status points, Dilan had the most.

But he was pretty sure that Oliver had an advantage in terms of pure combat prowess if he were to properly use the provided memories in connection to the [Violent strike] ability.

It was not important for the given situation, and only something great to know.

Meanwhile, Dilan and Oliver took a look at the front corridor without hesitation upon reaching the second floor.

They ignored the sounds coming from the left and right corridor as they walked through the front corridor.

Looking through each room with their weapons held in front of their bodies, they figured that there were far fewer zombies than initially expected.

Only a few could be spotted every now and then.

As such, the two grew more vigilant as they kept advancing further.

Because both knew that some corridors were interconnected with each to allow hospital staff to reach every place without any delay, it was difficult to tell if some monsters of the left corridors had reached the front corridor.

Thinking about it, Dilan felt that it was unlikely because there were not even dead bodies or broken limbs of zombies around them.

However, the moment they reached the middle part of the corridor, they finally figured out why so many zombies were missing.

"Fuck it!" Oliver blurted out instinctively, as he looked at the three-meter tall zombie that was just devouring one of its own kind.

With its height of three meters, the zombie's head hit the lightbulbs in the ceiling, while its width was around 1.5 meters.

It could fit through the corridors but didn't move much as it could reach one of the many zombie corpses quite easily.

They were stacked in a neat manner as if someone had folded and organized clothes, and when a corpse fell to the ground, the tall beast picked it up before neatly placing it on top once again.

Looking at the Giant-like Zombie, even Dilan's mind went blank for a second and he had to rub his eyes to ensure that he wasn't hallucinating.

Unfazed by the sight of the humans, the Zombie kept munching on the corpses.

It didn't even move its short legs, which were partially covered by a round, huge belly, and a single inch

Oliver took a look at his dagger before staring at the huge belly of the beast, just to smile dryly as he took a step back.

"It's above level 5, right?" He asked but Dilan simply shrugged his shoulders.

He had no idea what level the zombie was, but it was certainly something stronger than the Krendel.

That was something Dilan was sure of.

With that thought in mind, Dilan went ahead, entering the small area in the corridor that was slightly broader.

On the right side were the doors that led to the nurses' room.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could even see outlines of two or three nurses.

But instead of paying any more attention to the nurses' room, Dilan thrust the Reinforced Stone Spear straight into the zombie's belly.

The tall zombie retaliated by waving its large hand towards him but even before it could reach him, he disappeared from his earlier location.


Missing him, its flat hand smashed on the ground, and before it could strike again, Dilan slashed out.

A faint smile appeared on his lips as he knew that the strike of his blade was lethal. After all, he had used some of his mana to coat the Reinforced Stone Spear's blade.lightsnovel

When the others thought that Dilan had been fully focused on resting during the last 24 hours, he had actually attempted to actively sense mana.

It was certainly not easy.

Sensing the unknown mythical energy made him feel uncomfortable.

Mana was not something that should exist on Milarn, let alone within humans.

But after spending almost an entire day, excluding a few hours of sleep on sensing mana, it was something he could grasp.

The mana within his body was easier to sense, which was why he focused on it.

Instead of staying idle while resting, he had tried his best to perceive what using up mana and replenishing it meant and how to do it efficiently, he made use of the Origin ability as it required mana to be used.

It was automatically drained from his body to empower [Regeneration], which was something that seemed to be connected to his Essence crystal.

This made it clear that the Essence crystal was the place all his abilities were bound to.

Dilan also understood that mana circulated throughout the body, and not his very own Essence crystal.

Thus, he tested out his first attempt to empower his attack with a little bit of mana.

While his first attack failed to pierce through the hide of the tall zombie, which was thick enough to resist the tip of the spear, the second attack was a success.

A bright smile appeared on Dilan's face as his attack sliced through the zombie's entire hand, including the bone, Dilan smiled brightly.

Retreating just a moment later, he reemerged next to Oliver, who looked at him with squinted eyes.

"We can pierce through it's flesh with enough force! Just use your [Violent Strike] when attacking!"

Oliver just nodded his head, unsure of what the faint shimmering glint around the blade of the Reinforced Stone Spear was.

He had barely perceived it, but it was certainly there.

It was his misfortune that there was no time to interrogate Dilan as the tall zombie began to move.

Despite its huge size, the zombie's speed was not even twice as fast as the average human.

This made it quite easy for them to retreat.

However, the moment it entered the narrow parts of the corridor, both Dilan and Oliver figured that they would soon enter close combat.

Taking a look towards his right and left, Dilan thought quickly before he came up with a new idea to injure the tall zombie.

"Room to your right!" He could barely warn Oliver before he had to retreat once again.

Using the stump of an arm that was missing a hand like a baseball bat, the zombie swung it around, preventing Dilan from approaching itself.

As such, it was only great that Oliver figured out what Dila wanted from him.

While Dilan attracted the tall zombie's attention, Oliver jumped in the room to his right.

Several seconds passed in which Dilan continued to lure the tall zombie towards the large hall on the second floor.

Meanwhile, Ailee, Pier, and Sarah looked at Dilan as if he was insane.

Their expressions were screaming, 'Why the hell are you bringing such a thing towards us?'

But Dilan and Oliver had already thought of a plan.

There had been no need for them to speak a lot with each other and just a few signals and gestures had been enough for them to create it.

As such, Dilan was currently just waiting for Oliver to backstab the tall zombie by making use of his dagger.

However, what he didn't expect to see was that Oliver's force after he activated [Violent Strike] was still too low to pierce through the zombie's skull.

What was even worse was that a crack spread through the dagger's blade when the dealt attack was barely strong enough to crack open a few centimeters of the zombie's head!

Though the blade had managed to land a severe blow, the Reinforced Stone Dagger was stuck in the head of the zombie. Oliver watched in horror as it to turned around, and Oliver smelled its foul breath that nearly made him gag as it issued a deep growl.