2024-01-09 11:22:22
Dear Readers,
It’s another New Year, and I wish everyone a happy 2024. We have been running for 4 years and have been providing a free and fun entertainment venue for avid readers on the Internet. Starting from the "catastrophe" period in 2022, we have gradually begun to win the favor of more and more people through some unique advantages. To be more precise, it should be the novel "TAP" that has been suspended from updating on the entire network, Be discovered and recognized by people. During this period, we were liked by readers, but strictly speaking, we touched the interests of a very important group of people and caused some damage to the ecological environment of the entire industry. Since the establishment of the website, we have received various threats, threats, and emails begging for mercy. There is also a "new disaster" that occurred in 2023, causing most novel updates to be interrupted. These experiences gave us new ideas. We plan to develop a new, original website containing only "original works". This means it will be completely isolated from our current aggregator websites. But don't worry, our current website will still be up and running. In addition, our original intention will not change - to allow readers to read your favorite works for free or at a small cost. But this time we need to take into account another group, that is, the 'author group'. Without good financial support, it will be difficult to create excellent works. Maybe you will say that we act based on 'ideals', but after all, people like that It's a minority. To achieve these two points. 1. Readers can read excellent works for free or at a small cost. 2. The author can get paid as much as possible. This can only be achieved at the expense of most platforms’ profits. So this idea has been brewing in my head for a few months and now I've perfected it and posted it here for comments. The main idea is that after new chapters are released every day, old chapters will be free. On the author's side, the platform completely gives up profit sharing and gives all pricing and charging rights to the author himself. This can theoretically solve the problem of high fees for reading novels caused by the traditional per-chapter charging model, which takes away most of the author's actual income. Now we need a lot of opinions to confirm whether to implement this project. Because it requires a lot of manpower and material resources. Generally speaking, we will lack works in the early stage, so the survey generally is, how many people want to be authors? Please don't cringe at this question just yet, Because it's a good thing. Most of our readers are young and middle-aged. Maybe you are in school or working. But if you have time to read novels, you should also have time to write. When your work achieves some success or you become a good writer, your life in both the spiritual world and the material world will be improved, so why not try it when you are interested? I firmly believe that as long as you persist, you will definitely receive the gift of life. For example, the author of SS, which is now popular on the Internet, was once a reader of a popular novel. So anything is possible. Without further ado, please choose from the options below and leave a comment. Please try not to post irrelevant content. A. I might become a writer. B. I will support it as a reader. C. I'll probably come here with the work I'm currently publishing. D. I don't understand what you're saying at all, and I'm not interested in it either. This survey will last for 15-30 days. The votes will be posted here every day. If you choose A and want to learn more about the details, you can go to Discord or email us to communicate. Thank you for your support over the years. Day three votes: A: 69 B: 302 C: 6 D: 6