2023-02-01 09:34:01
Dear Readers,
At present, the website is gradually updating some functions every day, which may cause fluctuations in some functions. Please take it easy. The approximate fluctuation range is as follows: 1. Library and History. 2. The reading button on the details page adds the function of continuing reading. 3. Tag filter. 4. Editors post comments. 5. Power system optimization. 6. Read font changes. 7. The capacity of the library increases according to the number of 'LK' of the user. 8. Optimize the reading page experience. In addition, the reader app is already online and can be used normally. We've invited about 2,000 users to use it. If you need to install, please log in and go to the personal center to view. If you are a selected user, you will see a download button. If you have any questions or suggestions about the app, please use the 'Suggestions and Feedback' function in the app personal center to submit questions. Internal test user reference range 1. VIP 2. "High LK" users 3. Daily reading active users Thanks.