2164 Behemoth Versus Pan Gu Avatar, Searching For Grand Dao Heart

"Who dares hurt my people from the Pan Gu Universe?" 

A frosty voice echoed.

Bigu looked at the source of the void with narrowed eyes. "Did he slash my Behemoth Avatar with just one stream of sword qi? He's strong."

A figure in white walked over. The person had pronounced facial features, his eyes were as bright as stars, and every move he made emanated a transcendental aura.

With each step he took, the void would ripple, and the Great Dao's Lake beneath his feet would follow.

The rumbling energy presence was much more terrifying than anyone present at the scene.

"It's Brother Chu!" Wahuang was delighted to see him.

The people from the Pan Gu Universe had no backup or support in the Great Hongmeng Universe.

However, Chu Kuangren, who had saved the Pan Gu Universe multiple times, was like the pillar of support to everyone there. He was the support that they all needed.

"Chu? Pan Gu Universe? You're Chu Kuangren?" 

Bigu identified him instantly.

When Chu Kuangren's name was uttered, it caused an uproar in the crowd.

He, who ranked first on the Primordial Leaderboard, was a well-known person.

"First on the leaderboard, Chu Kuangren, let me see how strong you are!"

Bigu cackled. Then, he rose to the sky with the golden Great Dao light shining around him. 

The light manifested into a golden beast behind him.

The beast resembled an ape with golden fur. It had a strong physique and bulging muscles.

It was the ancient behemoth of the Beastman Tribe.

It was said that the behemoth was the God of Creation in the Beastman Universe. It was almighty, and a sliver of its breath could destroy the universe.

"Avatar? How about this?" Chu Kuangren's eyes narrowed.

He raised his hand, summoning his Primordial energy. Endless Chaos qi swirled, and the image of an ancient god emerged.

The swirling energy could destroy galaxies.

It was the Pan Gu Universe's God of Creation, Pan Gu Avatar!

"We shall see which avatar is the strongest!"

When Bigu sensed the power from the Pan Gu Avatar, he got thrilled and eager.

He unleashed a punch.


The fist energy whipped up a storm that swept the area.

The Pan Gu Avatar narrowed his eyes and countered with a punch of his own. 

The clash of the fists was like two planets ramming into each other. 

A powerful blast erupted, and the shockwave from the collision swept the lake and caused the water on the surface to crash about. 

Following that, everyone witnessed the single palm crushing Bigu's Behemoth Avatar. It staggered backward and fell into a disadvantage.

"It's so powerful!" Bigu's expression changed.

Then, he channeled his Behemoth Avatar's full strength. "Behemoth Crusher!"

The Behemoth Avatar's fist shone blindingly. The powerful energy shrouded the entire area in an instant.


Everyone could feel the endless pressure from the attack.

However, as the target, Chu Kuangren was unfazed. The Pan Gu Avatar behind him unleashed an even more rampant energy.

Countless Daoist law gathered in his palm and formed a massive axe.

The blade of the axe was formed by the Great Dao itself.


Bigu threw another punch forward.

The Behemoth Avatar's Immortal Sparks shone brightly, releasing a blast of light in the area. Even the water in the lake rumbled.

"Singular Genesis!" Chu Kuangren bellowed.

The Pan Gu Avatar swung its axe down, crushing the void in its way and almost dividing the water in the lake in half. 


The powerful strike chopped Bigu's fist energy in two, and that was not the end.lightsnovel

The axe ray continued forward and landed on the Behemoth Avatar itself.

An earth-shattering explosion later, the Behemoth Avatar disintegrated into countless light particles.

As a result, Bigu was blasted away. 

He looked at Chu Kuangren standing in the air and surrounded by Immortal Sparks. His eyes widened in shock. "The first on the leaderboard is indeed extraordinary."

"Who else has the nerve to try?" 

Chu Kuangren scanned everyone at the scene.

Those who met his gaze felt immensely pressured and instinctively took a few steps back.

"Even Bigu couldn't last two strikes from him. He's too strong. We're no match for him."

"The Hongmeng Supreme Treasure might be tempting, but our lives are more important!"

Everyone shook their heads in fear.

They were deterred by Chu Kuangren's power and dared not act recklessly.

When Tianshen Chang and Elder Dragon Chengtao saw Chu Kuangren, they were intrigued. Their blood boiled, and their eagerness to challenge Chu Kuangren could be seen in their eyes.

"The first place on the leaderboard, huh? I really want to challenge him! But I must locate the Great Dao Heart first."

Tianshen Chang and the others suppressed their urge to challenge Chu Kuangren.

They all wanted the title of first place, but their priority would be locating the Great Dao Heart First.

Fighting Chu Kuangren before locating the heart was an unwise move.

Chu Kuangren looked at them and pondered.

Wahuang and Fuxi went up to Chu Kuangren with a fist salute to thank him for saving them.

"Thank you, Brother Chu, for helping us."

"It's nothing. We're all from the same universe, and we should look out for each other here. Besides, I am also a Human Emperor," Chu Kuangren said.

The three of them were once Human Emperors during their respective eras. 

For that, Chu Kuangren could not sit back and watch them die.

"The Supreme Treasure contains the Creation Dao, and it'll benefit you, Wahuang. Congratulations," Chu Kuangren said after a glance at the crystal.

Wahuang also sensed the power contained in the crystal.

She cultivated the Creation Dao, and the crystal containing Creation Dao complemented her cultivation.

It was the reason why she resonated with it in the first place. Other than that, the crystal seemed to hold more secrets, but she had to refine it first to learn more about it.

"Brother Chu, why don't you take it? If you can refine it, you might be more confident in getting the Great Dao Heart," Wahuang said after some serious consideration.

Chu Kuangren was the pillar of support for the Pan Gu Universe. The stronger he became, the better standing the Pan Gu Universe would have in the Great Hongmeng Universe.

She wanted to help Chu Kuangren to get the Great Dao Heart.

She believed Chu Kuangren was after it as well.

"Haha! It's fate that you found this crystal, Wahuang, I can't take it from you. As for the Great Dao Heart, don't worry. I have confidence in myself," Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

"Wahuang, just believe in Brother Chu."

Then, a voice sounded.

A man with an impressive demeanor walked over. It was the Heavenly Grandmaster.

Chu Kuangren had sensed danger befalling Wahuang and Fuxi, so he hastened his steps to rescue them. However, the Heavenly Grandmaster was slower than him in terms of speed and reaction.

"Heavenly Grandmaster!"

Wahuang and Fuxi were delighted to meet another acquaintance.

"It's no time for a reunion now. We must help Brother Chu locate the Great Dao Heart," the Heavenly Grandmaster said seriously.

He had the same thought as Wahuang.

They believed Chu Kuangren must be stronger, and only then would the Pan Gu Universe have a better foundation in this large universe.

Wahuang and Fuxi nodded and joined the search.

A few days later, the search returned fruitless.

"Could it be that this opening didn't produce the Great Dao Heart?" the Heavenly Grandmaster said with a frown.

Chu Kuangren looked at the Great Dao's Lake and pondered.