2023-01-14 10:29:52
Dear Readers,
Sorry, there is a problem with the data center and it has not been resolved after 3 hours. We use a backup solution to temporarily fix it, and wait for the problem device to return to normal before switching. (After testing, the basic functions have been restored except that the red label search service is unavailable.) In addition, there is a good news announced in advance. According to the previous update frequency of the website, there have been no new releases for 2 months. Let me briefly talk about what we have done during this time. 1. First of all, we have collected a lot of user feedback, such as: optimizing the page-turning method of the PC keyboard arrow keys, adding a multi-label filtering function module for novels, and adding more important value-added services for "special users" (such as VIP and high LK users). It will be available in about 4 weeks. 2. Completed the development of android and ios applications. After reference comparison of dozens of popular applications, its experience has surpassed most similar products. Currently in the final stages of internal testing. It will be launched in about 1 week and will be pushed to some users for public testing.